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Industrial Tetris01/21/2006Shareware
Industrial Tetris - is a hi-tech version of tetris-like game
Advanced Tetric02/16/2005Shareware
Play great Tetris, Pentix, Color Tetris, Kids Tetris, Kids Pentix and much more!
Amazing multilevel tetris-like game
Archibald's TriTris09/20/2001Shareware
A clone of world-famous Tetris, based on lining up tiles of the same color.
Das Ziel des Spiels ist es, eine Ebene komplett mit Steinen auszufĂĽllen.
Get six brick games in one! Vivid graphics, rocking sound and balanced game play
Play Tetris, solve puzzles and create games
Adjunct Blaster02/26/2006Freeware
Join falling tiles to form color connections and clear the grid!
Free Tetrix03/24/2004Freeware
Free Tetrix is a highly advanced re-make of world famous Tetris game!
A fun and addictive puzzle game of strategy and logic
Magic Block12/11/2003Shareware
Magic Block is an addictive Tetris-style game.
MahJongg TetriX02/12/2004Shareware
MahJongg TetriX is an amazing alloy made of your favorite games!!!
RotoBlox is a mixed collection of classic and newest tetris games.
Schmitriz is a sleek, efficient, and robust tetris clone which supports skins.
Tetris 400003/18/2004Shareware
Tetris lives! This game is a masterpiece when it comes to computer puzzle games.
A highly advanced Tetris clone featuring 10 variations of classical brick games.
Color Eggs09/04/2002Shareware
The game objective is to help small chicks come into the world as possible.
Crazy Tetris06/01/2004Shareware
Tetris with blocks consist not of squares but of triangles.
Fruit Fusion01/04/2004Shareware
Fruit Fusion is a fun and challenging new style puzzle game.
Classical Block07/06/2003Shareware
Play a classical Tetris game with Anti-boss, music and skins.
ColorTetris is a little more than just Tetris. It also includes Pentix, and more
Enjoy this brick game as you race through space on a fusion powered space ship!
Fantasy Tetrix04/11/2003Shareware
Fantasy Tetrix is an ultra-modern 3D remake of the all-time classic Tetris game.
2001 TetRize02/15/2002Shareware
3 addictive Tetris - like games in full 3D with original bonuses
2M Blocks Swapper01/26/2005Shareware
Swap blocks to destroy them. Great fun ! Appealing high quality graphics.
2M Tetrix Collection01/26/2005Shareware
A superb collection of 30 great Tetris clones. Appealing high quality graphics.
3D Meditator02/04/2002Shareware
3D Meditator is based on the idea of tetris. The game is unique with 3D effects.
Bloxter (for Windows)03/27/2006Shareware
Arcade/puzzle game with 3D graphics, falling blocks and over 30 unique boards.
Stacker Blocks 3D01/13/2001Freeware
This is classic Tetris but with Direct3D graphics and some special effects.
Puzzle Ring12/08/2002Shareware
Build horizontal rings of falling blocks in this 3D tetris-like game.
Innovative tetris-style game offering you a deep mind-relaxing experience Brick Match08/15/2001Freeware Brick Match is an addicting game played by matching bricks.
Bloxter (for Mac OS X)03/27/2006Shareware
Arcade/puzzle game with 3D graphics, falling blocks and over 30 unique boards.
A nice collection of dozens of tetrix games with various skill levels. Just fun!
Drop blocks and spell words then drop bombs to remove uneeded letters...
Four Bricks - Free Tetris08/02/2003Freeware
This is a classic Tetris game.
Absolute Tetris Cup05/05/2001Shareware
Win the World Championship in Absolutely New Addictive Tetris-like Games- 6 in 1
This game likes color tetris but has some interesting and original ideas
Downfall (for Windows)03/17/2006Shareware
3D arcade puzzle game. Form lines of colored blocks to make them collapse.
Downfall (for Mac OS X)03/17/2006Shareware
3D arcade puzzle game. Form lines of colored blocks to make them collapse.
Classical Tetris07/06/2002Shareware
Play a classical Tetris game with Anti-boss, music and skins.
2M Free Tetris01/26/2005Freeware
A great Tetris clone for FREE !
Absolute Tetris is a perfect blend of scientific approach!
The tetris game with the amazing graphics and original interface
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