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Always Watching04/28/2006Shareware
Allows you to watch any folder on your file system or network for changes.
Finally, CD and DVD burning utility so simple, even your grandmother can use
Control Freak01/14/2001Shareware
File Manager that includes several other applets in one seamless application.
ExplorerPlus is the ultimate file management solution.
Encrypted Files Search05/10/2003Shareware
Locate encrypted zip files and pgp disks with Encrypted Files Search
EF Find04/18/2006Shareware
EF Find is a powerful search program also inside archive files.
EF Duplicate Files Manager03/20/2006Shareware
Find out duplicate files with same name, same size, same content
EF Commander Lite03/20/2006Shareware
EF Commander Lite is a file manager for the Windows desktop.
EF Commander03/20/2006Shareware
EF Commander-file manager, archiver, viewer, FTP-client for the Windows desktop
EF Catalog02/23/2004Shareware
Powerful program that help you to catalog all your drives.
Comfortable renaming multiple files and directories at the same time.
Directory Opus03/31/2006Shareware
Powerful and very configurable File Manager and Explorer Replacement for Windows
File operations utility - performs many handy functions
Automated, scheduled data replication between drives with FolderClone
AL Folder Browser08/02/2002Shareware
More convenient looking through your folders and files at any time.
AimAtFile Fast File Search03/25/2006Shareware
AimAtFile is an effective way to find document files by their contents.
Advanced Find and Replace06/03/2005Shareware
Search documents with smart queries and batch replace lines of text!
Advanced CheckSum Verifier12/06/2004Shareware
Comprehensive SFV and MD5 checksum utility for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
A Win32 app to split large files and computer videos into smaller segments
Innovative all-in-one file-manager with a number of superb functions
12Ghosts 2ndFolder04/06/2006Shareware
Create copy of complete folder, and keep several versions of the same folder
Clean Up Your Hard Drive05/22/2003Commercial
Books for Windows 98 users, walks you through Windows 98 system maintenance.
Back up, synchronize, archive and transfer your directories and files
Advanced Replace Tools02/22/2006Shareware
The Best Find and Replace Tools.
IsSearch - is a client side utility for Windows Indexing Service
Compare Suite09/21/2005Shareware
Compare non-related files. CS supports MS Word, Excel, PDF, HTML Web Pages files
Paragon Ext2FS Anywhere Personal Version10/25/2001Demo
Paragon Ext2FS Anywhere is designed to mount Linux partitions under Windows OS.
WinCatalog Light08/05/2002Shareware
WinCatalog Light is a tool that can be used for cataloging disks and files.
Adds new ability to view folder's content size into standard Windows Explorer
Useful File Utilities12/14/2005Shareware
Browse your files and perform multiple file-level operations with one program.
Easy to use utility for renaming files and editing MP3 tags.
Universal Explorer01/14/2004Shareware
A super turbo-charged Windows Explorer File Manager and Viewer
TreeSize Professional08/09/2006Shareware
Powerful and flexible harddisk space manager with export and temp file search
Berechnet und zeigt Verzeichnisgroessen inkl. aller Unterverzeichnisse
System LifeGuard03/15/2005Shareware
Keep your PC like new with 15 essential tools
The fast way to compare and merge your files and folders
SplitteR - the fastest file splitting, merging and extracting tool.
Send It Here!05/29/2003Shareware
Manage Your Send To Menu
FastFolder by BB12/03/2004Freeware
Fast access for commonly used folders from a system tray icon.
Write your photos to CD easily
CD Inspector02/27/2002Demo
Easily prevent the using of the CDs with inadmissible software
Command line utility for backing up and synchronizing your files and folders
Network File Monitor Pro10/13/2003Shareware
Data replication,backup and synchronization software for networks.
NameWiz rename files, file renamer, renaming folder, batch file renaming
Rename multiple files automatically basing on your own set of naming criteria!
Magic Basket07/09/2001Demo
Magic Basket is an useful and comfortable assistant for Windows Explorer.
MacNames Site License09/20/2005Commercial
Rename Mac files removing illegal characters, adding the 3 characters extension
Creates fast and easy text or HTML lists of your files!
JR Split File08/23/2001Freeware
Split a large file into smaller files so that they can be easily copied
JR Directory Printer10/01/2001Freeware
Print a listing of every file contained within a directory and/or subdirectory
IsoBuster is an expert and low cost utility to do data recovery from CD and DVD.
Hate Windows Explorer? Then you'll love Frigate 3 - the right file manager.
Full text searching tool with built-in API for developers. HTML, TXT, XML, PDF..
