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ChoiceMail One
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Dewqs' No More Spam04/20/2003Shareware
Powerful spam screener, control tower, and reporting tool for 25 email accounts.
Dewqs' NMS for Outlook02/01/2004Shareware
Powerful spam screener for all your Outlook email accounts.
Mailbox Guard11/07/2003Shareware
Effective email protection against cyberscam.
AdsEliminator increase your Internet browsing speed by reducing unsolicited ads.
Mail Snoop Pro02/15/2006Shareware
Anti-spam/email notification for multiple Pop3/SSL Pop3/IMAP email accounts.
The Killer!12/16/2003Shareware
The Killer! is an anti spam tool for serious spam problem.
Outlook Spam Filter04/12/2005Shareware
Outlook Spam Filter: a MS Outlook add-on to protect your Inbox against spam.
Professional POP3/IMAP email accounts management tool
Forwards, Filters, and Consolidates your email accounts
Casper Spam Hunter07/20/2004Shareware
The easiest way to check and manage your mail before you download it
Clove AntiSpam10/03/2003Shareware
An easy-to-use utility to protect Microsoft Outlook against spam!
ChoiceMail One03/07/2005Shareware
ChoiceMail One is the most effective spam blocker available today
AVANTRIX Spam Interceptor08/21/2003Shareware
AVANTRIX Spam Interceptor - Stop Spam quickly easily!
2003 FasterInternet PRO02/15/2003Shareware
Blocks ads pop-ups SPAM. Anonymizer + Web accelerator (surf up to 20x faster!)
Spam Blackout01/01/2004Commercial
Anti-Spam Tool for your Inbox
Flystrike Spam Interrogator06/19/2005Shareware
Flystrike interrogates and auto-deletes spam on the user's remote server
A powerful SPAM Reporting tool that lets you help the ISP shut down spammers.
PMMail 2000 Professional05/30/2003Shareware
Multiple account email client with PGP and message filtering.
PMMail 2000 Standard05/30/2003Shareware
Multiple account email client with filtering for organization and anti-SPAM.
Spam Buster03/26/2004Shareware
Delete junk e-mail from 12 pop accounts, runs in system tray
SpamGunner is a powerful Anti-Spam Product for Consumers and Small Businesses.
Anti-AD Guard PRO10/09/2006Shareware
Universal user-friendly program that filters and blocks ads in any application.
SpamEater Pro05/19/2005Shareware
Anti-Spam utility removes spam email from your ISP's mail server.
The EFFICIENT solution to the problem of junk e-mail.
spamBat is the low cost solution that completely eliminates spam and junk mail.
Powerful anti-spam tool for file based mail servers, like Mdaemon, Winroute, etc
Dewqs' SpamProx02/01/2004Shareware
Spam Proxy : spam-catching email server
SpamWeed Anti-Spam Filter01/25/2006Shareware
Powerful, easy-to-use spam filter that learns from mistake improves with use
Ace Spam Scram12/02/2003Shareware
Delete spam and block countries. Filters Friends and NOT Friends URL Block
All Spam Gone Spam Killer Anti Spam11/11/2003Shareware
Anti spam software that blocks spam email and works as a junk spam email blocker
Babastik's AntiSpam Personal11/13/2003Shareware
The no nonsense, no compromise solution to stop spam from reaching your inbox.
Mail UnKnown Anti-Spam01/21/2003Trial
Stop spam with Mail UnKnown. Works with all major email clients supporting POP3.
A comprehensive 'Install'n forget' PC-sided 100 perc. Spam Deflection System
Anti-Spam Software -- comes with email client and supports filters, blackholes.
Remove spam emails from your server before you download them, fast and easy.
Spam Freak08/03/2003Shareware
Never get spam again. Never get viruses or Worms
InBox Filter12/09/2002Shareware
Detect and delete spam message from multiple e-mail accounts.
SPAM Filter02/12/2004Shareware
The powerful, effective and intelligent anti-spam tool.
Spam Alarm03/24/2003Shareware
Spam Alarm blocks 99% of spam messages using A.I.
