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Internet Backgammon
Championship Hearts Card Game for PalmOS
Paraben's Marble Solitaire
Paraben's All Clear
Dino Lake 3D
The Fight for Freedom
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Arcade Lines02/23/2006Shareware
Align colored pieces and score combos in this fun, highly addictive puzzle game.
Bubble Shooter07/29/2002Shareware
Addictive game with three modes: arcade, strategy and sniper to suit your temper
Puzzle Inlay04/10/2003Shareware
Inlay pictures with gems in this arcade-puzzle game. Over 100 picture puzzles.
Four quests in one game. Over 100 different enemies in mythical lands.
A challenging puzzle game for strategists who like to take their own sweet time.
Block Shifter02/12/2004Shareware
Shift and swap blocks to clear the board with as few moves as possible.
Block Drop02/12/2005Shareware
Tetris with 49 unique block configurations. Many other features.
Explode, shrink, and shield your blobs in this turn based strategic board game.
Big Head Zed10/13/2004Shareware
120 levels of ball-knocking, smashing, exploding puzzles. Save Zed's business!
A colorfully 3D rendered maze munching (PAC MAN style) game!-Contains 40 levels
Battle for Moscow03/13/2005Freeware
Free turn based wargame covering Operation Typhoon in late 1941.
Battle Boattle11/18/2004Shareware
It's Crimsonland gone marine. Fast-paced action that's going to drive you crazy!
Sammys Brickyard02/01/2004Shareware
A fast and furious puzzle ?action hybrid with lots of unique power-ups.
Astral Tournament08/27/2004Shareware
Take part in the magic combat. Summon creatures and cast spells to win.
Pocket Tanks10/26/2001Shareware
1-on-1 artillery game with 30 unique new weapons and is lighthearted fun
Aid Zondulux06/21/2005Freeware
Challenging puzzle game. Difficult enough to make your brains boil.
Aargon Deluxe05/01/2003Shareware
Use glass, light, and color to put together laser machines in these puzzle labs.
Maze Escape05/17/2003Shareware
Solve challenging mazes but watch out for the snakes, cannons and moving walls.
3 Blaster02/12/2005Shareware
Blast bricks out of the playing field to clear the board in this mind game.
Entertaining chess puzzle game that is fun, simple and challenging
199 Mazes02/12/2005Shareware
Solve 400+ mazes but watch out for the snakes, cannons and moving walls.
Naval simulation, extension to classic Battleship game, where units can move!
Packs 18 different arcade games, many new and all are just amazing!
Paraben's All Clear06/17/2002Shareware
Create rectangles of the same color with random tiles.
Flip Over09/10/2001Shareware
Tile matching and flipping / memory game for Windows
More Mail-Room Madness06/19/2004Shareware
Collect the mail in this sequel to the Mail-Room Madness logic game.
Atomic Cannon05/06/2006Shareware
The ultimate artillery duel with 85 weapons of mass destruction!
Make your own games and cool programs with full support and learning material
Modern Warfare04/19/2006Shareware
A turn-based strategy war game with realistic statistics for the units.
Lord of the Shades06/10/2003Shareware
Have a great time with new addictive colorful game - Lord of the Shades
Leap Frog05/08/2003Shareware
Like Reversi, jump your opponents frogs with your dragons to make them yours.
New Dominoes11/01/2003Shareware
A challenging dominoes game with amazing graphics, sounds, music animations
A game like Hi-Q with several game fields to master. Try to end up with only one
Internet Backgammon06/20/2002Shareware
Backgammon board game, two-player via TCP/IP with sounds
Single / Mutliplayer Puzzle game
Galaxy Unfurled07/01/2005Shareware
The growing unrest among the galactic legions forebodes of interstellar war.
Pax Solaris06/25/2003Demo
Pax Solaris is a very tense and challenging real time strategy game.
Original 3D Penguin Snow-Blasting survival game, 4 different themes.
Gather glittering gems from a lost city in this simple and fun new puzzle game!
