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  Publisher: TERMINAL Studio
Support Email: egor@terminalstudio.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 14.95
File Size(KB): 3695
Version: 2.5
Last Update: August 22 04
Rating: 5 stars rating
Screenshot: Preview
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Publisher's Description
Sometimes all you need is a break. Busy life, hectic online environment with piles of unanswered emails, a dozen of buddies on ICQ asking at the same time 'Got a minute to chat?' and yet work to do too. Get a cup of tea or, if preferred, coffee, and relax with LawnMower.

LawnMower is an arcade game. It is not a typical arcade game as it is quite slow and therefore less likely to test your reaction skills. Instead, it checks your ability to maneuver over a patch of grass. The goal of the game is to cut the grass nice and short, at the same time catching bonus points and earning cans of fuel for your lawn mower. As you cut the grass slowly and solemnly, bonus items fly by. You bump into them in order to get the points. Try to keep the balance between rushing about to get more points and saving fuel for cutting the grass. LawnMower is a fun mix of three familiar arcade games; you can play by yourself or with a friend. It may even make lawn mowing addictive. The game introduces more enemies and obstacles to keep you on your toes. The bad guys make your job harder and, more importantly, tend to steal your gasoline. However, you can capture various bonuses to add more fuel and cutting area. You must leave no blade uncut, while maintaining your lawn's green and even appearance. First problem is that you only have a certain amount of fuel to complete the task. And your mowing machine heating while it interfere with trees, shrubs and statues. Thus, you have to mow with extreme care and efficiency, and avoid wasting fuel by running over previously cut grass. LawnMower uses keyboard keys for controlling the lawn mower. The controls are simple, you can accelerate the lawn mower with the arrow key.

There are fifty levels, each having rougher terrain and more obstacles than the previous one. Try this game today and sit back and relax, watching the lawnmower do its work.


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