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PocoMail Portable Edition06/04/2002Shareware
Portability of webmail with power and security of a desktop e-mail program
Universal Internet Dialer02/05/2003Shareware
Single user or multiuser, multioption Internet dialer and online time monitor.
Fax server software for p.c. networks
A program to receive weather reports, weather charts and navigational warnings
dIRC is an easy to learn IRC chat program enabling conversations with new people
HiDialer 2000 Standard11/14/2003Shareware
Forget about connectivity problems! Purchase this innovative software today!
Invisible Chat02/20/2004Shareware
Invisible Chat is software for invisible communication by local network.
Mailbag Assistant03/03/2006Shareware
A feature-rich, friendly and powerful helper for people buried in e-mail.
HiDialer 2000 PRO03/05/2005Shareware
Forget about connectivity problems! Purchase this innovative software today!
Polyphonic Ringtone Wizard04/20/2005Shareware
Add new ringtones and pictures to your polyphonic cell phone without cables.
A powerful email program that does not compromise your privacy or security
Internet phone software for home. True voip software.
Secure Network Chat06/26/2006Shareware
Text chat able to solve all the problems in communication
Send Picture Messages, Logos, Ringtones, EMS etc from your PC to a GSM phone.
SAM - Answering Machine for Skype users03/27/2006Freeware
KishKish SAM is a simple voice Answering Machine for Skype users.
CamTrack 208/21/2006Shareware
CamTrack - Add face tracking and video effects to your USB webcam.
PhoneServer and WebServer04/16/2004Shareware
Connect your telephone to the Internet Make and recieve calls from anywhere.
RemoteAccess Modem English07/02/2004Shareware
RemoteAccess accesses the local computer by internet using mouse, keyboard
webcamXP PRO02/09/2004Shareware
the powerful webcam server.
WheresJames Webcam Publisher11/08/2002Shareware
Publish video and/or screenshots to YOUR web site. Advanced overlay features.
Convert any image into cell phone logo of popular makes, send global SMS
Lightweight HTTP server and server side script engine for serial communications
SMS Phantom01/01/2004Freeware
SMS Phantom is a freeware messaging service that allows you to send text SMS.
Call to China02/17/2004Shareware
VOIP soft phone make calls to China with lowest rate.
PhoneOffice Modem English05/08/2002Shareware
PhoneOffice is your mobile Office en route. By telephone gain access to Outlook
UnixSpace Terminal01/01/2004Shareware
UnixSpace terminal - it's a graphical telnet/SSH client for Windows.
VoIP Traffic Administrator01/15/2003Freeware
Information about traffic is generated in off-line mode.
Mobile Messenger04/28/2002Shareware
Send and RECEIVE textmessages on your PC. CONTROL YOU PC from a mobile phone
Express Communicator02/15/2000Demo
Instant messaging and communication for network associates on a LAN or WAN.
Ken Messenger Server07/09/2004Demo
Ken Messenger Server the Instant Messenger Server working with IM Ken Messenger.
InBox Mail Manger02/10/2003Shareware
Handles subscribe and unsubscribe requests to your mail lists.
Malt Away02/03/2002Shareware
Forward email to cell phone or pager with advanced filters and fitting more text
MobiSMS for Outlook12/07/2003Demo
Send 2-way SMS from Outlook. Receive replies in your Inbox or on your cell phone
PowerTools Pro for AOL11/23/2005Shareware
Power up and customize America Online with this easy-to-use addon for AOL.
Send SMS (Text, pictures, ringtones) to a mobile phone.
starmsg.com07/01/2006Freeware is a software that allows you to send text SMS messages from your PC
Talking Yahoo! Mail08/26/2003Shareware
Blocks spam and announces Yahoo! mail in human voice
Send textmessage (SMS) from your PC to a mobile phone at any worldwide network.
Displays and saves pictures from free public/private webcams. Full featured.
