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Phraze Daze10/28/2002Shareware
Unscramble famous quotes in this fun and relaxing new word puzzle game
Cryptogram puzzle game; print your own puzzles; computes letter frequencies
Dungeon Scroll01/01/2004Shareware
Explore dungeons and blast creatures by making words.
Try to save the smart mouthed Kangaroo from a good old fashioned lynching.
BanderSnatch Word Game11/01/2003Demo
Make words from adjacent letter tiles in this addictive game for all the family
2M Words Collection01/26/2005Shareware
11 great, fun, and clever words games in one package !
Word Search08/11/2001Shareware
Both create and play fun wordsearch puzzles.
BOOKWORM GAME10/29/2002Shareware
sharpen your word making skills
Clear the board of colorful Qbz characters
Crossword Puzzles12/01/2000Shareware
Solve crosswords on your computer or print them out for solving elsewhere.
Unleash your inner scientist with WordLab, a fun and addictive puzzle game.
Fun new word game for 1-4 players.
2M Puzzles Letters01/26/2005Shareware
An entertaining puzzle game of words and letters. 250,000 words dictionary !
Sympathy Crossword Construction03/08/2004Demo
Compile crossword puzzles for publication in print form or on the web
WordOMatic is a fun Word Search game with elements of puzzle and strategy
The word game with zip! Scroll rows, columns. Powerups rips gems mouse, rust.
Word Search Puzzles04/01/1999Shareware
Solve word search puzzles on your computer.
Word Search Designer05/22/2004Shareware
Create and play Word Search puzzles from 5x5 to 30x30 puzzle sizes
Crossword, Anagram and Word Puzzle Solver
Enigmacross Game Edition08/03/2004Shareware
Solve real acrostic puzzles on your Windows computer.
Hang3001 - Hangman for Windows03/13/2003Shareware
Hang3001 is a modern take on the classic hangman word-guessing game.
WordZap Deluxe04/28/2001Shareware
Make seven unique words from a given set of letters faster than your opponent
Hangman Bible for Windows01/02/2006Shareware
Hangman Bible is a religious take on the classic hangman word-guessing game.
Hangman Pro for Macintosh03/09/2006Shareware
Hangman Pro is a modern take on the classic hangman word-guessing game.
Hangman Pro for Windows03/22/2006Shareware
Hangman Pro is a modern take on the classic hangman word-guessing game.
Select longest valid words, to be replaced by the incoming letters.
Colorful hangman like word game for the whole family
Sympathy Crossword Publisher03/08/2004Demo
Prepare crossword puzzles for publication in print form or on the web
Word-Fit is a bilingual (fr,en) crossword puzzle game generator software.
Moraff Phrase Detective08/27/2002Shareware
Moraff's clever and addicting word-puzzle game.
Twisted Tails11/09/2000Shareware
Old-time fairy tales with a hilarious new twist! Rapunzel, Cinderella, 8 more.
Translates the letters of a Cryptoquip type puzzle.
TooHot Crossword Puzzle Java Applet10/20/2002Freeware
Attract visitors by providing interactive crossword puzzles on your Web site.
Word Matrix, The06/21/2002Shareware
Word search game based on random letter matrix that puts vocabulary to the test.
Spelling, vocabulary quiz game for whole family.
TEA Crossword Helper04/24/2004Demo
Crossword solver with over 900,000 words and an integrated dictionary/thesaurus
Hangman The Wild West II: Billy's Adventure - Demo02/23/2003Demo
Hangman The Wild West II is a new twist of the popular Hangman game.
Wordy is a collection of word games for children and adults.
LDS Activities05/10/2004Shareware
LDS Activities For Windows is a collection of puzzles and games.
Word Play04/30/2004Shareware
Challenge your mind in the ultimate word search game!
Puzzle Word08/20/2004Demo
Try to clear the grid in this addictive word game with a puzzle twist.
Schneemann / Snowman11/04/2004Shareware
Enchanting hangman like word game for the whole family
Highly addictive, fast paced arcade style word game. Shoot letters to make words
An interactive word search game, providing hours of fun for the whole family.
Highly addictive arcade style puzzle word game. Make words from falling letters.
Hangman The Wild West - Demo01/16/2000Demo
A new style of the classic Hangman game with cool graphics and animations.
A2Z Hangman08/31/2001Shareware
Educational hangman game designed to help children with spelling and vocabulary
This program is designed to compile and solve crossword puzzles and nonograms.
Chatterblox is an exciting and addictive action/word game.
Crossword Wordplay Wizard09/01/2002Demo
Shows wordplay types and indicators used to clue answers in a cryptic crossword
Challenging drag and drop word game. More than 2 bil. unique crisscross puzzles.
Crossword Challenge02/15/2001Shareware
Increase your word vocabulary and have fun!
Arensus Crossword Puzzle Editor05/04/2004Demo
Create crossword puzzles fully automatically or use databases as diction
Fun, fast-paced, educational spelling game for Windows 95 or higher. Try it free
Crossdown Game Edition08/01/2004Shareware
Solve real crossword puzzles on your Windows computer.
Place tiles down that do not match. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Its not. Try it out
Cipher Cryptogram Game12/20/2003Shareware
Cipher - word game to decipher cryptograms
Beesly's Buzzwords11/26/2003Shareware
Beesly's Buzzwords makes spelling fun for a wide audience!
Race against time to unscramble letters in a group of words.
Highly addictive puzzle style word game which plays similar to Connect Four.
An new kind of word puzzle game, Boggle meets Tetris.
Bible Crossword Challenge01/17/2004Shareware
Bible Crossword Challenge - puzzle game.
Word Peace05/21/2003Shareware
Word Peace is a hexagonal board game in which you create words from letters.
Eidetic memory06/20/2006Shareware
Close your eyes and recall the picture.
Hangman Flash Game Source Code09/16/2006Demo
Hangman Flash Game Source Code
Word Wonks11/10/2006Shareware
Beat all your opponents solving Scrabble-like puzzles.
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