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  Publisher: .com Solutions Inc.
Support Email: support1@dotcomsolutionsinc.net
License: Commercial
Price($): 1299
File Size(KB): 2829
Version: 1.72
Last Update: January 06 03
Rating: 5 stars rating
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Publisher's Description
The Installgen application implements Oracle´s best practices for over 100 tasks required when performing the installation of Oracle primary and standby database servers. This graphical application generates dozens of scripts, configuration files and documentation within a few seconds. An external module allows site-specific customization of each generated file. Features: -- Platform Specific Functionality for Solaris, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X -- Improved Security Implementation -- Implement Oracle Best Practices -- 15 Database Recovery Scenarios Documented -- RMAN Backup Process -- Multiple Backup Processes Supported -- Disaster Recovery Script Runs Nightly -- Pre-Install Tasks are Supported -- Post-Install Tasks are Supported -- Oracle 9i UNDO Tablespace Supported -- Create Standby Database Scripts in Seconds -- Implement a Standby Database in Minutes -- Setup Standby Database without Impacting Primary Database -- Standby Database Archivelog Management -- Menu Driven Standby Database Management -- Well Documented Process -- Use Installgen To Document Existing Configurations -- Multiple Platforms Supported -- DBA Can Review/Modify Generated Scripts -- Save Your Configuration -- Easy Installgen Installation -- Perl Source Code Provided [Installgen Enterprise Edition] Installgen makes use of 103 configuration parameters which are used in over 7000 locations within the 61 - 82 output scripts which are generated. Installgen does more than just perform variable substitutions of configuration parameters within the output code. Significant sections of code are customized based upon the user-entered configuration parameters. The cost of making a mistake writing or modifying these scripts manually would far exceed the licensing cost of Installgen. For a complete list of features, please visit: http://www.dotcomsolutionsinc.net/products/installgen/ Free demo available for Windows, MacOSX, Linux and Solaris.


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