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ZoomAView - The Computer Magnifying Lens!
3D Alien Clock screensaver
HelioBar XP
Living Landscape screensaver
Window Hide Tool
PC Surgeon
Just Wallpaper
3D Pond screensaver
Manuel COELHO for WINDOWS!!!!.exe
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Change Folder Icons11/04/2004Shareware
Change standard yellow folder icon to another colourful and bright icon found!
Quick access files, folder, webpages,manage startup services,automate tasks
ToggleMINIMIZE is a great app that lets you organize your Windows task bar.
This desktop wallpaper changer keeps your desktop in a steady state of motion.
WallMaster Pro04/18/2002Shareware
Master your desktop wallpaper in just a few minutes with WallMaster Pro!
ZoomAView - The Computer Magnifying Lens!05/05/2003Shareware
ZoomAView is a powerful, easy to use computer desktop screen magnifier.
Absurd Terminator03/25/2002Shareware
Fast Windows Shutdowner and Task Terminator
XP Visual Tools04/17/2004Shareware
XP Visual Tools - a complete suite of Windows XP desktop enhancement
Akamai Folder Jockey02/10/2006Freeware
Folder shortcut and hotkey utility. Open your folders fast and without hunting.
Window Hide Tool08/11/2004Shareware
Hide any application window using a hotkey or via an icon in your tray.
Anti-lost CD Ejector Lite11/27/2003Freeware
do not lose your CD - eject CD from CD-drive at Windows shutdown
Absolute system control utility, alowing managing you OS with one click! FREE!
Advanced Desktop Launcher
DeskBar allows quick access to commonly used functions in Windows.
Desktop Pulse06/18/2002Freeware
Delivers Internet content straight onto your desktop.
Dialog Box Assistant02/14/2005Shareware
Software that speeds up access to recent folders and files in system dialogs.
Mahalosoft BionicSpider03/14/2005Shareware
BionicSpider creates multiple desktops.
Full featured desktop shortcut launcher.
PC Surgeon03/29/2006Shareware
Diagnose, monitor and repair Windows XP; Recover Files\Passwords, Easy Tune-Up.
Quick Hide Windows04/17/2004Demo
Instantly hide programs, hide desktop icons, lock computer
Alarm Notes06/11/2002Shareware
With Alarm Notes you never have to miss an important appointment again!
Just Wallpaper10/18/2004Shareware
Fantastic tool that allows you manage and display all of your Windows wallpaper.
HelioBar XP03/08/2004Shareware
You can use HelioBar XP to assign transparency to the system taskbar.
Virtual Desk08/12/2002Shareware
a desktop manager to create up to eight virtual desktops and switch among them
Omniquad Desktop Booster12/29/2002Shareware
Boost Productivity on Windows 9x PCs based on your usage pattern using this tool
Minimize all applications and uncover your desktop.
Quick control on the most important display settings.
Save Desktop Icon Pos.03/17/2002Shareware
Allows you to save the positions of your desktop icons.
HSLAB Sys Monitor Lite07/28/2006Freeware
Advanced real-time system monitoring and statistics utility.
Advanced Gamma Corrector (AGC)03/19/2005Shareware
A tool to calibrate your monitor. Also includes a set of unique system utilities
Anti-lost CD Ejector Pro11/27/2003Shareware
Protect CD-drives from forgotten CD.
EldoS KeyLord02/08/2004Shareware
Keep your confidential information in secure place.
EldoS KeyLord for PocketPC02/08/2004Shareware
Keep your confidential information in secure place.
Enables multiple desktops in Windows. Widens workspace, increases productivity.
Lens - magnifying glass04/06/2003Freeware
Lens - magnifying glass
Lock your programs, protect your privacy -- VERY EASY TO USE!
Minimizer-XP, the software to minimize any application window to the SystemTray
My CharMap12/12/2003Freeware
CharMap utility with re-sizeable character display and zoom viewer.
Print Switch07/01/2001Shareware
The print switch provides a way to quickly change the default Printer or Fax
Another Notepad10/09/2005Shareware
Another Notepad - What Notepad should be!
Bring art to your desktop, set a tone for your emotions!
Make My Day05/12/2000Shareware
Create something better than a screen saver.
A desktop-based scripting engine to integrate widgets seamlessly onto desktop
Advanced Transparency Effects for Windows 2000/XP (Windows Enhancement!)
A fun Windows program which tracks much money you're earning, second-by-second.
Transparent Windows11/06/2003Freeware
Martin's Transparent Windows adds a transparency option to the system menu.
Aligner lets you move your desktop wallpaper wherever you want.
Powerful scroll bar extender.
Free superb wallpaper changer utility for Windows
XP Skins04/13/2004Freeware
With XP Skins by CronoSoft you can add Visual Styles Support to old programs.
XP App Wizard02/04/2002Shareware
Add or remove items to your Windows XP Start Menu user-by-user
A desktop enhancement utility that makes using your computer easier.
Windows XP Themes06/23/2003Freeware
Make your computer look like Win XP for FREE!!
Tray Expert08/28/2002Shareware
Use this task tray item to launch anything from a skinnable menu.
Simple and fast program to frame and blend your digital photos with your desktop
Chaper is a modern wallpaper manager for Windows 2000/XP.
3D Coral World screensaver07/31/2006Shareware
Paradise coral world full of joy. Be cheerful and always follow your dreams!
1 Click Go08/15/2006Freeware
Qick access to files and folders
Display quotations, aphorisms, proverbs, funny stories on your desktop.
Living Landscape screensaver07/11/2006Shareware
Sun always shine in the sky even when it couldn't be seen through the clouds!
Manuel COELHO for WINDOWS!!!!.exe01/02/2000Freeware
Change the standard Windows sounds on fragments of the music of XVI century.
3D Pond screensaver05/23/2006Shareware
An eye-pleasing 3D dreamy journey, calm but dynamic enough to keep you watching!
La Boss Key07/15/2006Shareware
A simple yet powerful tool for your privacy and productivity needs.
Spb Weather06/20/2006Shareware
Spb Weather is a powerful weather forecast.
Maxabella General Screensaver06/14/2006Freeware
Screensaver presentation of Maxabella Luxury Homes
F Key Reprogrammer Pro12/28/2005Shareware
Make the F keys of the keyboard do what you want: shut down, open jpgs exes etc.
Edgar Degas Art04/26/2006Demo
Art paintings of Edgar Degas - famous Impressionist - on your desktop!
Magnifying Glass Pro07/17/2006Shareware
Zooms region of screen under mouse cursor or text caret with many extra options.
Customize Start Menu04/12/2006Shareware
Customize Your Desktop, Start Menu and Quick Launch in blink of an eye!
3D Alien Clock screensaver06/23/2006Shareware
Produce the time of the highest quality right at your desktop!
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