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Internet Timer 3


  Publisher: Designer Software
Support Email: support@internet-timer.co.uk
License: Shareware
Price($): 34.95
File Size(KB): 4332
Version: 3.0.348
Last Update: June 22 03
Rating: 4 stars rating
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Publisher's Description
The ultimate online tracking and control software, designed to log online usage while displaying real-time session costs on-screen. iT3 supports world call schemes, application processing, custom events, restrictions, limits and includes a comprehensive log viewer showing filterable listings, user and connection statistics, usage graphs, ranked data as well as sorted data exports in various formats and custom printing and editing abilities. Free email support (response in under 24 hours) is given to all users as well as free program upgrades. iT3 additionally features automatic clock synchronisation with NTP time servers, the ability to prevent unauthorised time changes, automatic selection of the cheapest online connection, full administrative management, real-time usage and limit displays, automatic upgrade checking and notification, support for varying VAT rates, decimal places and other regional settings. Usage totals can be display either daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or yearly, with independent settings for each connections billing period. The iT3 timer bar can be fully customised to suit your data requirements, and is fully dockable and positionable on the desktop, as well as supporting minimised and hidden states. Strong security features such as task list hiding, process protection, directory protection, DOS program hiding, application restrictions (based on path or titlebar, supporting wildcards) guarantee the integrity of iT3 tracked data. Network features include real-time TCP/IP transmission of log data between iT3 clients/servers, automatic log data emailing and remote configuration sharing. Session data is automatically backed up, log files support automatic clipping, and full log automatic log archiving facilities are available. Dial-up networking, LAN/TCP and AOL/CompuServe connections are all fully supported. Single registrations are processed in under 5 minutes and last for life time. Great discounts are available for bulk purchases


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