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Secure Password Manager
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Kryptel Encryption Suite01/12/2004Shareware
Drag-and-drop file and folder encryption using strong crypto.
Project Password Recovery09/05/2005Shareware
Recovers lost passwords for Microsoft Project documents and templates.
Privacy For Windows01/01/2002Shareware
Password protection for Windows 95 or 98, eliminating unauthorized access
Password Saver11/07/2005Shareware
Securely store and manage all your passwords with this easy-to-use application.
Password Depot02/16/2005Freeware
Manage your passwords easily and securely. Never forget your passwords again!
Advanced Encryption Package 200311/18/2003Shareware
Military grade encryption, shredding and ability to work with .zip archives
SourceGuardian PHP Encoder10/19/2005Demo
SourceGuardian provides powerful protection and encoding for your PHP sourcecode
RAR Password Recovery07/06/2005Shareware
Recover lost or forgotten passwords to the RAR/WinRAR archives.
Hide any files and have them automatically encrypted!
Password Protect04/19/2004Shareware
Software to protect folders against unwanted access.
BestCrypt protects your secret data from other people's eyes
Encrypt Easy02/07/2005Shareware
A highly secure file encryption program featuring shredder and wipeout utilities
Secure password protection manager using data encryption
CryptoCrat 200402/18/2004Shareware
Protect files by 448 bit encryption. SFX, ZIP support. Secure deleting files.
EzCrypt+ by KMGI makes protection of sensitive data as simple as a mouse click.
Monitor and watch what people do on a PC, LAN and across the Internet, live.
Prevent other users from using programs on your PC without your permission.
Outlook Password Recovery04/24/2005Shareware
Recovers lost passwords for any MS Outlook 97/98/2000/XP/2003 personal files!
Secure Password Manager03/29/2006Shareware
Secure Password Manager- Passwords Management, Auto login, Random key Generator.
Encryption for email and attachments, or store private files on public servers.
Visual Zip Password Recovery Processor09/20/2005Shareware
A professional tool: recover lost passwords from ZIP archives
Stealth Encryptor01/08/2004Demo
Utilize the latest in encryption technology to protect your sensitive files.
A fast, powerful, user friendly encryption, decryption file wiping utility.
FREE CompuSec PC Security Suite11/16/2006Freeware
Protects PC, Pre-boot authentication, encrypts HD Removable Media, Secure VoIP
Security Folder07/30/2003Shareware
Hide and protect your important files, folders and entire drives! Download now!
Secure Folder12/21/2003Shareware
Protect files, folders, and disks from malicous people and programs.
Safe-n-Secure Privatize Platinum11/08/2006Demo
Password protects your files, folders and passwords using the 256bit AES.
Offers AES 256 bit, full disk encryption and pre-boot authentication.
System Locker01/06/2002Shareware
Computer Access Control Tool. Restricts access and protects your PC.
Easy file - folder Security with DataLock.
CryptoMite enables you to encrypt/decrypt and wipe files and folders of any type
DriveCrypt-256 bit AES encryption-Full Disk Encryption-hard disk encryption
WinGuard Pro 200412/16/2003Freeware
Lock programs and encrypt files and folders with ease. Uses Blowfish technology.
Suite of strong encryption tools for personal and professional security.
Create a CryptCD/DVD, password protected, portable much more!!
All-In-One Security software, Protects files, Limits access, Tracks activities
FineCrypt Archiver03/11/2003Freeware
Freeware tool for creating strongly encrypted zip-like file archives.
Lock Ness11/05/2003Shareware
Software to password protect and lock folders.
Easy to use Blowfish based file encryption using passwords or USB Tokens
Powerful encryption decryption utility with viewer, thumbnails and slideshow.
SafeBox Industry04/02/2003Shareware
SafeBox Industry is professional file encryption solution for all users.
128bit On-the-fly disk encription
Data file e-mail security with AES Diffie-Hellman public key encryption
Secur-e-mail for Windows05/10/2003Shareware
Fully automated, SSH enabled POP3 e-mail / login / password encryption utility.
SecurDataStor Premium10/29/2002Shareware
PC encryption software w/access control. Enables sharing protected info.
Universal Shield04/25/2005Shareware
Universal Shield 4.0 easily hides, protects, and encrypts your important data!
Strong file encryption software, secure file sharing.
The powerful fast file encryption tool for information's absolute protection.
Use a browser to decode your 1on1 secure messages with symmetric keys.
NCrypt TX09/26/2003Shareware
NCrypt TX is a text based cryptographic tool with hashing capabilities.
InterBack Remote Data Backup06/05/2002Shareware
Remote backup zips, encrypts, and sends files to any Internet ftp host
The encryption system where your own computer is your unique key.
Top Secret Crypto Gold07/24/2005Shareware
Encryption program for chatting, journals, files and e-mail. Privacy guaranteed.
