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Send Personally


  Publisher: MAPILab Ltd.
Support Email: info@mapilab.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 24
File Size(KB): 2005
Version: 1.9.0
Last Update: December 09 05
Rating: 5 stars rating
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Publisher's Description
Add-in Send Personally (SPE) is designed to send messages to a great number of recipients via Microsoft Outlook 2000-2003. Add-in offers an alternative method of sending messages from Outlook, separate message being created for each recipient. The final recipient will get no information about the other recipients. Moreover, he/she will see only his/her name and address in the 'To' field, as if the message was sent only to him/her. The main problem with sending messages through Outlook is that Outlook shows all the recipients in the message heading. If the recipient list is relatively small, this doesn't result in any considerable inconvenience. However, if a message is sent to hundreds of recipients, its heading size might many times exceed the size of the message text and all attachments thereto. Send Personally offers an easy solution for the problem. And you won't need to perform any additional actions. The only thing you will have to do is to press the button 'Send Personally' instead of the standard 'Send' button (you will find it next to the latter). With Send Personally, no special setup procedures are needed: it is ready to use right upon installation. Additional features: 1. You can use macros (special expressions automatically replaced by recipient's personal data when sending a message) in message text. Using the macros, you can insert recipient's name, e-mail address, as well as the name of Outlook distribution list containing his/her address at the moment of sending, into a message. 2. When creating a message, you can choose addresses to be excluded from the distribution list. To do that, simply create a new Outlook distribution list which name starts with the word 'exclude', add the addresses to be excluded into that list, and enter the list name along with the others into the 'To' field of the message being created.


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