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WebWatchBot Website Monitoring Software
Address Monitor
A.I.Studio WatzNew
TCP Spy .Net Standard Edition
RealMetrics Client - Shared Hosting
Alchemy Network Tools
Alchemy Network Monitor
Alchemy Eye PRO
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Network protocol analyzer and monitoring tool for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.
Network monitoring tool w/ graphical results. Monitors multiple locations.
Spam filter software and email monitoring, filter email, auto forward mail.
Internet Services Monitor06/12/2002Shareware
ISM monitors Internet based services such as web, ftp, dns, tftp, etc.
Parents CyberAlert03/27/2006Shareware
Parents CyberAlert will record everything your children do online and offline.
Monitor connectivity and device availability of your network.
IPSentry Network Monitoring Suite07/08/2004Shareware
Monitor your network and its devices to receive notifications for problems.
Monitor network devices and notify of problems via email, pager, web, logs
IPCheck Server Monitor02/28/2006Freeware
Server Uptime/Downtime Monitor - alerts staff if a server or network is down
News Watch09/10/2001Shareware
Get only the news that you need.
Address Monitor02/21/2004Shareware
Monitors your broadband address and reports changes by email.
Monitor user's Internet activity. Generate reports and charts on user browsing.
Serverwatch PRO10/02/2005Shareware
Serverwatch PRO is a powerfull all-in-one app. that monitors your entire network
PAL Computer Surveillance System 200401/01/2004Shareware
PAL will automatically record everything your spouse, children do online.
PAL PC Spy 200401/01/2004Shareware
PAL PC Spy will automatically record everything your spouse, children do online.
ServersCheck STANDARD Edition10/12/2005Shareware
ServersCheck is a software for systems monitoring, reporting and alerting
Domain Name Commando04/29/2003Shareware
Monitor domain names, receive automatic email alerts for changes and expirations
Alchemy Eye PRO11/19/2006Shareware
Server (TCP/IP, ICMP, IPX/SPX, Oracle, MS SQL, NT EventLog) monitoring tool
IP traffic accounting utility, traffic shaper and packet filtering firewall
A.I.Studio WatzNew09/08/2002Shareware
Keeps track of web site updates, incoming mail and alerts you on changes.
HiPing - multithreaded ping utility.
Superior Web-Based Remote PC Administration and Monitoring
IP Mailer09/13/2004Shareware
Monitors Sends IP address via email when the address changes or when needed.
Golden Eye03/17/2006Shareware
Spy all activity on your Computer
Anasil - network analyzer measuring the network traffic, analysing frames, etc.
Servers Alive02/21/2006Shareware
Get 24/7 foolproof server monitoring and reporting.Try free Servers Alive.
NovusTek Internet Updates11/01/2003Commercial
Checks web pages for changes, and automatically finds frequently visited pages.
A multi-functional tool designed to improve your Windows and Internet experience
Stealth Activity Reporter04/15/2004Shareware
Monitor your staff/children to see exactly what they are doing on the computer!
Website Monitor Software for Websites and IP Devices with Charting and Reporting
Logs internet sites visited, keystrokes entered, allows/denies web page access.
Router IP Console01/25/2002Shareware
The SNMP-based tool for control of active network equipment.
PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher03/06/2006Freeware
Monitor and classify bandwidth and network usage. Easy to use Windows software.
PC Net Checker09/10/2003Shareware
Graphic check IP Addresses or TCP Services on LANs or the Internet.
PAL Keylogger Pro01/01/2003Shareware
PAL Keylogger will secretly record EVERY keystroke on any computer.
PAL PC SPY02/01/2003Shareware
PAL PC Spy Protects, Controls and Monitors everything that happens on your PC.
Omniquad Desktop Surveillance Personal Edition02/17/2004Shareware
Omniquad Desktop Surveillance is a powerful Monitoring and Access Control tool.
ActiveURLs Bookmark Explorer01/20/2004Shareware
Bookmark Manager, Web-site Checker, Offline Browser and Personal Search Engine.
Monitor one09/22/2005Shareware
Network monitoring software that helps you control every aspect of your network
Alchemy Ping04/01/2002Freeware
A nice FREE graphic replacement for the standard PING utility
Web Link Monitor01/27/2004Shareware
Web Site, IP device monitoring system with scheduling, reporting, db management
A1Monitor Network Monitor TCP or Web09/20/2004Shareware
Monitor multiple web or TCP servers (http, https, ftp, pop3 etc.)
Izlenim Site Monitor03/09/2003Shareware
Monitor sites and be alerted via E-Mail or ICQ if one or more sites goes down.
Guestbook Star11/29/2004Commercial
Guestbook and CGI created to receive feedback and comments on your business
Be notified about web page update with this freeware monitoring tool.