Advanced CATaloguer Pro06/27/2006Shareware
Professional software for cataloguing on all kinds of media
EF CheckSum Manager03/20/2006Shareware
File checksum generator and verification utility for the SFV, MD5 and SHA1 fmts
Find and Remove TRUE Duplicate files, file portion and same filename
filesCatalog is a powerful utility for organizing, cataloging and searching your
File Viewer07/14/2005Shareware
Find, View, Print, EMail, and Organize Pictures, Multimedia, Document, Database.
Advanced File Manager02/05/2006Shareware
Advanced File Manager is file disk management,analysis and reporting toolbox
Monitor rename create and move files and folders
Find / delete duplicate files and organize your collections better.
Kyboma Find Files N Show01/06/2003Shareware
Program to find text within files on disk with complex criteria.
FinalRecovery File Undelete, Clean Up Software06/14/2003Shareware
FinalRecovery is a powerful and convenient file undelete, clean up tool.
Powerful type / creator editor for MacOS files
Files Search Assistant06/14/2003Shareware
Files Search Assistant provides quick and efficient search within text documents
File Tutelary12/21/2002Shareware
Encrypt files or decrypt files by your own password quickly and securly
Attribute Manager09/01/2005Shareware
This tool lets you change file and folder attributes quickly and easily.
NFS Client and Server for MS Win, nfsAxe enhances your networking performance
Easy2Sync professionally synchronizes files and directories
EF Commander OS/2-PM08/08/2005Shareware
EF Commander for OS/2 is a complete file manager for the OS/2 desktop.
Advanced Partition Manager04/28/2004Demo
Ihr Angebot wird kurz vor dem AuktionsschluƟ vollautomatisch plaziert.
EF Commander Free02/23/2004Freeware
EF Commander Free - file manager for the Windows desktop, freeware
Automatic file and directory rename.
Digital MediaRescue Professional09/19/2006Shareware
Recover lost MP3, WMA, JPEG, AVI, MOV and other multimedia files from any media.
FileMap by BB03/24/2005Freeware
Find secret files picked up from the Internet or extras in the system folders.
Take care of your security!! digitally sign, crypt and decrypt your files
File splitter in windows design with many features
VirtualDrive CD/DVD Emulator05/01/2003Shareware
Run CD DVD programs directly from your PC without the disc
ViceVersa PRO03/31/2006Shareware
Windows File Synchronization, File Replication and Backup Software.
Turbo Browser Express06/16/2002Shareware
Turbo Browser Express - File Management, Viewers, Thumbnail, and Integrated FTP!
Comparing and synchronizing directories, including sub-directories and files.
StarcoM CD Manager05/21/2003Shareware
Create browseable Autorun CDs quickly and easily with CD Manager.
Sprintbit File Manager07/26/2006Shareware
Featured File Manager with CD-DVD Writer, File Management - Viewing solution
Password protect lock hide encryption folders BLOWFISH CryptAPI files documents.
Smart Backup06/20/2003Shareware
Backup Software fĆ¼r Windows 9x/NT/2000.
PADPDF is a TXT2PDF maker with an easy to use notepad editor. Freeware
File rename and management. Command line / GUI. JavaScript regular expressions.
Easy to use file split utility. Recreate the original files without the program
Rescue Me01/01/2002Shareware
Rescue Me Backup v2.3 for Windows automatic directory and file backup utility
Fast 'Byte-To-Byte' drives and folders comparison program
File Maven Pro11/12/2004Shareware
Dual directory file manager with zip support, text editor, viewer.
Power File Gold03/05/2003Shareware
Powerful file manager, Explorer replacement, FTP client, Zip files, file preview
Rename 12304/07/2004Shareware
Multiple file renaming tool. Keep movie, music, image files organized.
Smart File Eraser12/17/2001Shareware
PERMANENTLY delete files and directories beyond recovery.
Macintosh file names conversion, rename invalid characters for Windows PC-MAC
Replaces plain Open/Save windows with Office 2000-style browser
AppsProtector XP09/09/2002Shareware
AppsProtector XP lock whith password your executables files.
File and Folder Synchronization and Backup throughout your entire network
Disk Recon09/20/2005Shareware
Disk Recon provides everything you need to manage your hard disk space.
MMD Explorer07/18/2005Shareware
A different approach to manage files. Organize you files by extension.
AD File Transmitter08/24/2005Shareware
Automate frequent file transfer operations between different offices.
Fast file finder with content search and network share search support.
Archive & Restore12/11/2003Shareware
Archive Restore lets you stow away files and save versions.
crypt dir
Archivarius is an advanced way to manage your compressed files.
Automatically keeps any files and documents on your system up-to-date
Emsa DiskCheck03/25/2004Freeware
Disk checking and benchmarking tool - scans CD/DVD/HDD etc. Freeware.
A utility to copy a list of selected files between disks or directories quickly
Simple strong file encryption command line utility with complete source code.
