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Chat Anywhere01/17/2006Shareware
Chat Anywhere is a chat server software for websites and intranets
IMSpellchecker XP12/07/2004Shareware
Spellchecker add-on for Instant messengers.
Trusted Messenger08/07/2002Shareware
Effective communications for the office. Converse with colleagues in real time.
Add Speech to Instant Messages
IceChat IRC Client09/24/2006Freeware
IceChat Multi-Server, Scriptable, and fully customizable IRC Client
All in one Free Chat Program, with a wide range of features.
MorphVOX Junior03/22/2006Freeware
Voice changing made easy - Change the way you play games and chat online.
FlashDeli (Flash Delivery) is an instant messaging system for your LAN.
Free Gay Sex Online Dating Web Personals Software find free gay pics, gay chat,
AIM Sniffer02/18/2006Shareware
Monitor AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) conversations on network!
Akeni LAN Messenger05/10/2004Shareware
Akeni LAN messenger is a cross-platform (Windows and Linux) instant messaging
A feature rich Internet Relay-Chat (IRCX) Server for IRC clients such as mIRC.
Boldchat Operator Client .NET11/26/2003Freeware
Chat with visitors on your web site. Great for sales and customer service chats.
Bopup Messenger04/05/2006Shareware
Corporate instant messenger for effective business communications over LANs
Bopup Communication Server03/07/2006Shareware
Corporate Instant Messaging Server to organize effective communications over LAN
Bopup Observer03/27/2006Freeware
Freeware WinPopup compatible one-way instant messenger for corporate intranets.
ICQ Sniffer03/21/2004Shareware
Monitor ICQ conversations on network!
ABS Instant Pager09/10/2002Shareware
Send Text messages to Friends, Family, and Co workers from your PC.
Vypress Messenger10/19/2004Shareware
Peer-to-peer instant messaging and files transfering for LANs/WANs/intranets
Softros Messenger02/12/2004Shareware
Secure network messaging software for LANs, WANs and Intranets. Try it free now.
Secure, Simple, Instant Messaging For Office LAN. 1-Click Replies Much More!!
Extreme Messenger for AIM03/15/2003Shareware
Enhance AIM with powerful IM and chat features, and an ad-free buddy list!
Network Assistant01/02/2003Shareware
Real-time communication utility for the office environment
Secure Network Messenger11/15/2004Shareware
Secure real time communication software without using dedicated servers
Chat and send text messages and files to anyone on your LAN easily and securely!
Parent Tools for AIM06/15/2003Shareware
The Ultimate Tool in Monitoring and Controlling AIM
Secure VoIP for free internet talk in privacy by encrypting voice communications
WhosOn displays live view of your web server visitor activity.
Chat Bot08/18/2006Shareware
Yahoo Status Manager05/13/2003Freeware
Delete, add, sort Yahoo Messenger custom status messages
A.I.M. Frame01/23/2004Shareware
Auto-log all your IMs and reduce desktop clutter with this AIM addon.
Zbit J-Chat Pro07/01/2003Commercial
The J-Chat Pro is fast, reliable, scalable and fully customizable.
123 Flash Chat Server Software Windows Client12/11/2003Freeware
Full-featured high-performance java chat server plus exciting flash chat client
Chat Little Black Address Book08/27/2000Shareware
Keep Track of Personal Information About Your Chat Buddies
Webcam Tracker Live!03/12/2004Shareware
Webcam Tracker Live! is a live video and audio capture software.
VenusValley Live Support07/14/2003Shareware
Provide live support, instant help and chat with customers from your website
123 Flash Chat Server Software10/30/2006Shareware
Full-featured high-performance java chat server stunning flash chat client.
elite GoChat08/13/2001Freeware
elite GoChat allows easy access to AOL Instant Messenger chat rooms.
Chat with friends and co-workers on your local network using this easy software
Download this Full featured MSN style chat program specifically for singles. Webcam04/30/2003Freeware ( World of Webcams ) Webcam puts your camera stream on the web instantly.
ICQr Information11/12/2001Freeware
reads out ICQ Database (DAT) files including sensitive data such as passwords
Live chat turns web visitors into buyers before they click to a competitor site.
Live Help and Monitoring11/28/2003Shareware
Monitoring and Live Help for your website. Increase your sales with this tools.
LigneDirecte Basic07/14/2003Freeware
Customer service for your website, interact in real-time with your clients.
IRCXpro Messenger03/19/2006Freeware
An IM style Internet Relay-Chat (IRC) Client for the Windows platform.
Web Site Live Help - Help your client when he really needs.
CustomChat Server12/01/2001Freeware
Use the Room Creator to design a conference area with multiple chat rooms.
Sends and recieves instant messages via LAN or Internet.
ircA Service09/28/2002Freeware
ircA Service is a simple Windows NT service that stays connected to IRC
P2P Messenger08/12/2003Freeware
Instant Messaging with true peer to peer features, Chat and WebCam and Voice
PINO 3-Server02/08/2003Open Source
PINO 3-Server is a full featured Chatserver for the Windows platform.
