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Chord ID


  Publisher: Kba Software
Support Email: htrythal@yahoo.com
License: Demo
Price($): 18.95
File Size(KB): 594
Version: 2.02
Last Update: February 26 02
Rating: 5 stars rating
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Publisher's Description
Chord ID trains chord identification by ear. Chord ID has three answer modes: Functions (Roman numerals), Chords (C Maj, Dmin, etc.), Qualities (Maj, min, dim). Graduated exercises begin with the easy task of identifying only the I or V chords. Select an easy level (under Levels menu) and gradually advance. Repeat as many times as necessary, then check your answer. Chord ID has 18 levels of graduated difficulty in 60 units, 20 questions in each unit for a total 1200 exercises, each with 8 individual chords. Questions are in Latin, country, rock, and jazz styles with immediate feedback and scoring.


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