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AD Jungle Waterfall


  Publisher: EleFun Multimedia
Support Email: elefun@e-not.net
License: Shareware
Price($): 16.99
File Size(KB): 2323
Version: 1.0
Last Update: August 20 03
Rating: 5 stars rating
Screenshot: Preview
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Publisher's Description
Have you ever been in tropics where among freakish bind trees, from huge height water falls down. It is falling from the ledge which is somewhere in height, the cascade flows down on smooth stones direct at your foots. And you feel cool, freshening drops on the face.

All is silent and quiet here. And only the falls plays for you sad melody. Listen attentively, it is beautiful, as if someone plays on a piano. And the foliage waves under whiff of an easy impulse of a wind.

There, in height, big and predatory birds fly, above, there are their nests. They soar above a falls.

But in the lowland life is different. the huge tiger goes out from the foliage. He frequently comes in this place. He comes simply to see water, to see a unforgettable, romantic show ?a high falls in tropics.

The tiger lay down on stones, puts his head on paws and looks in water carried by. Perhaps he is thinking or dreaming ... we can only guess. But don't try to come nearer. No, he hasn't intent to attack you, he will simply jump through raging water and disappear in dense, tropical foliage. However he will soon return, because he likes very much to look at the water.

The waterfall bewitches, it's like a magnet, somethin constantly pulls to the water, pulls to look and enjoy. Everything is reflected in the pure water - each movement of a branch, each cloud floating on the sky - water remembers all and perhaps your'll find out something from the waterfall. And if it really happens - listen attentively as listen the tiger and those birds that fly in the sky.

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