Java based visual IRC client
Private Peer to Peer10/01/2001Freeware
Private Peer to Peer Networking over the web. File sharing, image swapping, chat
Free, fully functional chat rooms for your website
DKMessenger is a free peer-to-peer messenger with video and Voice Over IP.
FREE Instant dating service: mingle from your PC and chat with others instantly
Yahoo Auto Answer System05/07/2004Freeware
A Answering machine for your yahoo instant messenger
IMCaster ICQ E-Marketer02/17/2004Shareware
IMCaster ICQ E-Marketer - the most powerful instant messaging broadcaster
Full Featured Windows .NET IRC Client with built-in SSL (crypted) IRC support.
Akeni Secure Messaging - Expert Edition04/20/2004Demo
Akeni Secure Messaging - Expert Edition, is a secured client/server
WWB Video Chat Messenger01/21/2004Freeware
Audio/Video Messenger Chat Rooms; Video DJ; Broadcast files via Profile Web.
Provide live help on your web site and monitor visitor activity in real-time.
Cross-platform private chat file transfer utility.
WebChat - Communicator10/20/2002Freeware
The visual Chat and broser where the Chat Room are Internet site !!!
Comet VideoPhone12/20/2003Freeware
Hold real-time audio/video conferences over the Internet.
Fast and flexible Chat Server Software Solutions for your Business
Free mobile MSN messenger--HIER for 2nd05/31/2006Freeware
It incorporates MSN messenger and other most popular instant messengers.
Belkasoft Universal IM History Extractor Pro05/06/2006Shareware
Extracts your Internet Messenger history into different formats
Best Phone04/20/2006Freeware
Best Phone is a SIP based VoIP soft phone integrating SIP stack, Java and JMF.
Belkasoft ICQ History Extractor Pro05/06/2006Shareware
Extracts your Mirabilis ICQ and Miranda IM history into different formats
Belkasoft Yahoo! Messenger History Extractor Pro01/19/2006Shareware
Extracts your Yahoo! Messenger history into different formats
Live Chat08/22/2006Shareware
Live chat system helps to your web site visitor,and offer live chat support .
Webcam Simulator XP Edition08/08/2006Shareware
Simulates webcam on your system by broadcasting video files as webcam.
ASP Chat Script Source Code12/09/2005Demo
Customer webmaster ASP PHP chat source code support online communication
MSN Backup10/04/2006Freeware
Backup or restore MSN Winks, MSN Emoticons, Dynamic Backgrounds,Display Pictures
iGotcha! is the first Ares Galaxy chat client for Apple Macintosh
Video Flash Chat - Videochat Software10/10/2005Commercial
Video Flash Chat: Web Based Videochat Software.
Easy Chat Server10/10/2005Shareware
Easy Chat Server is a chat server software.
Free mobile MSN messenger--HIER for 550007/31/2006Freeware
It incorporates MSN messenger and other most popular instant messengers.
Free mobile MSN messenger--HIER for QD05/31/2006Freeware
It incorporates MSN messenger and other most popular instant messengers.
Windows Live Messenger Khalid Edition09/03/2006Freeware
unofficial add-on for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.812
MSN Emoticons Plus03/08/2006Shareware
It allows you to preview, install more than 3480 emoticons into MSN Messenger.
Twilight Utilities Skype Forwarder06/25/2006Shareware
Skype to phone for voice modems. Extend your reach.
Free Graphical IRC Client
Ameridum Chat03/18/2006Shareware
Chat Application based on Ajax techniques
Magic Blog04/10/2006Freeware
A revolutionary blog or message board that is much easier to use than others.
Vigorous Enterprise Messenger04/22/2006Shareware
Private and secure Enterprise Instant Messenger,run on LAN as well as Internet.
Outlook LAN Messenger06/21/2006Shareware
Feature rich LAN Messenger to Lan Chat, File Transfer inside Office network
LetsPowwow Collaboration Software04/19/2006Freeware
LetsPowwow Collaboration Software and Online Meeting Tool
AV Webcam Morpher07/04/2006Shareware
Webcam Morpher lets you instantly morph video and audio streams of your webcam
CamSplitter. Software to split webcam to multiple instances
Cute Chat07/31/2006Commercial
Cute Chat- a full-featured ASP.NET chat program. Fast, easy and affordable.
Free MSN Emoticons Pack 106/18/2006Freeware
Free MSN Emoticons Pack 1 brings you more fun emoticons for your MSN Messenger.
Free MSN Emoticons Pack 306/23/2006Freeware
Free MSN Emoticons Pack 3 brings you more fun emoticons for your MSN Messenger.
Fake Webcam06/30/2005Shareware
Stream/Play videos on Yahoo/MSN messenger webcam without having a webcam
AV Webcam Morpher Gold06/16/2006Shareware
Webcam chat software helps disguise your identity in video and voice chat rooms
AV VoizGame06/23/2006Shareware
VoizGame changes your real voice to play in various characters of online games
Instant Messenger (ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, GTalk compatible) with VPN support
MSN Font Color Editor09/01/2005Freeware
Choose the font color you like for your MSN from 32-bit true colors.
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