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MVP Solitaire
The Real Deal
SolSuite 2004 - Solitaire Card Games Suite
Solitaire Plus!
Paragon Poker Suite
3Logic Classic Mix
Championship Euchre Card Game for PalmOS
The King
Paraben's Reversum
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3D Minesweeper09/01/2004Shareware
Amazing remake of the old Minesweeper with astonishing 3D concept and graphics
DzWords is a word game with many variations playable locally or on the internet
Cyberko Checkers08/12/2003Shareware
Play all variants of Checkers in one program!
Crazy Lines06/11/2002Freeware
It's a really amusing free arcade game for those who likes to play for thought.
Clever BoxMan10/05/2002Shareware
Clever Box Man is a fun logic and strategy puzzle board game.
Card Master09/22/2005Shareware
Card Master is a fun collection of many different card games.
Canasta for Windows07/28/2004Shareware
Fun and challenging version of Canasta, the popular classic card game
BRIDGE Card Game From Special K04/04/2006Shareware
plays the universally popular card game of BRIDGE.
Four games using boxes stacked into Cubes and Pyramids.
Play your cards as fast as you can to beat the computer.
WHIST Card Game From Special K04/04/2006Shareware
This game plays the classic card games of WHIST and KNOCK OUT WHIST
500 Card Game For Windows 9510/10/2003Shareware
This game plays the classic card game of FIVE HUNDRED.
Hardwood Spades09/19/2001Shareware
Get whisked away from ordinary spades with rich graphics. Play it online too.
D3D Chess07/03/2003Shareware
Innovative engine powered Chess game for beginners or experimented players.
3D Word Slider07/12/2003Shareware
A full 3D attractive and colorful word puzzle game in three languages.
Actual Checkers 2000 A03/26/2006Shareware
The checkers game with self-learning algorithm of game and friendly interface.
KARIBINO Dominoes01/15/2004Shareware
Enjoy this American variant of dominoes game.
Shih Tao01/31/2006Shareware
Asian board game - 6 different colors + symbols challenging the entire family
Hexagonal battleship puzzles. Uncover the enemy fleet hiding in deep sea.
Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles05/19/2005Shareware
Jigsaw puzzles whose scenes are in full living motion within the puzzle pieces.
Hardwood Hearts10/16/2001Shareware
Play Hearts with your friends and throw fireballs or Kisses at your opponents!
MVP Solitaire09/19/2001Shareware
60 of the world's greatest solitaire games.
Arizona Pitch - a card game from the old west. Bid to determine trumps.
Paragon Poker Suite02/05/2002Shareware
Play Draw, Hold Em and Stud Poker, casino style
Zillions of Games 205/09/2003Demo
Game system lets you play nearly any abstract board game or puzzle in the world!
An unusual game matching cards by pictures and tokens to make money.
The Real Deal09/21/2001Shareware
Hours of entertainment are in the cards.
SolSuite 2004 - Solitaire Card Games Suite06/15/2004Shareware
SolSuite 2004 is a high-quality collection of 406 different Solitaire Card Games
Solitaire Plus!01/19/2005Shareware
Solitaire Plus! is a collection of 30 solitaire games.
Serious Solitaire08/04/2003Shareware
A new way to play Solitaire! Play challenges to unlock bonues, games and more!
Scripture Solitaire11/25/2003Shareware
Cards have short phrases instead of rank. When played, they form Bible verses.
Show all possible moves in a game of Scrabble in order of points scored
Rummy 500 by MeggieSoft Games02/16/2006Shareware
Play Rummy 500 against an online opponent or against your computer.
EUCHRE Card Game From Special K04/04/2006Shareware
This game plays the classic card game of EUCHRE.
Perfect Absorber07/26/2005Shareware
Perfect Absorber - flight 3D arcade game.
Gin Rummy by MeggieSoft Games02/16/2006Shareware
Play online or against computer opponents. (Standard/Hollywood/Oklahoma rules).
Network SpeedCard11/24/2003Shareware
Network SpeedCard is a simple dual-player card game played over a network
NET Cards12/01/2002Shareware
NET Cards is a universal multiplayer cards game.
MVP Checkers05/19/2001Shareware
The classic game from MVP
Moraff's SphereJongg10/30/2003Freeware
Concentrate while matching tiles to clear the board.
Master of the Board07/18/2003Shareware
Have a pastime with our Master of the Board and his games.
Score 'LineUps' 4 in a row up/down or left/right. Jokers allow add and remove.
The King06/23/2002Shareware
'King' is a challenging card game.
Jumping Balls07/07/2001Shareware
Amusing mix of a game for arcade, puzzle and board game lovers, 12 play-modes
Jigsaw Mania04/21/2004Shareware
Create and play over 600 Jigsaws on your PC!
Amazing Mahjongg 3D09/28/2005Shareware
This is an single-player 3D version of Mahjongg.
Piquet by MeggieSoft Games02/16/2006Shareware
Play this respected card game against an online opponent or your computer.
