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ESBCalc Pro


  Publisher: ESB Consultancy
Support Email: support@esbconsult.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 19.00
File Size(KB): 1252
Version: 5.3
Last Update: January 31 06
Rating: 5 stars rating
Screenshot: Preview
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Publisher's Description
ESBCalc Pro is a Enhanced Win32 Scientific Calculator with Infix Processing, Exponential Notation, Brackets, Scientific Functions, Memory, Optional Paper Trail, Printing, Result History List, Integrated Help and more. Functions include Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Logarithmic - Base 10, Base 2 Natural - Random Number and many more. Also includes heaps of built-in as well as user-defined constants, Hexadecimal Conversions and Fraction Conversions. Also allows for Floating Decimal Point, optionally start at last position and other improvements to the User Interface.

The calculator can have "Prefix Functions" turned on so that when calculating log (25), you can enter log 25 rather than the traditional 25 log.

The Calculator also has an expression editor that allows the data that has been entered can be then edited and recalculated.

Precedence can be turned off so that 5 + 2 * 3 = 21 rather than 11.

Optimized for Windows XP in 800x600 (or better) and 32-bit colour.

Registered version also includes Electronic Documentation and PDF designed to produce Printed Documentation. Register only once for the life of the product. Also available as part of the ESBCalc Pro Suite which includes ESBUnitConv Pro.

Register only once for life of product.


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