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Gold Calculator
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Casting Calculator06/19/2005Shareware
Lost wax casting calculator metal alloy converter will ajust weights of metals.
Silver Calculator06/19/2005Shareware
Calculates Silver Platinum Sterling to market in Kilos Oz Dwt grams and grains.
Gold Calculator Gold Edition06/19/2005Shareware
Calculates Gold to market price, in Kilos Oz Dwt grams grains Saves and Prints.
Gold Calculator06/19/2005Shareware
Computes Gold Silver Platinum in Kilos Oz Dwt grams grains Saves and Prints
Scientific calculator and unit conversion utility for Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
ESBCalc Pro01/31/2006Shareware
Handy Enhanced Scientific Calculator with many features including Paper Trail.
Troy Ounce Conversion Tool06/19/2005Shareware
Converts and Computes Troy Ounces into Kilos Oz Dwt grams and grains.
Diamond Calculator06/19/2005Shareware
Calculates weight shapes sizes cuts to Market. Calculates all shapes of diamonds
2nd Millennium Invisible Calculator01/25/2002Shareware
2nd Millennium Invisible Calculator allows you to make calculations in any place
Unit Converter Pro12/26/2002Shareware
Unit conversion program + con. tables creator. No restrictions in the shar. ver.
ESBUnitConv Pro01/31/2006Shareware
User friendly Windows Util to easily convert between 560 units of measurement.
Globex Pro12/10/2004Shareware
World Clock, World Time Converter, Currency Exchanger, Measurement Converter ...
APSW Instant Converter02/17/2003Freeware
A simple, user friendly unit conversion program - freeware.
DreamCalc is the de facto standard FREE photo realistic calculator for Windows.
EF Euro10/29/2001Shareware
Ein Eurorechner mit einfache und intuitive Bedienung.
TIGME RCalc12/09/2001Freeware
Helps you to calculate an unknown resistor value.
Calculator with more than 100 skins and support for translucency effects.
SimplexParser, Editor and VBScript Engine.
Jobber PDA11/04/2003Demo
The Ultimate Construction Calculator for your Desktop, Notebook, and PocketPC.
Jobber PC11/05/2003Shareware
Ultimate Builder's Construction Calculator for your Desktop, Notebook, PocketPC
Gold Calculator Lite06/19/2005Freeware
Computes Gold in Kilos Oz Dwt grams grains
This little program makes it really easy to do trigonometric calculations.
Handy Freeware Scientific Calculator with many features
User friendly Windows Utility to easily convert between 464 units of measurement
Any Place Calculator08/01/2002Shareware
Any Place Calc allows you to make calculations in any place where it is possible
Enhanced RPN calculator for Windows
Mit CD-ROM-Archiv können Sie nahezu alle Datenträger lokal archivieren.
Free Currency Calculator with extravagant Look
The perfect calculator solution for school, highschool, university and engineers
Tech-Pro Utilities Collection08/01/2006Freeware
A collection of utilities for your Windows desktop
Nikon digital cameras top 10 ScreenSaver06/30/2006Freeware top 10 nikon digital cameras screen saver
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