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FlexiMusic Kids Composer
Cyclic Independence for Drummers
NSA Song Player
Ear and Memory Training
Chord Miner
Happy Note! Tetris
Happy Note! Sing 'n Learn Treble Clef ABC
MusicGoals Demo
Absolute Fretboard Trainer
Virtual Fretboard for Guitar
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NSA Song Player01/04/2001Shareware
See, hear and learn guitar songs tablature - 1200 chords + alternate
Cyclic Independence for Drummers06/03/2003Shareware
A virtual workshop for drummers and MIDI drum editor for all musicians
Happy Note! Tetris10/16/2002FreeWare
A free tetris game to learn to read music notes in treble clef
Happy Note! Sing 'n Learn Treble Clef ABC09/08/2003Freeware
From 2 to 17 different notes in Treble Clef, 32 free music reading lessons
MusicGoals Demo09/19/2003Demo
ear training, sight reading, and music theory for piano, guitar, and strings
Absolute Fretboard Trainer03/30/2002Shareware
Interactive training software to super-learn the fretboard of guitar and bass
Virtual Fretboard for Guitar03/01/2002Shareware
Fully configurable guitar and other instrument chord and scale generator.
Software for developing music theory and ear training skills
Sheet Music Designer10/21/2002Shareware
Sheet Music Designer prints staves
Guitar Scales Method07/01/2005Demo
Software course to master guitar scales, improvisation in all keys, on any chord
Happy Note! Treble and Bass Clef01/15/2003Shareware
A game (Lives, Points, Bombs, etc.) that will teach you how to read music notes
Note ID10/01/2002Freeware
Teaches beginners how to read pitch notation on grand staff with key signatures.
Note Attack04/08/2002Freeware
Learn to read sheet music with this free MIDI educational video game
Sight Reading Challenge01/21/2004Demo
Learn to recognize 21 notes of the Bass and Treble Clef as quickly as possible
Happy Note! Sing 'n Learn Bass Clef ABC05/26/2001Freeware
From 2 to 17 different notes in Bass Clef, 32 free music reading lessons
Chord Miner02/01/2004Shareware
The ultimate chord reference and repertoire tool for all levels of guitarist
1200 Chords in this quick and easy program.
FlexiMusic Kids Composer02/17/2006Shareware
FlexiMusic Kids Composer is a fun, easy way for kids to make music and recording
Ear and Memory Training07/03/2006Demo
This software will help you develop tonal memory skills in recognizing notes.
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