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Santa's Secret Valley
Wik the Fable of Souls
Funny money
Scarlet Grains
Lucky Fisherman
Ally's Adventure Through the Glass
Cherokee Trails
Alice Amazed
The Omega Syndrome
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Cherokee Trails12/04/2003Demo
Explore a ghostly trail based on Cherokee history.
Battleship clone game with various types of game and 7 levels of complexity
Scarlet Grains03/05/2002Shareware
An action-strategy game for windows. Navigate the perilous labyrinths
Quest Creator04/19/2006Shareware
Make your own quest with Quest Creator, a game maker from Dataware.
LodeRunner (Pocket Edition)06/06/2003Shareware
Play this gorgeous classic platform arcade on your handheld. Get your copy now!
Funny money05/03/2002Shareware
Strategic labyrinth game.advanced version.100 game levels
Avernum 203/23/2001Shareware
Epic fantasy role-playing game for Windows..
Ally's Adventure Through the Glass01/24/2002Shareware
Adventure game based on a classic with math and science puzzles
The Omega Syndrome01/01/2004Shareware
Part book part role-playing game. Set in a town that is under strict quarantine.
Action/adventure. Solve quests, battle monsters and collect powerups.
Uncle Julius and the Anywhere Machine12/11/2004Shareware
Non-violent adventure game with science theme. Beautifully illustrated.
Tsarevna - A Medieval Russia Quest04/08/2002Shareware
A classic-style adventure game set in medieval Russia.
Adventure game with interesting storyline, great graphics, challenging puzzles
Santa's Secret Valley10/20/2001Shareware
Non-violent graphical adventure - save Santa's magic items!
PacDoom III: Halloween Party10/20/2003Shareware
Halloween Party has started! Your mission is to help your Pacman to get there.
Dr. Lunatic05/04/2000Demo
Fast action battle against hordes of enemies while using your brain.
An arcade adventure game for windows.
Tooth and Claw05/12/2002Shareware
You and your opponents take on the identities of aspiring godlings...
Heroine Iysayana - Chapter One05/05/2004Freeware
Classical Japanese-style role-playing game in the crazy world Byteria.
Zabugorie - the Fairy Planet.05/23/2002Shareware
Zabugorie: the Fairy Planet is a fun and colorful adventure game.
Pharaohs Curse01/06/2004Shareware
Pharaohs' Curse Gold is a platform game mixed with cool puzzles.
Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese01/08/2004Demo
Fight monsters, collect brains and keys, and much more in over 1,200 levels!
Ravenskull: the magical quest, full of puzzles and mystery. Two huge adventures.
All Aboard For Santa09/22/2004Shareware
Non-violent adventure with exploration theme. Beautifully illustrated.
Little Bear Quest06/04/2004Shareware
Classic Adventure game for Kids and Parents. Help Little Bear to bake a cake.
Nightmare Castle09/04/2003Shareware
Classic arcade adventure awaits you at Nightmare Castle in it's huge levels...
GISH is a one of a kind physics based 2d side scroller.
Lucky Fisherman10/16/2006Freeware
Take a role of a fisherman in the game "Lucky Fisherman"
Wik the Fable of Souls03/27/2006Demo
Unique gameplay, beautiful art, and fun puzzles define this platformer
Go Bud Redhead06/14/2006Shareware
Take a journey with Bud through space and time in pursuit of Feyatta
Alice Amazed07/23/2006Freeware
Help Alice and Rabbit escape from a magic maze in this one-switch game.
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