A GREAT 3D Action-Adventure game! With a massive 50 levels in 5 episodes.
Falling Balls02/12/2005Shareware
A relaxing version of the Tetris concept with nice ray-traced graphics.
Pocket War02/02/2005Shareware
Pocket War is a strategic turn-based war game much like the Empire or Conquest.
Empire Deluxe Internet Edition05/07/2003Demo
The Classic Game Empire Deluxe Has Been Revived with Internet Play
A turn based, multiplayer, play by e-mail war game
Dweep Gold10/28/2002Shareware
Lead Dweep through fun nonviolent puzzles to save the trapped baby Dweeps
Dope Farmer04/01/2003Shareware
Become a dope farmer and harvest illegal drugs!
Dino Lake 3D08/20/2004Shareware
A modern 3D remake of the classic arcade puzzle game.
Pirate Isles12/22/2003Shareware
A fun game of treasure hunt and pirate exotics.
Protect cool columns from filling up completely in five addictive puzzle games!
Match your wits against various animal intellects!
Connect the dots to close the cells - close the most cells and you win.
Planetary Defense01/14/2003Shareware
Space strategy/arcade game where you defend worlds from alien attack
zak zapper12/02/2003Demo
Space Invaders style game with more weapons and enemies
2 Power02/12/2005Shareware
Remove matching colored blocks from the playing field to maximizes your score.
Falls Pack03/10/2004Demo
Addictive puzzle game like Super Collapse or Same Game, with skin editor.
Tetra Pack03/10/2004Demo
New Tetris games with original ideas you will not be able to find nowhere else!
Coolumns 203/10/2004Demo
Protect cool columns from filling up completely in 10 addictive puzzle games!
Championship Hearts Card Game for PalmOS02/17/2004Shareware
Challenge this hearts card game. Play online. Free.
BrickShooter Jr.05/07/2004Shareware
A new variant of the popular and challenging game for strategists of all levels.
Unlimited Checkers10/01/2003Freeware
Unlimited Checkers is a Java-based checkers (also known as draughts) game.
Square Assembler04/23/2001Shareware
Collect color squares and clear the board: 3 games, many strategies and skins
Slimy blobs10/01/2003Shareware
Split and repel red, green, blue, and purple blobs in this addictive game.
1001 Lines03/10/2004Demo
Six addictive puzzles, from the Lines and other brands to the new best-sellers!
BrickShooter for Mac07/19/2005Shareware
A challenging puzzle game for strategists who like to take their own sweet time.
UFOrce Drive05/24/2003Shareware
8 superior games with 3 skill levels for the Cosmos masters
Blackout - for those gamers who can handle a tough arcade!
Twilight Mahjongg02/28/2003Shareware
An ancient oriental solitaire game reaches out for the stars
SunStar is a small memory trainer.
Lines Pack03/10/2004Demo
Align colored pieces in five addictive Lines games - for Kids and Masters!
Rolls Pack03/10/2004Demo
Roll over colored pieces in five addictive puzzle games - for Kids and Masters!
Swaps Pack03/10/2004Demo
Swap over colored pieces in five addictive puzzle games - for Kids and Masters!
The Fight for Freedom06/10/2003Demo
The Fight for Freedom is the epic battle between seven warring factions.
The Memory Machine06/30/2003Freeware
Save Rob-Robot from the the furnace using your memory in this Simon like game.
The Perfect General Internet Edition08/14/2003Demo
The Classic Game The Perfect General Has Been Revived with Internet Play
Tunnel Out05/15/2003Shareware
Swap directional blocks to tunnel out of the mountain before your opponent.
Triple Blocks11/04/2002Shareware
Clear the playing field with the fewest moves by swapping blocks to form triples
Ada Links05/16/2004Shareware
A fun puzzle game to test your mind. Removes all same icons from the game board.