Cyber Internet Cafe Software - Internet Caffe12/14/2006Shareware
Internet Caffe - Easy and Powerful Cyber Internet Cafe Software
Site Tracker05/08/2002Commercial
Monitor the visits from search engines and other third party sites.
Right Web Monitor02/14/2006Shareware
The program monitors specific web resources and notifies you when they change.
Monitor critical Internet services, Receive notifications, Generate Log files
Watch Right01/11/2006Shareware
Auto-log your child's online activities with this parental monitoring system.
Availability monitoring, alerting reporting; sophisticated, yet simple to use.
Internet Connection Counter07/29/2006Shareware
This program displays various statistics about your Dial-up and LAN connections
ActiveRefresh is a web newsreader, rss aggregator and news grabber tool
Alchemy Network Monitor08/28/2006Shareware
Monitors your LAN servers availability and performance, alerts on failures
Alchemy Network Tools05/19/2004Shareware
All-in-one set of network tools: PING, TRACE, WHOIS, SNMP, ROUTING TABLE, etc
Network Traffic Multi Optional Report05/10/2004Shareware
Query traffic statistics cut by local host's, target machines and services
MZL Novatech Traffic Statistics05/10/2004Freeware
DSL traffic statistics and IP bandwidth usage reporting cut by host and service
MSN Chat Monitor02/20/2006Shareware
Monitor MSN sessions on your network. And save it as HTML files
Monitor your servers. Receive outage notifications and generate summary reports
View HTTP headers and HTML code in Microsoft Internet Explorer
Bopup Scanner03/27/2006Freeware
Freeware NetBIOS, MAC, IP, HTTP servers scanner for local networks.
Monitapp - Computer Inventory02/11/2004Shareware
Inventory asset management tool for computers hardware, software and users
Monitor your web site - get alerted when it is unavailable via sound, email etc
Free Ip Tracer05/09/2004Freeware
Free Ip tracer,finds Contry,City, Server for Ip/host address
Visual Ping monitor01/07/2004Freeware
Simple program for monitor speed of ping. Build temporary graphics.
Colasoft MAC Scanner10/31/2006Freeware
Colasoft MAC Scanner is a scan tool using to scan IP/MAC address in subnets.
Simple Server Monitor07/20/2006Shareware
An easy to use server monitoring tool. Monitor your servers from your desktop.
WebWatchBot Website Monitoring Software06/02/2006Shareware
Performance Monitoring Software for Websites, Web Applications Infrastructure
Web activity monitoring, access control, and employee Internet management
TCP Spy .Net Standard Edition07/18/2006Freeware
TCP Spy .Net is an application used to trace TCP packets
Colasoft Ping Tool10/31/2006Freeware
Colasof Ping Tool is a graphic ping tool and compares response time graphically.
Colasoft Packet Player10/31/2006Freeware
Packet Player is a replay tool for open and playback packet trace file.
Big Mother10/19/2006Shareware
A configurationless switchsniff for parental Internet monitoring and control
Colasoft Packet Builder09/05/2006Freeware
Packet Builder is useful tool used for creating custom network packets.
Internet Access Monitor for Proxy+05/10/2006Shareware
Monitoring of company Internet bandwidth usage
Colasoft Capsa Professional07/25/2006Commercial
Expert packets sniffer designed for Protocol Analysis and Network Diagnosis
RealMetrics Client - Shared Hosting07/31/2006Freeware
Review the reliability, speed, and customer service of shared hosting providers
LBE Web Tools12/12/2005Shareware
Monitor up to 4 websites. Open multiple websites with one click
Mail Access Monitor for Merak Mail Server05/10/2006Shareware
Stop e-mail abuse in your company! Get Mail Access Monitor! FREE Trial.
Mail Access Monitor for SendMail05/10/2006Shareware
Stop e-mail abuse in your company! Get Mail Access Monitor! FREE Trial
Mail Access Monitor for MDaemon05/10/2006Shareware
Stop e-mail abuse in your company! Get Mail Access Monitor! FREE Trial.
The Dude06/05/2006Freeware
The Dude will layout your network on a map and will monitor services of devices
Atomic Watch02/24/2006Shareware
Website Monitoring Software. AWatch will monitor your pages and order forms.
Colasoft Capsa Enterprise04/25/2006Commercial
Expert packets sniffer designed for Protocol Analysis and Network Diagnosis
Network Management Suite08/28/2006Shareware
Monitors corporate LAN servers and makes complete workstations inventory
MING Bandwidth Monitor04/20/2006Shareware
Monitor and log your Internet, LAN or WAN network traffic
Network Analysis and Troubleshooting01/25/2006Shareware
Network traffic monitor, packet analyzer, protocol decoder
MING Chat Monitor Home03/03/2006Shareware
Monitor and record AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ conversations in stealth mode
Inquartos NetworkManager10/19/2006Shareware
Network management, monitoring and inventory software for corporate networks
MonX(tm) securely monitors some of the most important aspects of your server(s).
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