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Calorie Smart
LessCaT- Active Cholesterol Management
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Paraben's Diet Tracker
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Makeup Smart
World Football Statistics
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axSoft Speech corrector02/02/2006Shareware
Software for stuttering therapy
Paraben's Diet Tracker05/26/2003Shareware
Understand and track what you are putting in your body.
LessCaT- Active Cholesterol Management01/06/2005Shareware
Health software for managing high cholesterol and triglycerides at home
Biorhythm Charts06/10/2004Shareware
Predict your status in future. Arrange important work. Decide pregnant date.
World Football Statistics07/16/2001Shareware
WFS is an excellent soccer statistics program
Porn Filter02/07/2006Freeware
Porn Filter,Block Porn easily!Anti Porn,Internet Filter.
Makeup Smart11/15/2006Shareware
Helping you look your best is what makes Makeup Smart unique.
Dream Diary Assistant01/06/2006Freeware
Dream Diary Assistant Lite
Printable daily or weekly glucose diary pages for your hand-kept records.
ApexDiet recipe analyzer11/02/2006Freeware
Use the Apex Diet Recipe Analyzer to create nutrition facts for your recipes
A most powerful system for monitoring women's health
Fitness Calculators02/09/2006Shareware
Convenient Fitness Calculators for home use. Calculate your BMI, body fat etc.
Glucose Journal and Database06/20/2003Shareware
Helps user keep an organized journal of important blood glucose test results.
Alarm Health Care03/18/2004Shareware
Helping you find high quality health care with this software.
Wellness and Natural Healing by Oro Selket02/17/2004Freeware
If you have Pain or Discomfort, using the Remote Healing will help you
How To Have Good Health Naturally With Herbs02/09/2004Shareware
Good health with herbs encyclopedia
Advanced biorhythm calculator. To be a winner. Listen to your biological clocks.
GlucoControl, Free PDA software for diabetes, replaces the diabetes notebook.
Universal Heart Rate Calculator05/15/2004Freeware
This small program calculates your heartbeat using classic formulas.
Store Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Weight software with averages
Home Audiometer12/13/2003Shareware
Test your hearing at home with your PC through standard sound card headphones.
Hormonal Forecaster - Fertility Software06/10/2004Shareware
Chart fertility, generate ovulation charts, personal statistics, and more.
Natural Ambience - Sound Therapy Software06/08/2003Shareware
Nature Sound Therapy software to relax your mind while you work.
A prescription manager and medical organizer with medication reminders and more
Tinnitus Masker Pro06/15/2003Commercial
Mask Your Tinnitus Quickly And Easily
Homeopathic tool with Kent's Repertory, Boericke's Materia Medica, Organon.
UTS Diabetes for Palm OS06/01/2004Demo
Log your diabetes stats: blood glucose, insulin, carbs and medication intakes.
SiDiary - Diabetes Management-Software11/17/2004Freeware
Free diabetes software for PPC, Smartphone Windows, >15 languages available
Improve Your Diet05/21/2006Freeware
A better nutritional program is the introduction of foods of higher quality.
Healthy Weight Diet DSPP05/24/2006Demo
Healthy Weight Diet Subliminal Perception Program Demo for Win and Mac
TheDoctor24x7-Online Homeopathic Clinic Management04/10/2006Shareware
Online Homeopathic clinic with Multilingual case sheet,Automatic Repertorisation
Energy Diary07/25/2006Shareware
Free and effective way to control your weight, which will change your life
The Diet Tracker can help you track the progress of your diet or excercise.
Calorie Smart10/24/2006Shareware
Effective way to set up a calorie smart diet.
Natural Fat Loss05/21/2006Freeware
Learn how to get and maintain your ideal weight.
Glycemic Index And Weight Loss05/21/2006Freeware
Glycemic Index and it's impact on weight loss.
Track weight, blood pressure, calories and more.
Ambidexter Mouse03/01/2006Shareware
A pain release tool that can let you use the mouse in both hands.
Smoke Free DSPP06/20/2006Demo
Quit Smoking Subliminal Perception Program Demo for Win and Mac
Step Counter Wizard04/04/2006Shareware
Step Counter Software
Age Reversal10/14/2006Shareware
Control the signs and symptoms of aging before they start.
AcreSoft Health Stars08/15/2006Freeware
AcreSoft Health Stars can keep track of your weight, doctors visits, etc.
Healthy Body Weight05/21/2006Freeware
Your healthy body weight is that weight at which you are strong and healthy.
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