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Access Denied04/22/2003Shareware
Keep your computer out to unwanted access. Protect desktop and boot-up.
Advanced Security Level10/03/2005Shareware
The Internet security, computer security and access control software!
The Lock XP01/02/2006Shareware
Provides regulation compliant access control and security for Windows.
Advanced Security Control07/13/1999Shareware
Forbids to run an undesirable 32-bit applications on local computer.
Forbids to use an undesirable CD-ROMs and removable disks.
Folder Guard Professional05/10/2005Shareware
Powerful Security and Access Control Utility
Windows Security Officer07/11/2006Shareware
It enables you to protect and totally control access to you PC
Lock My PC07/12/2006Shareware
Protect your valuable data by locking your PC with a double click! Try it now!
ScreenLock Pro09/18/2003Shareware
Prevent unauthorized access to your computer; instant locking
Encrypt your important data on the fly, set access rights for files and folders
1st Privacy Tool for Windows07/18/2006Shareware
1st Privacy Tool provides ultimate security level for Windows
Public Access Desktop01/23/2006Shareware
Make an Internet kiosk or a foolproof public access PC, protect critical files.
Easy to use password protection software for your home or office PC.
Program scheduling, AOL, MSN, and Yahoo controls, internet filtering
Dark Files09/16/2005Shareware
This easy-to-use program allows you to protect your files and folders
Allows you to protect your system at home and office from unauthorized access.
StatWin Pro10/10/2006Shareware
Monitoring and reporting suite: reports all user actions!
Lock your computer. High level security at home and the office.
Highly secure computer lock that leaves the display visible.
PassMan Plus06/30/2004Shareware
Password Manager; Protect/Encrypt passwords. Quickly access your private data
PC Security04/18/2005Demo
Lock down your system like never before. Have total control over your computer.
Protects Windows NT/2000/XP by locking out access to floppy, CD-ROM, USB, etc.
Prevent unauthorized access to your computer plus screensaver; instant locking
Desktop security, access control, data protection, user-based restrictions, etc.
Folder Guard Lite04/02/2003Shareware
Hides any file folder of your choice and protects it with a password
Reset Local Password Pro09/25/2004Shareware
Allows you to change a password for a machine's local accounts
Spytech SpyAOL is the award winning AOL monitoring tool.
ActMon Computer and Internet Monitoring03/23/2004Shareware
Activity recording tool, logs even XP login passwords, emails reports (PRO)
Button Painter for MS Access01/21/2006Shareware
Add attractive colors, and other effects to your MS Access command buttons.
Desktop security, access control and activity monitoring totally invisible!
Visual Hindsight Home Edition01/26/2005Shareware
Professional-Grade Remote Network Camera Surveillance and Recording
This software lets you easily password protect and encrypt almost any program
Active System Locker03/20/2006Shareware
Computer Access Control Tool. Restricts access and protects your PC.
ProfPDF Protection Manager04/10/2003Shareware
Application for add/change/remove standard security in the PDF documents
Employee Monitor03/16/2003Shareware
Monitor the internet activities of users on a local area network (LAN).
Keeps the security, integrity and well functioning of your system.
IE Security Pro08/09/2006Shareware
It customizes many aspects of the Internet Explorer Web browser
iOpus STARR Computer and Internet Monitoring *PRO 05/12/2003Shareware
All-round Computer and Internet Monitoring Software with network, email support
Panda Security Demo08/01/2000Demo
Keep hackers out and your data in. Access control tools for Windows 95/98.
DeviceLock Me01/09/2002Shareware
Protects your Windows 95/98/Me system by locking access to a removable devices.
Time Control11/01/2003Commercial
Time Control allows you to control limit computer, program and internet Access
IM Lock Enterprise08/01/2006Shareware
Network Blocking over Instant Messenging, P2P, Web, and Chat programs
This free utility will hide your screen from external eyes with mouse movement.
Advanced Internet Kiosk08/15/2006Shareware
Build Internet kiosks, public access PCs, or in-store terminals.
Best Network Security08/15/2006Shareware
The best solution for corporations, universities, schools, public libraries etc.
Easy File Folder Protector08/15/2006Shareware
Password protect files and folders by a time schedule
Hide Files Folders08/15/2006Shareware
Hide Files Folders from viewing and searching, or protect them by password
Access Controller08/17/2006Shareware
Desktop locking security utility to protect desktop when you are not near PC.
DVD Device Lock08/17/2006Shareware
Hide or disable access to removable devices like CD, DVD, floppy, flash, USB.
Access Manager for Windows08/15/2006Shareware
Password protect your PC Restrict access to to key features of Windows
Lock My Computer08/17/2006Shareware
Desktop security solution for personal or publicly accessible computers.
1 Click Lock08/15/2006Shareware
Secure your desktop when you step away from your PC
PC Security Tweaker08/17/2006Shareware
PC security tweaking software you can use to tweak Windows-based computers.
File and Folder Privacy08/17/2006Shareware
Password-protect and hide your files and folders with a click of your mouse.
Secure Folder Hider07/26/2006Shareware
A quick and easy way to protect sensitive information on your computer
Application Lock and File Encrypt09/30/2006Freeware
Password Protect Windows Programs and Encrypt Files, Folders, Drives for Free.
securing the PC devices and managing the operation of PCs
1st Desktop Guard11/10/2006Shareware
Stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver.
Corporate Network Security11/10/2006Shareware
Network-based security software to protect PC workstations.
Bulletproof Public PC08/17/2006Shareware
Comprehensive solution to produce public PC and kiosk desktop terminals.
Double Password06/27/2006Shareware
Double Password: lock your computer and take your key away. No key-no access
Internet Kiosk Pro11/10/2006Shareware
Internet kiosk public access PC software to restrict access to system
1st Screen Lock05/22/2006Shareware
Lock your desktop with a password and spy on your PC users.
1st Security Agent05/22/2006Shareware
Security utility to restrict access to key features of Windows
1st Evidence Remover08/15/2006Shareware
Clean your Windows of any evidence and temporary files.
1st Disk Drive Protector11/10/2006Shareware
Protect your PC from abusive use of removable media.
Hide Secret Files01/22/2006Shareware
Hide your confidential files and folders safely beyond the reach of any intruder
Disk Password Protection11/16/2006Shareware
Comprehensive suite of hard-drive protection/access restriction tools.
Advanced Desktop Shield08/15/2006Shareware
Protect public access PCs, stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen
HSLAB Logger06/30/2006Shareware
The complete solution for the background control and logging the users activity
1st Network Admin05/22/2006Shareware
Comprehensive protection for network workstations under a public environment.
WinGuard Pro08/06/2006Freeware
Password protect programs, windows, web pages and encrypt files and folders.
File Security Manager05/31/2006Shareware
Manage file and folder permissions in Windows XP Home like Win XP Pro users!
Easy Disk Drive Safeguard08/15/2006Shareware
Password-protected security utility to hide and lock local, network, USB drives.
AppLock and File Encrypt07/12/2006Freeware
Password protect programs and encrypt files and more.
! System Guard07/27/2006Shareware
System Guard limits user only run permitted programs and do nothing else on PC.
User Time Administrator07/21/2006Shareware
It lets you specify when exactly and how long the computer can be used
Hide Folders XP07/18/2006Shareware
Hide folders containing your private information with just a click! Try it now!
Disk Drive Security07/31/2006Shareware
Hide and lock your local, network, Floppy and USB drives, disable the AutoRun.
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