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Actual Windows Manager


  Publisher: Actual Tools
Support Email: support@actualtools.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 39.95
File Size(KB): 1940
Version: 2.5
Last Update: November 19 03
Rating: 5 stars rating
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Publisher's Description
Talking graphical user interfaces, there is hardly an innovation since the ingenious invention of a window. Indeed, the concept of representing information as a variety of windows, also called perception frames, seems to be a time-proven solution for majority of computer interaction tasks.

However, here is an idea you may wish to consider: once the coffee machine was invented it was a major leap forward, but since then the idea was improved so much that you will not probably recognize the original thing as a coffee machine.

If you take it to computers and operating systems, the conclusion seems obvious: something should have happened to the original rectangle we used to call a 'window' back in late 80s, other than just the 'close' button added to the window title bar.

Right you are! The change is inevitable! Presenting Actual Windows Manager, the unique software solution that turns odd and common windows into new age windows with advanced functionality!

Actual Windows Manager is a technologically advanced tool that interacts with operating system shell level to bring extended functionality to every window on the system. It allows you to roll-up and unroll windows, hide them to TaskTray, keep them on top and make them semi-transparent via new buttons added to each window title bar.

Actual Windows Manager keeps track of all the configuration changes you make to each individual window and applies the changes automatically on the fly! This means you can specify which additional buttons to display for each window on the system (including menus and Taskbar itself) as well as you can set the individual transparency level.

Want some sugar on top of that? The application operates semi-automatically, which means you won't have to spent hours trying to figure out how it works. Its rule-based logics are rather native to human mind.

It is now perfect time to sort the windows mess out and take advantage of FREE trial version you can download right now!


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