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enable Virtual Desktop
Taskbar Hide - hide windows program
Folder Marker
LaunchIt NOW! Plus
ABF Favorite Folders
SendTo Magic
Iconic Tray
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Enables quick access to your favorite programs from the system tray.
ABF Favorite Folders04/06/2003Shareware
ABF Favorite Folders allows manage and access a list of frequently used folders
Stop typing day in and out; insert text strings into dialog boxes automatically!
Actual Handy Windows07/21/2003Shareware
Add dozens of new window functions: Minimize To Tray, Stay on Top, Rollup; more!
Actual Title Buttons09/23/2005Shareware
Minimize to Tray, Roll up, Stay on Top - what else? Click to learn more.
Actual Transparent Windows12/10/2003Shareware
Add transparency effect to any window such as Taskbar, WinAmp, Menus and others
Actual Window Decorations06/23/2003Shareware
Make windows easy and attractive with transparency, rollup and title buttons!
Actual Windows Guard02/18/2004Shareware
Auto-minimize or maximize programs on their startup, get rid of annoying windows
Zigzag Cleaner Plus05/27/2005Shareware
This lets you control your computer by drawing symbols with your mouse.
Actual Windows Minimizer01/15/2004Shareware
Minimize to Tray or to any Screen Edge any program you want and get more space!
12Ghosts SuperGee02/02/2005Shareware
Save plenty of time with these easy-to-use utilities for Windows.
FolderBox displays additonal folders inside Windows- and Internet-Explorer
Actual Window Rollup09/23/2005Shareware
Roll Up is the best way to minimize windows! No more innumerable icons!
Alternative ways to launch your most used programs and documents in a flash!
Windows maximizer, minimizer, restorer, closer and more
Private Desktop09/01/2004Demo
Keep a second password protected screen. Fast switch out.
Right click commander 200003/07/2004Shareware
Upgrade Windows Explorer and Dialog boxes. Change folder with one mouse click.
Fast Windows Find File Utility that adds 'Search Engine' capability to Windows
SendTo Magic01/07/2005Shareware
Supercharge your SendTo menu with copy, move, zip, and ftp functions
Tray Minimizer06/18/2003Shareware
Enhance Windows : Minimize any application to the system tray, effortlessly
Tweaki...for Power Users01/22/2004Shareware
Configure, secure and manage Windows, MS Office and Internet Explorer.
A function-enhancing mouse software to help you every day.
WinTiles Plus04/01/2003Shareware
Automatically arrange your open windows with a variety of layouts.
Alternative ways to launch your favorite applications and protect your desktop
Cool Desk01/03/2003Shareware
Cool Desk a virtual desktop manager which suport 'skins'.
Actual Windows Manager11/19/2003Shareware
Manage extended windows capabilities with this flexible tool! Try it for FREE!
Iconic Tray09/15/2002Shareware
Minimize any window to a special new tray to get rid of clogged-up taskbar.
Find misplaced shortcuts in several of Windows common shell locations fast.
Closing common message boxes or dialog boxes without hitting OK button.
Quickly browse your folders, files and other shell objects.
enable Virtual Desktop03/20/2004Shareware
enable Virtual Desktop is the next generation in virtual desktop managers.
Cool Mouse01/03/2003Shareware
The amazing mouse tool which makes your life a little easier.
LaunchIt NOW! Plus01/15/2005Shareware
Remove your desktop clutter and organize all your shortcuts...
Lucid will add automatic transparency effects to any window.
Window manager with full support for multiple monitors.
No Fuss Virtual Desktop10/23/2003Shareware
No Fuss Virtual Desktop allows you to switch between virtual desktops.
Open+ Expert05/01/2003Shareware
Open+ -- Open files your way - not the Windows way!
Configure for every single existing filetype its own 'open with...' submenu
KbStart provides lightning fast keyboard access to items in your Start Menu.
PS Tray Factory01/11/2006Shareware
PS Tray Factory - tool for system tray icons management.
System Tray Enhancer / Manager / Crash recovery
Tweaki/FileName Pro Bundle01/23/2004Shareware
Windows optimizations bundled with the file naming ability of FileName Pro.
WinTopMost Disable Close08/11/2004Shareware
Automatically manage programs to disable close button or set topmost not hidden
WinWinner is a system configuration or 'tweaking' utility
Powerful stable Virtual Desktop Manager with a lot of extra features.
XFilesDialog is designed to improve all the standard file dialogs
Define hotkeys to select folders in Windows Explorer and Open/Save Dialogs.
AB Commander XP03/05/2006Shareware
The Next Generation Dual-Panel File Manager and Explorer replacement
Free Sticky Notes08/30/2001Freeware
FREE, easy to use sticky notes for your PC -- great for desktop reminders
Actual Title Buttons Lite08/06/2003Freeware
Add new Stay on Top and Rollup\Unroll buttons to any windows title bar
LaunchIt NOW!11/10/2002Freeware
Easily manage and quickly launch your shortcuts to programs, files, and more...
4t Tray Minimizer Free11/14/2003Freeware
Minimizes MS Outlook and any applications to tray
12Ghosts 12Gee02/02/2005Shareware
Save plenty of time with these easy-to-use utilities for Windows.
Hide /minimize window to your System Tray.hide icons from the system tray
MP3 Hint08/08/2003Freeware
See any MP3 file's TAG contents without opening it in a MP3 player
Zigzag Cleaner12/16/2002Freeware
Hide open windows. Just make a quick Z with your mouse.
AB Commander ME12/04/2003Shareware
The Next Generation Dual-Panel File Manager and Explorer replacement
Automatic Wallpaper Changer05/05/2005Freeware
Changes the desktop wallpaper automatically. Position the pictures to suit you.
CCM Wizard11/03/2003Shareware
Obtain fast access to your favorite commands from the right-click menu.
Control Runner08/01/2003Shareware
The definitive program launcher and manager for Windows just got better
Shell extension: Print contents of folders / show versioninformation of files
Install and uninstall fonts easily!
SmartWin Professional06/09/2004Shareware
Get quick access to your applications,files,folders and web sites
12Ghosts PowerGee02/02/2005Shareware
Security package with three privacy tools, Wash, Popup-Killer, and Shredder.
MouseImp Pro Live!04/19/2006Freeware
Forget scroll bars! Scroll by moving the mouse up or down anywhere in the window
Taskbar Hide - hide windows program07/21/2005Shareware
hide windows program tool,hide applications,hide icons,auto maximize new window
Belkasoft RemovEx Pro03/20/2006Shareware
Allows to remove Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer extensions
Jitbit Virtual Keyboard08/17/2006Shareware
Multilingual on-screen virtual keyboard. Type text with your mouse.
Captain Tray Pro03/11/2006Shareware
Captain Tray Pro is a simple tool for system tray management.
Folder Marker06/01/2006Freeware
Lets you mark your folders with color-coded and image-coded icon. Free.
Tidy Start Menu05/01/2006Freeware
Customize and configure your Start Menu.
QuickIT .NET10/16/2006Shareware
QuickIT .NET is used to simplify the navigation in Windows
Taskbar Button Manager08/14/2006Freeware
Simple utility that adds drag and drop funcitonality to the taskbar.
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