3D Backgammon09/01/2002Shareware
Backgammon 3D is a 3D visualization of a classical board game - Backgammon
Virtual Villagers08/03/2006Shareware
Guide your villagers in learning how to survive and thrive in this real-time...
Cubis Gold01/11/2004Shareware
CUBIS Gold is a simple, highly charged arcade/puzzle game.
Poker Challenge12/06/2005Shareware
An enjoyable blend of poker and solitaire rolled into one very addicting game.
Typer Shark Deluxe03/18/2004Shareware
As the typing tutor with teeth you search the seas for sunken treasure.
mud hunt12/02/2003Demo
'Dig-Dug' revamped for the 21st century!
Smart Reversi05/19/2005Shareware
Smart Reversi is a computer version of the classic board game 'Othello'.
Goal-Getter - your interactive career as a football pro!
Galactic Battle02/20/2003Shareware
Galactic Battle is an easy to learn yet hard to master turn based strategy game.
Soldiers of Empires12/25/2005Shareware
High-detalized turn-based wargame. 1941, East Front.
Movie Studio Boss11/01/2002Demo
Your chance to run a Hollywood film studio and make movies!
Gem Slider08/05/2003Shareware
A new improved version of popular puzzle game
VMCoolumns is an original new type of logic game with simple and clear gameplay.
RedBlue Classics12/10/2002Shareware
Play the classic games of Othello, Go-Moku and 6 more games against brilliant AI
Solitaire Piknic12/06/2005Shareware
An enjoyable blend of poker and solitaire rolled into one very addicting game.
Paraben's Marble Solitaire08/01/2000Shareware
Play peg solitiare with colorful marbles.
World Domination10/11/2006Freeware
Play Online Strategy Games at - World Domination and Enjoy!
Abstract two-player strategy game with novel features. Easy to learn.
A rummy-style card game that let's you play and bid against a computer opponent.
Nine Men's Morris09/05/2003Shareware
Nine Men's Morris is an exciting capture and defend strategy game.
Miko Molly10/22/2002Shareware
Help Miko Molly gather flowers in a fun, new, challenging logic/puzzle game.
Your goal is to eliminate all other players and control the game board.
Ultimate Bid Whist03/01/2006Shareware
You and a computer partner bid and play against two computer opponents.
Two-player strategy game, simple but with subtle tactics.
Moons is a board game which can be best described as 'circular reversi'.
Paraben's 5 in-a-line03/09/2000Shareware
Line up 5 or more balls in a row to keep the board clear and to stay alive.
Addictive, easy to learn action-strategy game the whole family can play.
New player-friendly free shooter-like game for any mood and lifestyle.
World Empire V01/07/2003Shareware
The lastest entry in award-winning global strategy game series, 205 countries.
A game of wit, instinct, speed, timing and risk-management.
Strategist Checkers05/01/2005Shareware
Play a traditional game checkers against a computer opponent. Uses AFC rules.
Reversi Fight09/13/2002Freeware
Try to be cleverer than your computer-this free game will help you to do this.
SnowWhite StripTris12/16/2003Freeware
Stay horny during all the holidays - enjoy free puzzle game with great graphics!
A new puzzle game that promises to bring you a lot of fun
Shark Dominoes05/01/2005Shareware
Play a game of dominoes against a computer opponent.
Solid Spheres11/24/2003Shareware
Destroy colored spheres in this addictive and explosive puzzle game.
Siedler 2 - Karten - Betrachter07/03/2000Freeware
Tool für Siedler 2.
Sexual Pursuits12/01/2004Demo
2 player adult game for couples. Very hot.
SeaWar: The Battleship 207/08/2004Shareware
SeaWar: The Battleship 2 - Four 3D worlds, network mode, head to head play
Star Monopoly09/13/2002Freeware
You have got a good marketing flair and want to exercise it-play this free game
PROcessu SeaBattle for Pocket PC04/15/2002Shareware
PROcessu SeaBattle is a computer game based on the paper navy battle game.
Starships Unlimited09/13/2005Demo
Build an interstellar empire from the ground up!
