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  Publisher: AutoHotkey
Support Email: support@autohotkey.com
License: Freeware
Price($): 0
File Size(KB): 1083
Version: 1.0.20
Last Update: September 30 04
Rating: 4 stars rating
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Publisher's Description
Customize your keyboard, joystick, and mouse with an open source scripting language that is backward compatible with AutoIt v2. It includes a quick-start tutorial, an automatic script writer (macro recorder) that records your keystrokes and mouse clicks, and a comprehensive help file.

In addition to its automation features described below, AutoHotkey excels at hotkeys, able to make almost *any* mouse/joystick button, keyboard key, or combination into a hotkey. It can also individually disable or override Windows' own shortcut keys, such as Win+E and Win+R. It may also help alleviate RSI; for example, it can create substitutes for Alt-Tab using keys, mouse wheel, or buttons.


- Define abbreviations that expand as you type them (auto-replace).

- Create custom GUI windows and menu bars.

- Retrieve or change the volume, mute, and other settings of any soundcard.

- Remap keys and mouse/joystick buttons.

- Send keystrokes and mouse clicks to any window (without needing to activate it).

- Launch programs, shortcuts, URLs, and documents.

- Activate, hide, close, or resize any window.

- Make a window transparent and/or always-on-top.

- Change the priority of a process or close it.

- Create custom tray icon menus and popup menus.

- Use a joystick as a mouse.

- Monitor your system (e.g. close unwanted windows the moment they appear).

- Automate game actions by detecting pixel colors.

- Retrieve and change the clipboard's contents, even if it contains files copied from the Explorer.

- Perform any operation upon a set of files and folders that match a wildcard pattern.

- Read, write, and parse text files more easily than in most other languages.

- Work with the registry and INI files using the included interface commands.

- Display simple tooltips and balloon tips.

- Display dialog boxes to interact with the user.

- Convert any script into an EXE that can be run on any computer.


Visit AutoHotkey Home Page


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