Championship Spades Card Game for PalmOS02/17/2004Shareware
Challenge this Spades card game. Play online. Free.
Island Baccarat03/20/2004Shareware
Island Baccarat produces an unforgettable impression!
Play the Rummy tiles in groups of three, against the computer or your friends
Fun Crazy Eights03/10/2004Shareware
Modern version of world famous 'Crazy Eights' card game!
In TravelTrade travel around the world visiting the great cities of the worl
Solgames 200403/30/2004Shareware
Solgames 2004 is 350 Solitaire card games collection
Backgammon Classic04/04/2006Shareware
Play backgammon against your computer, 3 levels available.
Klondike Collection04/16/2006Shareware
World's Largest Klondike Solitaire Games Collection with 62 Klondike Games.
A very old board game that is still exciting for young and old
Championship Euchre Card Game for PalmOS02/17/2004Shareware
Challenge this Euchre card game. Play online. Free.
2M Flower Garden01/26/2005Shareware
Align 5+ flowers in this great puzzle game ! Appealing high quality graphics.
My Solitaire03/06/2004Shareware
World's Top 100 Most Popular Solitaire Card Games Collection.
3DRT Dominos02/28/2004Shareware
One of the oldest board game in the world, in its purer tradition.
Classic Solitaire02/03/2004Shareware
The most popular solitaire game.
Annoy your opponents and win the game! Multiplayer Online Boardgame.
Spider Collection04/16/2006Shareware
World's Largest Spider Solitaire Games Collection with 62 Spider Games
RUMMY Card Game From Special K04/04/2006Shareware
This game plays the classic card games in the RUMMY family.
Rummy in its simplest form - great fun to play.
A fascinating card game for two in which you play against the computer
Paraben's Reversum04/28/2000Shareware
Play an othello/reversi game with great graphics.
CANASTA Card Game From Special K04/04/2006Shareware
This game plays the classic card game of CANASTA.
Shisen is a tile removal game for the Pocket PC.
Moraff's AlphaJongg05/22/2003Freeware
Concentrate while matching tiles to clear the board.
Moraff's 3D-Jongg05/22/2003Freeware
Concentrate while matching tiles to clear the board.
Win@Baccarat - FREE09/12/2002Freeware
Learn Baccarat and practise your Betting Strategy Money Management for FREE.
4 In 1 Row02/03/2004Shareware
A simple yet quite challenging classic game with three difficulty levels.
Lines Mania01/06/2003Shareware
Just don't let the balls occupy the entire board.
Moraff's ArtJongg05/22/2003Freeware
Concentrate while matching tiles to clear the board.
Spider Solitaire02/03/2005Demo
The most popular Windows' solitaire game now is on your Palm.
Super Poker - AI Game01/08/2004Shareware
AI Game - A Game for Both Veterans in Poker and Novices!
Win@Baccarat Professional08/05/2002Shareware
Learn Pro Baccarat and practise Betting Strategy Money Management to win.
Word game - unscramble familiar phrases. Configurable!
A strong Othello/Reversi program to play against and learn from.
3C Poker Card Parade02/04/2004Shareware
Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Draw Poker, Bezique, Clabber, Piquet, 1000, Terts
In The Round11/08/2000Shareware
Solitare variation with a new twist to strategy.
Laser Minesweeper09/13/2002Freeware
Marine Seals is your dream - practise your mine sweeper skills in this free game
Punishment is like strip poker but with rewards and punishments thrown in.
Paragon Poker Pal03/26/2005Shareware
Poker calculator that provides odds on any Hold Em, Stud or Omaha poker hand.
Othello Combat09/13/2002Freeware
Be cleverer than your computer in this free puzzle for good logical thinking.
Not 1 but 2 octagonal puzzles!
3C Texas Poker02/04/2004Shareware
Most popular poker variant: Texas Poker.
Number Matrix04/05/2004Freeware
A fun game for all the family, using numbers. Play against a friend or the PC.
Poker Max04/27/2004Shareware
A video poker machine simulator, playing standard poker and doubling games.
Moraff CyberCheckers08/27/2002Shareware
Moraff takes checkers into the 21st century.
Pinochle Bezique by MeggieSoft Games02/13/2004Shareware
Two-player Pinochle and Bezique for playing online or against your computer.
Moraff's RingJongg05/22/2003Freeware
Concentrate while matching tiles to clear the board.
500 Club05/16/2002Freeware
Meet Julianne, play the card game Five Hundred (500) online
Moraff's MomJongg05/22/2003Freeware
Concentrate while matching tiles to clear the board.
Moraff's MahJongg05/22/2003Freeware
Concentrate while matching tiles to clear the board.
card game that plays like the old favorite, Rook
Moraff's KidJongg05/22/2003Freeware
Concentrate while matching tiles to clear the board.
SpiteNET: Spite and Malice09/22/2004Shareware
A fast moving and addictive card game with an attitude.
Ultimate Gin 5.010/11/2003Shareware
Play Gin with animated computer characters or a friend over the internet or LAN
Moraff's SpaceJongg05/22/2003Freeware
Concentrate while matching tiles to clear the board.
