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Maze Creator HOME11/25/2005Commercial
Computer Aided Design of random mazes with solutions to be printed or exported.
Pitch ID03/22/2002Demo
Graduated ear training exercises for pitch and interval identification.
Animated alphabet, numbers, games and music for children aged one to five
Maze Creator PRO11/25/2005Commercial
Computer Aided Design of random mazes with solutions to be printed or exported.
Chord ID02/26/2002Demo
Graduated ear training exercises for chord identification Easy to advanced.
3D Kit Builder (Flybridge Cruiser)10/15/2005Demo
Ready to assemble 3D Model Kit
3D Kit Builder (Highway Patrol)10/15/2005Demo
Ready to assemble 3D Model Kit
3D Kit Builder (Motorbike)10/15/2005Demo
Ready to assemble 3D Model Kit
Speed Math10/15/2003Shareware
Unique Car Racing game for Kids to learn Arithmetic
3D Kit Builder (RANS Coyote II)10/15/2005Demo
Build a complex 3D Model of a RANS Coyote II
3D Kit Builder (Police Helicopter)10/15/2005Freeware
Ready to assemble 3D Model Kit
Parenting Assist06/04/2004Shareware
Parenting Assist is an aid for parents who want give their baby a good start.
Super States10/05/2001Shareware
This program interactively teaches the location of the 48 contiguous states
Word Dummy11/18/2003Shareware
Great tool for Kids to learn English Words
Ray's Letters and Numbers10/28/2002Freeware
Free, fun packed educational software for young children.
Speech Synthesizer02/03/2003Shareware
Excellent program for Kids to learn English Speaking Vocabulary
Internet Math04/01/2003Shareware
Uses the Internet to teach how to solve math word problems grades 1-8
Parental Lock Guard11/17/2004Freeware
PC control software for guarding your PC (working-timer, folder file lock...)
A1 HangWord09/22/2003Freeware
A great Hang-man type Word-Builder game for Kids. FREE!
Visual Shapes11/05/2003Shareware
Super Graphical Program for Kids to learn Visual Skills
Math Logic11/02/2003Shareware
Excellent tool for Kids to learn Math Arithmetic
Geometry Master10/19/2003Shareware
Excellent tool for Kids to learn Geometry
English Word Builder11/11/2003Shareware
Excellent to learn English Word Building and Vocabulary
ABC Kid Genius08/28/2005Freeware
Teach children the alphabet and spelling using sound,pictures and video clips.
Kids Abacus09/17/2003Shareware
Great tool for Kids - Learn Number Counting. FREE !
A1 Multiplicatron07/08/2003Shareware
Multiplication Tables Audio-Visual Software for Kids
Nursery Rhymes Studio10/05/2003Shareware
The Ultimate Collection of Kid's Nursery Rhymes
Ginkgo Paint!03/16/2006Freeware
Lovely coloring book program for children (age 3+)
Free Maze Creator11/25/2005Freeware
Computer Aided Design of random mazes with solutions to be printed or exported.
Maze Creator STD11/25/2005Shareware
Computer Aided Design of random mazes with solutions to be printed or exported.
The Staged Word Processor from early years to university level at stage nine.
Keyboard Music Synthesizer10/07/2003Shareware
Play Music ! Excellent Keyboard Music Synthesizer
3D Kit Builder (V8 Racecar)10/15/2005Demo
Ready to Assemble 3D Model Kit
ABC 4 KIDS Workshop09/17/2003Shareware
Popular Kid's ABC Learning Spelling Multimedia Tool
Jolly Birds ScreenSaver07/25/2006Freeware
You will see eagle, hawk, stork, swan, pigeon, gull, goose, pelican, thrush ...
Babyphone with unlimited range. You have some parameters to setup the babyphone.
Alluring Mountains ScreenSaver07/17/2006Freeware
Breathe in the fresh air of highlands!
Bible Jig Saw bib28107/07/2006Freeware
THE BIBLE IS NOT A JIGSAW PUZZLE: A New Approach to the New Testament. by Frank
Amusing Lions ScreenSaver07/19/2006Freeware
Their beauty and charms can hypnotize.
Cheerful Monkeys ScreenSaver07/20/2006Freeware
Smart, talented and very funny they make us laughing and gave us a lot of joy.
Colorful Beetles ScreenSaver07/21/2006Freeware
Bright photos of beetles are waiting for you in this beautiful slideshow!
Shaggy Bears ScreenSaver07/11/2006Freeware
Let's safely enjoy these lovely animal from desktop!
Hungry Ducks ScreenSaver07/22/2006Freeware
Duck is a very special bird that could cheer our moods without any efforts.
Peaceful Nature ScreenSaver07/11/2006Freeware
lLakes, mountains, rocks and waterfalls in amazing slideshow
Magic Fishes ScreenSaver07/26/2006Freeware
Our magic fishes could fulfill your wishes and cheer your moods as well.
Playful Elephants ScreenSaver07/21/2006Freeware
lovely elephants and elephant calfs
Rain Drops ScreenSaver07/24/2006Freeware
Beaming rain drops on green leaves and flowers are waiting to enchant you!
Polar Ices ScreenSaver07/27/2006Freeware
Have you ever been on the Pole? Biting frost, snowstorms, blizzards...
Sparkling Waves ScreenSaver07/21/2006Freeware
Fly over the ocean and feel the fresh breeze of life.
Under the Sea ScreenSaver07/15/2006Freeware
Strange creatures live their lifes concealed from human eyes under the sea.
StopGame Home Edition04/04/2006Shareware
Program will help to control the time your children spend playing PC games
Deep Ocean ScreenSaver07/22/2006Freeware
Beatiful corals, starfishes, sea-horses and many other ocean creatures.
Music ear game02/20/2006Freeware
music type ear trainin. Use this game for training you music notes ability.
Radix Child Protector01/01/2001Shareware
Child Protector enables parental control of children's internet-computer usage
BetaSys Children Learning Essentials06/15/2006Freeware
Teach your child music, shapes and colors.
Lovely Animals ScreenSaver06/23/2006Freeware
Stunning slideshow with amazing transition effects between colourful images!
Living Rivers ScreenSaver06/26/2006Freeware
Enchanting views of Rivers in amazing slide show!
Funny Pictures ScreenSaver07/03/2006Freeware
Increase your creativity and cheer your moods!
ABC Baby Piano08/18/2006Shareware
This is a good program to entertain your kids by using computer keyboard
Merry Frogs ScreenSaver07/01/2006Freeware
Enjoy these amazing creatures!
Time Navigator ScreenSaver07/30/2006Freeware
Check the current time and always follow your dreams!
Alphabet, Shapes and Colors04/13/2006Freeware
Interactive help in learning of letters, shapes and colors for 2-year-olds
Clean the Window!05/24/2006Freeware
Clean the ice from the window before the window freezes back.
Sprinkle Clock ScreenSaver07/08/2006Freeware
Decorate your desktop with this original clock!
Restore drum rhythm game07/07/2006Freeware
Restore rhythm. Listen and repeat music free online music flash game. ear traini
Mighty Waterfalls ScreenSaver07/01/2006Freeware
Amazing colourfull views of the most beautiful natural waterfalls!
Reverse Clock ScreenSaver07/10/2006Freeware
Turn time back and always know the current time!
Shadow Clock ScreenSaver07/05/2006Freeware
Original clock with shadows as hands!
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