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  Publisher: Lazy Reptile Studios LLC
Support Email: twitch@lazyreptile.com
License: Demo
Price($): 14.95
File Size(KB): 6795
Version: 1.7
Last Update: October 06 03
Rating: 5 stars rating
Screenshot: Preview
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Publisher's Description
Capture 4 globes in 4 minutes. Find extra weapons, power-ups, and score balls along the way. Watch your health and your shield, but the clock most of all. You only live once, but you can die many ways.

This is a 3D shooter. The objective is to capture four globes in four minutes. Overcome obstacles, traps and enemies in each of ten levels. Each level has random elements that alter the game each time that it is played. A level may be played using several methods and it may take several attempts before a level is mastered. Your player is given a semi-automatic rifle at the start of each level. Four other weapon types may be found throughout all ten levels: a laser, blades, flame-thrower, and rocket launcher. Additional items like the medical kit, shield power-pac, air-pac, and time-off-the-clock bonus will assist your player in overcoming obstacles. Additional health may be bought, but at a cost. A point penalty is taken for each second you go overtime. Your player has only one life per game.


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