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WinProxy 5.0


  Publisher: Ositis, Inc
Support Email: support@ositis.com
License: Demo
Price($): 59.95
File Size(KB): 15667
Version: 5.0b
Last Update: February 03 03
Rating: 5 stars rating
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Publisher's Description
WinProxy SecureSuite is an easy-to-use internet sharing and security management tool that allows you to stop viruses at the network level before they get to your desktops. WinProxy provides a full suite of security including: firewall, antivirus, antispam and web filtering all in one software platform. Best of all, WinProxy can be downloaded immediately, installed in about a half-hour and you don't need to be a networking or security guru. Features include:

Shared High-Speed Internet Connection

Use one internet connection, eliminate IP addresses, lines and hardware.

Site Blocking

Block access to sites containing undesirable material.

Supports All Internet Connections

Modems, T1-T3, xDSL, DSL, Cable, Satellite, ISDN, Frame Relay and Wireless

Monitor Usage

View network-wide activity from a central console-filter use in real time.

Easy 'configureless' Install Set Up

No configuration of your client computers needed, you're ready to go.

Fast Cache

Give every user accelerated access to popular sites without increasing your costs.

AlwaysOn Antivirus Protection

Get AV updates automatically-proactively.

Outgoing Email Scanning

Quickly scan all outgoing files for viruses.

Secure Firewall

Protect your entire network against intruders and Net viruses with our pre-defined Firewall security settings.

Transparent Proxy Technology

Eliminates the need to re-configure applications or install software on each client computer.

Set User Privileges

Manage access by specific activities such as browsing, chat or e-mail.

Free Technical Support

Free technical support via telephone, e-mail or online SupportBase.

SPAM and Banner Blocking

Banner-blocking keep ads from appearing speeds pages. Automatically spots SPAM and stops it.

For inquiries contact Ositis Software, Inc. at 6120 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite 210, Pleasanton, CA 94588; telephone (925) 225-8900. EMEA contact: Ositis Eur


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