Tile Panic03/19/2002Shareware
You must try and slide tiles around on the playfield so that they touch tiles
Rummy Challenge05/01/2005Shareware
A rummy card game that let's you play against a computer opponent.
Save the solar system in this challenging, logic puzzle game
Rock Slide01/01/2005Shareware
Faced against a wall of rocks, your mission is to remove all the rocks.
TetriStation 208/01/2003Shareware
Packs 18 HiRes tetris-like games, many new and all are just amazing!
PROcessu Game Pack 105/02/2002Shareware
A bundle with a memory game and a navy battle game made for your fun.
PROcessu SeaBattle03/31/2002Shareware
PROcessu SeaBattle is a computer game based on the paper navy battle game.
Ticker Tycoon12/20/2001Shareware
A fun stock market trading simulation game that puts you against the computer.
Picture Jumble05/01/2005Shareware
Picture Jumble is a memory jigsaw puzzle game. Fun for all ages.
Like 3D tic-tac-toe, but easier and more fun.
SeaWar: The Battleship01/21/2002Shareware
SeaWar: The Battleship 3D strategy Battleship Game, four episodes, network mode
100% Free Hearts Card Game for Windows01/21/2004Freeware
Challenge this FREE Hearts card game. Play online. Free.
Assault SwarmAssault DX 8.003/19/2002Shareware
You must save your homeland by killing swarms of ruthless insects.
Escape Andor - solve a series of mind bending puzzles. Game editor included.
Aargon BlackBox12/07/2003Shareware
Use lasers to discover hidden light modifying tools in the black box.
Medieval Britain10/07/2005Demo
Rescue Medieval Britain as it slides toward a new dark age.
Gens Gold Mario12/02/2003Demo
Help Gen find all his lost gold in this fine platform adventure game.
Cliff Hanger01/26/2003Freeware
You should kill all the gangsters using bombs, stones, boomerangs and cannons
Montys Mazes02/12/2005Shareware
Solve challenging mazes with snakes, cannons and one way teleports.
Arcade Lines Christmas Edition02/23/2006Shareware
Christmas cheer and relaxing fun with this deceptively simple puzzler.
Atomic Minesweeper09/13/2002Freeware
A greatly challenging free guess-or-loose game makes you feel like Die-Hard man.
Air Hockey Deluxe05/01/2005Shareware
Play an arcade style air hockey game on your computer.
Backgammon Deluxe05/01/2005Shareware
Play a traditional game of backgammon against a computer opponent.
Repton 111/08/2004Shareware
Repton 1 is a fascinating puzzle game, featuring many thought-provoking levels.
Playsage WordDash01/10/2003Shareware
A turn based game where you must create as many words as possible
100% Free Euchre Card Game for Windows01/21/2004Freeware
Challenge this 100% FREE Euchre card game. Play online.
Solid Spheres Deluxe01/26/2005Shareware
Solid Spheres Deluxe is an upgraded version of SIA Best Action/Arcade Game 2003.
AS-Solitaire, freeware cardgame collection with 40 games.
Leylines is an intriguing turn-based strategy game of exploration and conquest.
Massive Assault Network04/13/2004Shareware
Turn-based online strategy game featuring global war conflicts in sci-fi worlds
Strategy 3 - The Dark Legions04/30/2004Shareware
3D Real-Time Strategy game in the medieval ages
Battleship Chess09/13/2005Demo
The next generation of Battleship with ships and submarines that move!
Bubble Snooker05/04/2004Shareware
The game combines the best features of Bubble Shooter, Pool, and Arcanoid!
Laser Squad Nemesis12/01/2005Shareware
Squad level strategy game from the creators of the Xcom series
A computer Risk game with explosions, hard AI, lots of maps, and multiplayer!
5 On Lines09/09/2004Shareware
A modern and advanced Gomoku adaptation, Internet and network game.
