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ChatBlocker allows you to moderate and supervise all chat activity on your PC.
WinSettings, protects your online privacy and security
File Monster12/06/2005Shareware
Completely erase files from your computer so the information is unrecoverable.
Wiperaser 200408/16/2004Shareware
Wiperaser is a secure data deletion tool. Unrecoverably wipe files and folders
Secretly record and monitor all computer activity when you aren't around!
Geek Superhero12/07/2004Shareware
Protect your PC's settings and improve your security, block pop-ups, and more.
Perfect Privacy09/20/2004Shareware
Protect your privacy, completely eliminate all your computer usage traces
Full life-cycle password manager, form filler and signup wizard
Advanced Tracks Eraser01/18/2004Shareware
Protect your privacy - Erase all tracks of your Internet and Computer activities
History Sweeper07/25/2006Shareware
Clean up the history of your online activities on your computer.
Privacy Inspector01/10/2006Shareware
Privacy Inspector is a program to to clean up the history on a computer.
SecurityWorks contains 6 award-winning security and privacy utilities.
Make sure no one except you can access your computer while you are away from it!
Uses your computer modem. Monitors incoming calls. Blocks ONLY calls you choose.
East-Tec File Shredder08/21/2002Freeware
Securely destroy files beyond recovery using drag and drop and an easy interface
What's On My Computer03/30/2003Shareware
Identify any file, folder, or program on your PC - use it with confidence!
Hide and encrypt confidential or sensitive files.
Genu protects your privacy.
Keylogger Pro11/15/2005Shareware
Secretly record and capture all keystrokes typed when you're not around!
MSBlast Remover08/15/2003Freeware
MS Blast remover is a free tool that detects and removes MS32.Blast.Worm
Automatically clean all your PC tracks and block popup windows.
File Shredder06/11/2002Shareware
Permanently remove files from your hard drive. Free to try.
The Panic Button - Privacy Software03/22/2003Shareware
Privacy software to instantly clean your screen!
Program Protector11/14/2005Shareware
With Program Protector you can password protect any Windows application.
Clear History, Clean Internet Tracks, Protect Your Privacy
MacWasher X10/07/2003Shareware
Webroot MacWasher X provides security and privacy for Mac users running OS X
Webroot Spy Sweeper - Smart Spyware Removal11/17/2003Freeware
Safely detect and remove spyware, adware, and Trojans from your PC. FREE TRIAL.
UltraHide can Hide Window,Hide Program and Protect Privacy
Webroot Beagle Remover01/21/2004Freeware
Webroot Beagle Remover is a free tool that detects and removes Beagle Worm
Enhanced security AES file encryption software with simple interface.
Simply, safely and securely erase the secrets your computer is keeping about you
Privacy Safe and Protect Folder06/20/2003Shareware
Hide folders with password protect,recover space,protect internet privacy
Webroot MyDoom Remover01/21/2004Freeware
Webroot MyDoom Remover is a free tool that detects and removes the MyDoom Worm
Hybrid encrypts and decrypts files for storage on your computer. Painlessly.
Internet History Eraser03/12/2006Shareware
Protect your privacy by cleaning all history data of your Internet activity.
Easy Remover 200402/22/2004Shareware
Easy, quick and efficient uninstall, manage, cleanup and protect privacy.
CIDMage Caller ID Generator/Analyst for Windows
Easy Remover 2004 Pro03/29/2004Shareware
4 Utility tools in 1 program - manage completely and efficiently your PC.
Fast Windows Internet Washer02/25/2004Shareware
Comprehensive cleaning of your PC and Internet history.
A32 WipeErase Professional 200404/28/2004Shareware
A32 WipeErase Professional is secure file deletion for your privacy.
Webroot Spam Shredder09/10/2004Shareware
Halt spam in its tracks! Webroot Spam Shredder filters undesired email.
VAIOSoft DriveEraser04/28/2004Freeware
CompuApps provides high-performance disk utilities for fast and safe secure sy
1-Spy is the ultimate spy software!
1 Privacy Eraser02/10/2006Shareware
1 Privacy Cleaner is the no. 1 privacy protection tool!
Software for cleaning up your PC and Internet activities history.
ATS Warning! The Boss!04/24/2005Shareware
Hides windows, applications, icons in the systray, and silences sound.
ViaCleaner - Effective Internet Washer program
Outlook Express Protector05/19/2006Shareware
Password-protect Outlook Express and its e-mail and address data bases with OEP
Public PC Desktop06/09/2006Shareware
Setup an Internet kiosk or a public access PC and disable access to vital files.
Security Administrator06/09/2006Shareware
Protect your privacy and control access to your PC.
1st Security Administrator Pro06/09/2006Shareware
Password protect PC with access restrictions, restrict access to Windows.
Network Security Protector06/09/2006Shareware
The best network-based security software for public environment applications.
File Folder Protector06/09/2006Shareware
Password-protect files and folders, or to hide them from viewing and searching.
Inside Keylogger07/18/2006Shareware
Inside Keylogger records computer activities and sends reports to email address
Access Administrator06/09/2006Shareware
Protect your files and stop others from being able to start, see, change, delete
East-Tec Eraser 200711/09/2006Shareware
Keep what you do on your computer to yourself! Protect your privacy and files!
OneClick Hide Window06/27/2006Freeware
OneClick Hide Window helps you to hide all active program window immediately
Easy Desktop Keeper06/09/2006Shareware
Save, restore, manage and lock desktop layouts, wallpaper and screen saver.
CD-DVD Lock06/09/2006Shareware
Hide your devices from viewing or lock access to them
Advanced Security Administrator06/09/2006Shareware
Protect your privacy and control access to your PC.
Access Administrator Pro06/09/2006Shareware
Protect your files and stop others from being able to start, see, change, delete
ABC Security Protector06/09/2006Freeware
Protect your PC and stop lowlevel access to it.
Acronis Privacy Expert Suite12/19/2005Demo
The most comprehensive anti-spyware and security suite for your home PC
Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate07/13/2005Shareware
Comprehensive anti-spyware solution for networked PCs in business environments
Word Password03/08/2006Demo
Word Password recovers any Word password within a minute.
Instant LOCK Hide-Guard, Files-Folders05/08/2006Shareware
Totally hide any folder from all other users and programs. Lock n Hide in 1 sec!
SpyStopper Pro 11/15/2006Shareware
Block intrusive spyware, Web bugs, and other intrusive devices in real time.
Anonymity Gateway10/25/2006Shareware
Anonymity Gateway: mask IP, stay invisible online, and interact with websites
Access Lock06/09/2006Shareware
Lock your system with a password
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