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Road Construction


  Publisher: TLK Games
Support Email: support@tlkgames.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 5.95
File Size(KB): 2302
Version: 1.0
Last Update: January 27 04
Rating: 5 stars rating
Screenshot: Preview
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Publisher's Description
The goal of Road Construction is to build a road to connect two neighboring cities so that a first vehicle, ready to start on your heels at the beginning of the game, can reach its goal. The vehicle has to run a minimum given distance. As anybody knows, more the road is long and loopy and more it costs money and better paid is the contractor. You arrange blocks of different shape on the tray to trace the way and some of this block are obstacles, speed reducer, hazardous crossroads. In case of mistake, you can use some dynamite to destroy the wrong block and place a better one but this action costs you some money. .You can generate loops and even one way road sections. When the game starts, the vehicle stays waiting on the departure line. The time will be shorter as you play at higher levels, so it is necessary to hurry to place the roadblocks ahead before he runs on your heels. If the vehicle meets an obstacle, an empty slot or a road badly placed, or if it didn't runs the minimum distance before time runs out, the game ends. On more advanced levels, the minimum distance grows, the vehicle starts earlier and runs faster and there are more and more obstacles. Player from 7 to 77 can play hours with this game without getting tired and discovering steadily new solutions.


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