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  Publisher: Etiumsoft
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License: Shareware
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Version: 2.00
Last Update: March 08 02
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Publisher's Description
Chemical Equation Expert is an integrated tool for chemistry professionals and students to solve chemical equation problems. It provides several powerful functions you have dreamed for long:

1.Balances chemical equations quickly. An equation as complicated as: 119H2+18Ca(CN)2+6NaAlF4+12FeSO4+6MgSiO3+6KI

+2H3PO4+12PbCrO4+24BrCl+6CF2Cl2+24SO2 = 12PbBr2+12CrCl3+6MgCO3+6KAl(OH)4+12Fe(SCN)3+

2PI3+6NaSiO3+18CaF2+110H2O can be balanced in no time! So, balancing chemical equations will not be your nightmare but a piece of cake from now on.

2.A build-in equation search engine lets you find an equation or make a summary of a certain type of reactions easily.

3.Calculates the mass mole of the compounds of a selected equation automatically. Uses the Stoico-metric coefficients, reaction consumption to calculate the amounts/masses of compounds.


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