David's Backgammon(Mac)12/30/2003Demo
Ready for a fun game of backgammon! Try this easy to use, top-ranked version.
The classic two player strategy game. Play against a friend or the computer.
3C Poker CardParade10/12/2003Shareware
Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Draw Poker, Bezique, Clabber, Piquet, 1000, Terts.
Moraff's July4Jongg05/22/2003Freeware
Concentrate while matching tiles to clear the board.
Unscramble the mystic symbol. A new puzzle every time!
123 Free Solitaire - Card Games Suite06/01/2005Freeware
123 FREE Solitaire is an exciting collection of 12 Solitaire Card Games.
MTG Studio12/30/2005Shareware
Magic the Gathering Deck Editor
New concept of the 5 in a row game with hive board game and different patterns.
Put your cards in order first to win. Play vs computer or human via internet
Challenging word chain puzzle includes 100+ levels, editor, online help.
Deep Green Reversi03/28/2006Shareware
Download a full featured version of the ancient board game Reversi.
Absolute Backgammon03/21/2006Shareware
Ready for a fun game of backgammon! Superb graphics, feature packed, easy to use
David's Backgammon12/24/2003Demo
Ready for a fun game of backgammon! Try this easy to use, top-ranked version.
Each Player has the option of playing as the dealer or the Player.
Gin Rummy Pro10/20/1999Shareware
Gin Rummy Pro is a gin rummy card game.
SPORTSBETTING.COM Casino07/01/2003Freeware
Download to play blackjack on a basketball court or roulette on a football field
Danzig Pref Engine07/21/2002Shareware
Try your luck and skill in the popular russian card game 'preference' .
Two Handed Net Spades03/24/2001Shareware
Play Two Handed Spades against the computer or against an opponent on a network
Ophelia's Bingo World01/27/2004Shareware
Features over 200 patterns and over 50 different configurations of play.
A new life of the classic tag-game: colorful tags and free multilevel game!
Championship Five Hundred Pro Card Game for Pocket02/23/2004Shareware
Challenge this 500 card game. Play online. Free.
Fives and Threes10/01/2005Shareware
A networked dominoes game for up to four players.
Free Renju03/02/2005Shareware
Free Renju board game. Many features
Free Spider 2003 - Solitaire Collection12/15/2003Freeware
Free Spider 2003 is a collection of five great spider type solitaire card games.
A strong Othello/Reversi to play against and learn from.
Adaptive Poker05/25/2004Shareware
Texas Hold'em poker, computer learns from you. Many playing options,
Championship Five Hundred Card Game for PalmOS02/17/2004Shareware
Challenge this Five Hundred Card Game. Play online. Free.
Euchre Ecarte by MeggieSoft Games02/13/2004Shareware
Play two-player Euchre or Ecarte against an online opponent or your computer.
An addictive puzzle game that will have you playing for hours!
Clondike Casino11/10/2003Freeware
Clondike Casino is an online casino that lets you play for real cash or for fun
Cheat Solitare07/17/2004Freeware
Haven't you ever wanted to cheat while playing Windows' solitare? Now you can.
# Casino DelRio - $600 Free!01/07/2003Freeware
Del Rio Casino Games - $600 Bonus!
CardGameCentral Games05/18/2006Freeware
FREE card games, board games, and dominoes including canasta, euchre, pinochle..
BrickShooter for Windows CE12/01/2002Shareware
A challenging puzzle game for strategists who like to take their own sweet time.
Bolts Nuts (Pocket Edition)06/01/2002Shareware
It's a new look to Bejewelled game. Turn your brain on and play against time!
Help the supper to inactivate all bombs and collect the flags in this free game
Cribbage.ca05/30/2005Shareware is a bilingual cribbage game to play against the computer or online
World Championship Poker 200605/18/2006Freeware
World Championship Poker 2006 - new 3D online poker with superb graphics.
Craps Gamers10/19/2006Freeware
The designers of this game invite you to the place where you feel freedom.
Free Blackjack Journey10/20/2006Freeware
This is the very game you are looking for! It is a modern variant of Black jack.
PocketMoku is based on the Go-Moku board game
2007 Backgammon05/31/2005Freeware
This backgammon game has OpenGL-compatible 3D graphics.
Domino 3D06/10/2006Shareware
Domino 3D is challenging variant of the classic Domino
3Logic Classic Mix07/01/2006Freeware
3Logic Classic Mix is a freeware set of three desktop logical games.
LotsaLotto is a powerful random lotto number generator.
Play the game of Nine Men's Morris on your computer!
The logic game (Chess). You can easily improve the skills of game and have fun
IP Electronic Dice05/13/2005Shareware
Electronic Dice Software.
Mind Arcade Board Logic Action Sport Kids Puzzle Strategy Word Tetris Solitaire Chess Mahjongg Online games Arkanoid Adventure Simulation Poker Slots Dice Rpg Shooter

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