Match tiles in this ancient chinese board game and fill up the board with stones
Flower Power03/19/2003Freeware
Enjoy gathering of flowers and unique atmosphere of spring season.
Matching Hearts09/15/2003Freeware
Be amazed with the great graphics and sound of new Matching Hearts OS5 game.
Mancala 300005/01/2005Shareware
One of the oldest 2-player strategy games.
Magic Sokoban Gold12/18/2005Shareware
Magic Sokoban is a classical puzzle game. Colorful 3D realistic visualization
JigSaw Maverick05/01/2005Shareware
Play and solve jigsaw puzzles using realistic puzzle pieces. Fun for all ages.
Infinite Spades05/01/2005Shareware
Play a non-traditional card game of spades. For the new or experienced player.
Leopold, a free online fantasy wargame.
Hands to Quarters12/08/2003Demo
Hands to Quarters is a 3D Real Time Strategy game.
BattleStar 200001/04/2004Shareware
Destroy invading aliens before they overrun the Galaxy.
Flight Chase07/10/2002Freeware
Think that tough flight simulators are too difficult - play this free game!
Dirty Hearts05/01/2005Shareware
Play a non-traditional card game of hearts. For the new or experienced player.
Cryptic Puzzles05/01/2005Shareware
Combines a hangman-like game with a cryptogram-like challenge.
Crazy Eights Deluxe05/01/2005Shareware
Crazy Eights Deluxe is a classic card game for the whole family.
Bubble Golden Pack 211/24/2003Shareware
Bubble Golden Pack for OS 5 and Sony Clie with new features added.
Bei Imp müssen Sie Ihre Wirtschaft aufbauen und militärisch aufrüsten.
Colossal Word Search05/01/2005Shareware
Play and create word searh puzzles. Find words across, up and down, and diagonal
Boulder Panic! 2 DX03/19/2002Shareware
A unique gravity based puzzle game that's simple to learn
BrickSlider CE12/01/2002Shareware
Clear the board from bricks using another bricks. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Tetris Blox12/02/2003Demo
A nice 3D block-drop game with many different game modes and styles of play.
Bubble Shooter 203/19/2003Shareware
Bubble Shooter for OS 5 and Sony Clie with new features added.
Bubble Thriller 211/23/2003Shareware
Really thrilling and very addictive arcade game with great graphics
C C 3: Cheatprogramm07/03/2000Freeware
Bei diesem Spiel geht es darum, Meteoriten und andere Gegenstände abzuschießen.
C C1 - Gebäude und Einheiten Betrachter09/02/2000Freeware
Tool für C C 1.
Christmas Bubble Golden Pack11/24/2003Shareware
X-Mas Bubble Golden Pack for OS 5 and Sony Clie with new features added.
Try to beat the online scores with this popular strategy game!
Atomic Cannon Pocket05/06/2006Shareware
The ultimate artillery duel with 85 weapons of mass destruction!
Absolute Evil11/01/2006Freeware
A long time ago, magic was a usual thing.
War on Folvos10/26/2006Shareware
Turn-based strategy game set on a fictitious future world.
Netrek XP 200609/26/2006Freeware
Netrek is a free multiplayer online space battle game.
Flash Games10/11/2006Freeware
Play Online Action Games at - Final Fortress Play and Enjoy!
Brutal Wars07/16/2006Shareware
A turn-based strategy lets you engage into intense combats on your Pocket PC
Onimod land03/02/2005Shareware
Onimod land is a RTS-game.
Atomic Cannon Mac05/06/2006Shareware
The ultimate artillery duel with 85 weapons of mass destruction!
Discord Times07/06/2006Shareware
Save the kingdom and punish traitors. Use your army, artifacts, magic and brain!
Industryplayer - Business Strategy Game02/02/2006Shareware
Industryplayer is the ultimate business strategy game.
Cute Knight07/19/2006Shareware
Find your true destiny - knight, princess, or beggar?
Trash is a Post-apocalyptic multiplayer focused real-time strategy game.
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