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Fundamentals of Football
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Handicap Manager for Excel
Horse Rider Memories
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PC Soccer11/11/2001Shareware
Soccer league tracking and analysis software. Generate stats and predictions.
Fundamentals of Football05/31/2003Shareware
A comprehensive, yet simple coaching guide for the novice parent coach
Tennis Organizer Deluxe04/19/2006Shareware
Organize tennis players, tournaments, diaries, web resources.
Baseball Memories01/21/2006Shareware
Track Baseball/Softball Stats, Spray Chart,Journal, Photos for Season or Career.
Golf Score Wizard02/07/2005Shareware
Golf Score Wizard is an easy to use score card tracker and charter.
Golf Tracker for Excel04/01/2004Shareware
Golf statistics tracking program for Microsoft Excel.
Handicap Manager for Excel03/04/2005Shareware
Golf Handicapping Software for Microsoft Excel
Horse Rider Memories09/01/2003Shareware
Track how you have done at Horse Shows, Keep a Daily Journal and Photo Scrapbook
Football and other sports league management software, with result predictions.
Professional program for soccer fan or manager. With Internet interface.
NFL Forecaster06/01/2005Shareware
Ranks NFL teams and predicts winners spreads. Requires only scores.
Golf Tracker09/28/2006Shareware
Keep your golf scores and track golf statistics and averages like handicap.
Professional Tournament Organizer01/20/2004Shareware
Tournament scheduling software
SharkPoint DualPack03/19/2005Demo
SharkPoint DualPack, the ultimate dive logbook
SharkPoint DualPack (PocketPC Windows)08/04/2003Demo
SharkPoint DualPack, the ultimate dive logbook (PocketPC Windows)
soccer tracking and scoring software
The League System11/08/2003Shareware
Sports league management software.
Log and review athletic training sessions as graphs or tables
Olympic Organizer Deluxe04/19/2006Shareware
Organize Olympics, Athletes, Sport Web resources.
Bowl101 Sixth Edition12/08/2003Shareware
Handles up to 54 teams, 15 bowlers per team 100 subs. Easy data entry and edits.
Get live scores for sport games from around the world
Golf Master 2001 Club series05/21/2004Shareware
Golf Master 2001 is a powerful golf tournament management system.
Tennis Board03/03/2004Shareware
Umpire or get detailed game analysis through an easy-to-use interface
Super Sports Stats09/22/2001Shareware
Sports stats generating script. Creates any kind of stats.
Advanced scorekeeping system for baseball. Hundreds of stats and reports.
Golf Tournament Scorekeeper03/01/2002Shareware
Golf tournament manager with team generator, team scoring, multiple rounds.[ASP]
Bowling software. Complete bowling league management software and great support
Manager for Tables any Sportleagues how Soccer, Dart, Tennis, 3/5 Set-Volleyball
Handles up to 54 teams, 15 bowlers per team 100 subs. Easy data entry and edits.
Champfoot, manage and track soccer leagues. Table and statistics
Expedition Log01/10/2004Shareware
Scuba Diving Log Book for Recreational Divers (includes PADI/NAUI/SSI Profiles)
solunar calculator for fishing and hunting
Formula1 Organizer Deluxe04/19/2006Shareware
Organize formula1 races, drivers, diaries, web resources.
Golf Organizer Deluxe04/19/2006Shareware
Organize golf players, tournaments, diaries, web resources.
Betting Genius08/03/2005Shareware
Sports Management and Prediction Software
DeerDays Hunting Software11/10/2006Shareware
Deer Movement Predictor, hunting log/analyzer, harvest log, and a calendar!
UEFA Intertoto Cup Calendar07/12/2006Freeware
Get instant insight into the course of the season’s UEFA Intertoto Cup games
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