Feature enchancer plug-in for AIM
Ken Messenger07/09/2004Freeware
Ken Messenger is an Instant Messaging Software.
MSN Polygamy09/21/2006Shareware
Run more than one copy of MSN messenger, as well as many accounts simultaneously
PhoneOffice ISDN English05/08/2002Shareware
PhoneOffice is your mobile Office en route. By telephone gain access to Outlook
H264 WebCam 11/12/2006Shareware
8-ch H264 web camera surveillance software.high quality video and audio effect.
HS NMEA GPS C Source Library03/12/2006Demo
HS NMEA GPS 1.0 Global Positioning System (GPS) C Source Library
HS X.25 C Source Library05/19/2006Demo
HS X.25 C Source Library - ITU-T X.25 Protocol with XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP)
HS XMODEM C Source Library03/13/2006Demo
HS XMODEM Protocol C Source Library
Phonewebcam Explorer08/14/2006Freeware
View thousands of public webcams on your PC with this lightning quick viewer
Phonewebcam Publisher07/17/2006Freeware
Publish your webcam or network/WiFi IP camera securely to mobile phones
<a href=>Send Free SMS Text Messages</a> from your
Network Serial Port Kit07/11/2006Shareware
Allows you to connect any serial port devices over TCP/IP network or Internet
Collanos Workplace Mac OS X06/19/2006Freeware
Collanos team-enables computers. Free, secure P2P collaboration tool for teams.
3CX Phone System for Windows Free08/23/2006Freeware
FREE IP PBX: 3CX VOIP Phone system for Windows. No timeouts or limitations
Access Skype from your mobile phone, listen to messages and place Skype calls!
MSN Winks Plus08/23/2006Shareware
MSN Winks Plus previews and installs MSN winks to your MSN Messenger
Noise Reduction Software and Recorder for Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk
vdocapture network video server08/01/2006Freeware
vdocapture is a ip video server and ipcamera provider for you.
Wireless Communications Technology Poster11/01/2006Data only
All Wireless Communications Technologies Illustrated in One Poster
Auto answer your Skype calls and transfer using voice prompts.
Send Free SMS Messages to Mobile Phones05/07/2006Freeware
Send free SMS messages from your computer. Send fun SMS to friends and family.
H264 WebCam Pro11/11/2006Shareware
16-ch H264 web camera surveillance software.Unique method to manage dynamic ip.
Call any Phone anywhere in the world for Free, by watching Globe7 Videos.
Control Internet Access and Block Unauthorised Applications
Serial Port Redirector07/12/2006Shareware
Let your serial applications operate via TCP/IP networks
X-Ray Mail Assistant Beta04/28/2006Freeware
The flexible email proxy but not only the mail proxy
IOTracker Pro03/01/2006Shareware
Premier in-out board with unlimited users and true client/server capabilities
HS TFTP C Source Library03/14/2006Demo
HS TFTP 1.0 ?Trivial File Transfer (TFTP) Protocol C SOURCE LIBRARY
A client-server chat with voice chat support for messaging over LAN.
HS GSM SMS C Source Library03/01/2006Demo
HS GSM SMS 1.3 Short Message Service (SMS) C Source Library
Mobile Phone Wallpaper Creator05/07/2006Freeware
Now, any picture can be your cellphone's wallpaper. Free wallpapers. Fun.
Upload To Your Mobile Phone05/07/2006Freeware
Transfer files to your mobile phone without cables. Easy to use.
VSoft is a simple,free VOIP phone alllow to make low cost call.
Callwave Internet Answering Machine06/19/2006Shareware
Callwave Internet Answering Machine Software. Never miss a call!
Collanos Workplace Windows06/19/2006Freeware
Collanos team-enables computers. Free, secure P2P collaboration tool for teams.
Collanos Workplace Linux06/19/2006Freeware
Collanos team-enables computers. Free, secure P2P collaboration tool for teams.
DEKSI Modem Pooling05/26/2006Shareware
Powerful and feature rich modem pooling/sharing software
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