POP3 spam filtering utility,daytime and finger client with socket proxy support
NUCEM Spam Terminator04/29/2003Shareware
3 times more accurate at differentiating between valid e-mail and SPAM vs others
NUCEM Spam Terminator 2.012/17/2002Shareware
The only complete solution to spam for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002(XP)
ComThing - install it - never get spam again
No Spam Today! SMTP Proxy Free01/24/2006Freeware
Email spam filter that works as SMTP proxy server - easy to install!
Dewqs' JunkMail Spittoon02/05/2004Freeware
Free spam protection tool
Sweep Mail08/07/2002Shareware
A spam filter that can clear your remote emailbox for spam before your download
Letterman Spam Control Pro06/06/2004Shareware
Effective spam filtering with Letterman. No more bandwidth is wasted in spams!
Effective and user friendly anti-spam add-in for Outlook Express and Outlook.
No Spam Today! for Workstations03/27/2006Shareware
Email spam, attachment and virus filter for POP3 email clients (e.g. Outlook)
Authenticate and quarantine legitimate E-mail, protects in your inbox from spam.
Lockspam for Outlook05/12/2004Commercial
'Lockspam for Outlook' Version 2.0 can block the latest spam for Outlook users.
Block spam and most of worms before they even reach your mailbox.
Zaep AntiSpam06/23/2006Shareware
Imagine your Inbox 100% spam-free without hassle. Zaep AntiSpam makes it happen.
Anti Spam Umbrella12/24/2003Shareware
No training or learning process required . Once you click "Check Spam" button, w
Advanced Email Protector03/06/2004Demo
protect all email addresses and mailto: links from email harvesters
PostGuard Spam Filter04/20/2004Commercial
Sentinare PostGuard. Secure, encrypted, spam-free, virus-free email solutions
Anti-SPAM Guard04/06/2006Shareware
Destroys any spam mail, viruses attached to emails, and all other junk.
Spam CounterStrike11/20/2002Shareware
Keep spam out of your inbox with Spam CounterStrike
My Privacy08/08/2006Shareware
Analyze your privacy vulnerability!
Live Defender07/20/2006Shareware
Blocks any known or unknown spyware and trojans before they cause any harm.
VIP Privacy07/21/2006Shareware
Protect your private personal info from malicious spyware and hacker attacks
1-2-3 Spyware Free07/12/2006Freeware
Protecting from spyware and adware can be easy and effective!
ShadowServer provides security and instant recovery for Windows servers
ShadowSurfer creates a virtual PC. Eliminate unwanted PC changes with a reboot
ShadowUser eliminates spyware, viruses, adware and other unwanted PC changes
es Web Form SPAM Protection10/18/2006Shareware
Protect your web forms (HTML) from scanning by form spiders and receiving SPAM.
Ad-Purge Adware and Spyware Remover07/26/2006Shareware
Remove Adware and Spyware
CyberDefender Free08/15/2006Freeware
CyberDefender Free catches Spyware and other attacks faster

Espresso permissions-based email client completely eliminates spam.
Evidence Exterminator08/15/2006Shareware
Evidence Exterminator safely cleans all tracks left by you while using PC


Junk Mail Remover07/20/2006Shareware
Delete junk mail, spam, viruses, and e-mail messages with big attachments easily
System Safety Monitor08/03/2006Shareware
Real-time protection from all known and unknown malware and rootkits.
System Safety Monitor Free Edition08/11/2006Freeware
Real-time protection from all known and unknown malware and rootkits. 100% free.
Free Antispam Scanner07/01/2006Freeware
Pre-emptive anti-spam solutions for individuals and businesses. 99.9% accuracy!
SPAMfighter SMTP Anti Spam Server04/27/2006Shareware
Protect your MS Windows Server users from time consuming spam
Link Disguiser04/05/2006Shareware
Link Disguiser - protects your web-site from email harvesting spam robots.
SPAMfighter Standard10/09/2006Freeware
Spam and phishing filter for Outlook/Express. Download SPAMfighter free now!
SPAMfighter Exchange Module09/12/2006Shareware
Protect your MS Exchange Server users from time consuming spam
Mail Trustee01/23/2006Demo
Mail Trustee E-mail protection system is an effective anti-spam tool.
SpyNoMore?, The Only Anti-Spyware buildi10/28/2006Shareware
SpyNoMore?, The Only Anti-Spyware You Will Ever Need!
LBE Spam Tool12/12/2005Shareware
Deletes spam without you ever having to see it, based on key word/phrases.
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