GRL RealHidden07/30/2002Freeware
Hide data inside of a file, and then retrieve the hidden data.
Advanced encryption toolkit designed to protect your most sensitive data.
Folder Security02/16/2004Shareware
Folder Security lets you prevent people from viewing your confidential documents
Harvest Desktop09/25/2003Commercial
Revolutionary file and desktop management tool with encryption and other tools.
CDSHiELD SE09/22/2002Shareware
CDSHIELD SE is a home-made cd-protector tool-kit generator
Softcrypt Shellex04/24/2004Shareware
Complete multithreaded high performance file encryption software for Windows
P-Encryption Suite02/11/2006Shareware
Encrypt your documents , Encrypt your CD/DVDs, shred files, and more
Accent WORD Password Recovery07/13/2006Shareware
Even new users can effectively recover lost MS Word passwords!
A 448 bit strong encryption software using blowfish algorithm.
Hermetic Stego03/13/2006Shareware
A steganography program to hide a message file of any size within BMP images
Super Encryption Box01/30/2004Shareware
Protect your files from unauthorized users.
Interscope BlackBox12/15/2005Shareware
Advanced security suite for complete file and e-mail protection
StrongDisk Pro05/05/2003Shareware
The powerful tool which protects your secrets with strong on-the-fly encryption.
MadLogic Encryptor06/11/2002Shareware
Encrypt files for privacy; encrypted files are self-extracting.
Text editor with data encryption and file compression
P-Encryption Lite02/11/2006Freeware
P-Encyption Lite is a free program that let you encrypt your private files.
XP Booster04/15/2003Shareware
Enable hidden features of Windows XP, not available when using other Tweaktools.
Cynapse InfoCryptor05/10/2002Shareware
InfoCryptor - a 448bit assistant to Critical Information Management.
Remove all traces of your computer usage and online Internet activities.
Ardorsoft Privacy Guard01/01/2004Shareware
easy to use 448-bits file encryption tool. builtin compression,complete deletion
Steganography Premium01/22/2004Shareware
Steganography, digital watermarking, encryption, image files, hide, photographs
Encryption Workshop02/20/2006Shareware
Encryption Workshop includes file and folder encryption and decryption tool.
Small and powerful utility for encrypting files with advanced AES algorithm
Folder Protection01/09/2004Shareware
Password-protect folders on your hard, external, or removable drives.
Easy File Protector08/15/2006Shareware
Password protect files and folders by a time schedule
BitCrypt is a stego encryption for Intelligence community and the like.
Advanced File Vault08/17/2006Shareware
Hide, password-protect, encrypt any file instantly by just clicking on it.
File Access Scheduler08/17/2006Shareware
Protect your files from being executed, viewed, changed and deleted by schedule
2in1 Folder Hide Lock and Password Manager01/15/2006Shareware
A fast security software that have 2 components: Lock folder, Manage and auto-fi
MaxCrypt Security Suite Standard08/07/2006Shareware
Effortless encryption, advanced file hiding, and secure file deletion.
Digital Vault10/01/2005Demo
Hides and password protects your private files and folders
Portable Vault10/01/2005Demo
Hides and password protects your private files and folders
Encrypt my Folder11/15/2006Shareware
Encrypt my Folder is a new folder password protected software
Excel Password Recovery Wizard11/06/2006Shareware
Excel Password Recovery lets you recover any Excel password in a flash.
Private Notetaker04/03/2006Shareware
A portable application that combines a text processor and an encryption program.
AutorunMagick Studio08/18/2006Shareware
Create powerful autorun CD interactive applications with many options.
Hotspot Shield06/15/2006Freeware
Hotspot Shield provides security as you travel to different wi-fi locations
DotFix NiceProtect07/29/2006Demo
Nice protection for your applications
Remora USB File Guard Pro08/04/2006Shareware
A tool to encrypt/compress/auto backup files in your USB storage devices.
Remora USB File Guard08/04/2006Freeware
A free tool to do file encryption and compression in your USB storage devices.
Remora USB Disk Guard Pro08/15/2006Shareware
Take your strong “project�base file encryption tool with you for use on any
Remora USB Disk Guard07/14/2006Freeware
Take your strong file encryption tool with you for use on any PC
Free files and email encryption software
Encrypt My Information11/01/2006Shareware
Hide folders and encrypt files with a secure on-the-fly AES encryption.
Cryptic Disk08/12/2006Shareware
Protect your disks or disk partitions by encrypting them with Cryptic Disk 2.3
Protect your important file not being deleted by monitoring file system
Freeze Burn04/26/2006Shareware
Freezing Your Files Then Burning Them
Safe-n-Secure: Privatize Deluxe09/04/2006Shareware

The program for cryptographic protection: enciphering, hashing, compression.
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