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Flystrike Spam Interrogator


  Publisher: Software Brat Inc.
Support Email: support@flystrike.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 19.95
File Size(KB): 4920
Last Update: June 19 05
Rating: 5 stars rating
Screenshot: Preview
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Publisher's Description
Flystrike Spam Interrogator allows the user to test e-mail messages before fully downloading them from the POP server. A Score based on an Inventory of tests helps the user identify unsolicited messages for remote deletion. Messages containing abusive or illegal content can be relayed to the appropriate authorities with a set of automatically extracted headers. A number of pre-written (English, French, and Spanish) abuse reports are provided to help the user. If desired, each e-mail message can be viewed in original form or as a web document (for HTML). For the latter, pictures and hyperlinks are removed for the protection of the user. The user can trace the origin of messages; and ban them according to both MD5 Signature and URL pointers. The banning of these elements allows Flystrike to perform auto deletion of e-mail messages if required by the user. A log of deleted messages allows the user to discover any false positives. A threat list is available that allows the user to enter e-mails associated with particular worms or incorrigible nuisances; messages from those on the threat list are auto-deleted from the remote server before the conventional interrogation is performed. Once Flystrike is configured, the user can set it to perform automatic interrogation of messages on the remote server.


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