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AMS Enterprise
FXstyle Bulk Email Direct Sender
Atomic Mail Sender
Advanced Email Parser Lite
Advanced Attachments Processor
Advanced Mailbox Processor
Advanced Email Locator
Advanced Maillist Manager
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Internet Drummer!09/01/2003Shareware
Checks e-mail accounts with style, handles spam, monitors web page changes
Tech-Pro POP3 Pal11/07/2005Shareware
A portable mail client for Windows with spam checking
Turn answers into assets! Answer your email in minutes instead of hours.
Command Line E-mailer01/04/2002Shareware
Send e-mail from the command prompt.
Advanced Attachments Processor06/18/2003Shareware
Extract attachments from mail client message databases and to make an archive.
Advanced Email Locator11/13/2003Shareware
Processing e-mail address lists to obtain detailed information.
Advanced Email Parser10/17/2003Shareware
Processing and extracting data from incoming E-mail messages.
Advanced Email Parser Lite10/17/2003Shareware
Fully automates receiving, processing and replying to incoming e-mail messages.
Advanced Mailbox Processor07/28/2003Shareware
Making clients lists of emails and names on basis of your correspondence data.
Advanced Maillist Manager12/11/2001Shareware
Processing incoming subscribe/unsubscribe/etc requests.
Rich Mailer10/03/2005Shareware
Maintain subscribal mailing lists and broadcast personalized email messages!
Group Mail Free03/30/2004Freeware
Master your group email with style - Group Mail Free.
Intelligent Mailbook01/07/2004Freeware
How many email programs do you know? Well, this is the other one! And i'st FREE!
JBMail is a compact and portable secure e-mail client that supports SSL/TLS
Mach5 Mailer Free01/27/2005Freeware
Send personalized email messages to customers from any database
Mail Commander07/24/2006Shareware
The best way to get a handle on your mail!
An e-mail and news client with a powerful message search system.
Nelson Email Organizer - NEO08/29/2002Shareware
Instantly Organize your Outlook Email with NEO -- THE Email Overload Solution!
Starfish Family Mail02/28/2006Shareware
Kid safe email program that everyone in your family can use.
The Bat!09/01/2003Shareware
Powerful email client that saves your time and do much work for you.
VisNetic OddPost12/03/2003Shareware
Coolest Webmail on earth includes an integrated RSS client.
Easy to use email client
Desktop Fay10/26/2004Shareware
An animated Email assistant - virtual personal secretary.
Biz Mail09/15/2003Shareware
E-mail client with the focus on you that has e-mail as a part of your daily work
Atomic Mail Sender10/10/2006Shareware
Save your time and money! Send messages to thousands of recipients real fast!
Outlook Express Database Manager12/05/2005Shareware
Store Outlook Express database in small and convenient CHM files
Pro application for managing mailing lists. Auto-format, HTML, Personalisation.
KIPPING's SpamDeleter08/19/2002Commercial
The program cleans up POP3-mailboxes from unwanted emails - especially from Spam
FrontMailer Lite11/11/2002Freeware
Light-weight email checker and reader with anti-spam features.
FastMail provides extensive filtering and email processing capabilities
Unicode, PGP, auto-compression, multi-account, authentication, message-filtering
Email Pump06/20/2001Shareware
Send mass email using text files, databases using tables, queries.
Dynamic Mail Communicator05/20/2004Shareware
Dynamic Mail Communicator Ultimate Email Marketing Software
Advanced Maillist Verify07/27/2002Shareware
Mailing lists verifying to determine which of addresses in mail list are dead.
Capture and Send09/23/2002Shareware
Easy, delighful interface to auto-attach graphics to email
WinMail is an easy to use email client that uses the POP3 protocol
Auto Mailer01/12/2006Freeware
Bulk Email Client for Sending Personalized Text or HTML Messages
Email Privacy08/15/2006Shareware
Ensures email security by sending messages directly to recipient mailboxes
1st Subscription Manager11/10/2006Freeware
Parse your POP3 messages containing subscriptions and unsubscriptions.
Email Arrival Notifier11/06/2006Shareware
Be informed of the new email messages arriving from multiple email accounts
Contacts Clinic for Microsoft Outlook03/10/2006Shareware
Update Outlook Contacts Automatically,Extract Email from Internet Explorer pages
AMS Enterprise01/18/2006Shareware
Powerful tool for targeted E-Mail marketing.
FXstyle Bulk Email Direct Sender04/14/2006Shareware
Professional high speed bulk email sender program without using SMTP server.
Reach-a-Mail is a USB based portable email client.
Go DynAdvance Notifier06/19/2006Shareware
E-Mail notifier, automatically login receive E-Mail
123 Hidden Sender08/03/2006Shareware
123 Hidden Sender sends real ANONYMOUS bulk emails.
Best Mass Mailer08/17/2006Shareware
Communicate with customers using the best mass mailer and your mailing lists.
1st Email Searcher08/15/2006Freeware
1st Email Searcher - find emal adresses in internet or files and folders.
Subscribe Emails08/15/2006Freeware
Organize subscription to email mailing lists on Internet websites
Advanced Mail Bomber06/09/2006Shareware
Send personalized e-mail to masses utilizing mailing lists and templates
1st Mass Mailer08/15/2006Shareware
1st Mass Mailer is a very fast mass mailer with a lot of useful features.
Advanced Emailer11/10/2006Shareware
Sending customized emails to subscribers and manipulate mailing lists.
Email Subscriber Pro05/23/2006Freeware
Intended for organizing subscription to mailing lists
1st Mail Bomber06/09/2006Shareware
Professiona mass mailer, bulk mailer for fast sending personalized emails.
1st Mail Bomber Pro06/09/2006Shareware
Professional mass mailer, bulk mailerfor fast sending personalized emails.
Photo Sender07/09/2006Freeware
Likeoffice The M2M application is capable of sending Many files to Many individu
Powerful command-line file emailer with ZIP compression support
Mail Bomber06/09/2006Shareware
Send personalized e-mail to masses utilizing mailing lists and templates
Fast Mailer Pro06/09/2006Shareware
Fast Mailer Pro is an ultra fast subscription-based mass mailer.
Email Security05/19/2006Shareware
Stop leaving traces on the Internet - install Email Security!
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