Command-line tool for deleting files based upon age in days
Directory Scanner08/10/2003Freeware
Directory Scanner 1.8 makes listings of files in a directory or drive.
Paragon NTFS for Linux06/27/2003Demo
Gain full access to NTFS partitions under Linux
File Exterminator09/17/2001Freeware
A Simple File Shredding Utility Capable Of Shredding Single Or Multiple Files.
With the help of MobileAssistant you make every PC your own.
Pablo Commander10/10/2004Freeware
A mixture between Norton Commander and Windows Explorer + FTP Client
CopyCat: Easy to use, powerful backup utility with scheduling capability.
Kopieren Sie sehr komfortabel Ihre Dateien per 'Senden An' auf Diskette.
Defrag for Windows08/02/2005Shareware
Utility designed to do the tedious task of a complete defragmenting.
File rename
Compare It!11/18/2005Shareware
Powerful text file compare and merge utility, with syntax highlighting.
Free version of diskMETA full text document search tool for your desktop PC.
Secure flexible file deletion utility with mirror master directory option.
Context Magic01/14/2006Freeware
Windows Explorer context menu extension providing file and folder management.
A versatile file management tool, using XCOPY compatible command syntax
CompuApps DriveWizard11/01/2001Shareware
The only tool to work in windows to backup create hard drives
CD Catalog Expert06/01/2002Shareware
Catalog, Explore, Search and Print your CDs or other medias!
Automates file distribution, sorting and backup in intranets.
Digital PhotoRescue Professional09/19/2006Shareware
Recover lost JPEG, GIF, BMP, CRW, and other image files from any media.
DriveScan Plus02/18/2005Shareware
Scans and structures your collection of CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, hard disks etc.
Print directory contents and the directory structure, export to various formats.
WazTree II06/26/2005Freeware
WazTree II is a explorer like file manager with a twist
PDF Sorter09/06/2006Shareware
Organize your PDF documents in the same way as documents in your office
Kernel Paradox - File Repair Software12/01/2005Shareware
Nucleus Kernel for Paradox - Repairs corrupt Paradox database (.db) files.
Photo Sorter09/06/2006Shareware
Organize your photo folders chronologically based on EXIF information
Acritum Sophisticated Rename11/08/2006Shareware
Batch file rename and other kinds of processing; photo and music files support.
FileRescue for NTFS07/04/2006Shareware
Recover deleted files from NTFS formatted disks.
P2 eXplorer03/24/2005Demo
Virtually mount hard drive images to explore preserve data.
Duplicate Checker09/22/2006Shareware
Duplicate file finder and remover. Image preview and thumbnails bars.
Space Searcher02/15/2004Shareware
Find out how much garbage you store on HDD and save money on the next upgrade!
File Properties Changer08/03/2006Shareware
Change file properties.
Visual Renamer07/13/2006Shareware
Visual Renamer - you won't imagine renaming template that it can not perform!
Synchronize It!05/10/2006Shareware
Powerful folders and archives synchronization and backup utility
Flash Card Automatic Copier Pro12/28/2005Shareware
Just put the flash card in and the software will automatically detect and copy.
BetaSys Harddisk Cataloging06/12/2006Freeware
Utility for easily cataloging files for special search purposes.
Two-way file synchronizer that really works, good for backup too
Powerful photo renamer and folder reorganizer
ADRC Data Recovery Tools06/01/2006Freeware
ADRC Data Recovery Tools v1.0 with Undelete, Copy, Raw Copy, Backup Boot Build
Alternative file system navigation tools in Windows environment.
Max Data Recovery07/15/2006Shareware
Effective Data Recovery Software for Damaged or Broken CD, DVD, Floppy Disks
Print Maestro11/07/2005Shareware
PrintMaestro - for print the folders tree and folders content easily
EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard04/16/2006Demo
Powerful read-only data recovery software for hard disk.
EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional04/16/2006Demo
Powerful read-only data recovery software for hard disk.
Digital ObjectRescue Professional08/09/2006Shareware
Recover lost files from any media. Supports images, video, documents, mail, etc.
DiskInternals Linux Reader07/15/2006Freeware
A new free tool for extracting files from Ext2/Ext3 partitions in Windows
NFS Windows Client to Access Unix System02/01/2006Shareware
NFS Windows Client for Windows users to access Unix NFS servers
RQ Search and View05/22/2006Shareware
Simple text search and preview utility for Windows
FileRescue for FAT07/04/2006Shareware
Recover deleted files from FAT formatted disks.
Datasheet manager07/01/2006Freeware
datasheet,free file manager
UFS Explorer Professional11/05/2006Shareware
Data recovery for set of most used file systems and different storages
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