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RSP Bzip2 Compression OCX
RSP MP3 OGG Vorbis Encode OCX
SplitBar XT
RSP Encrypt OCX
Resizer XT
PSS System Tray Icon Control
NetConnect OCX
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Drive and CD-ROM Manager ActiveX Control.
SplitBar XT11/24/2003Shareware
Add Split bars, panes, resize without code. Build pro user interfaces in no time
Active-X Control for developing Mapping GIS Applications
RSP Encrypt OCX12/13/2003Shareware
ActiveX OCX to encrypt files with a very fast implementation of AES and RC4
Resizer XT11/24/2003Shareware
Smart Rule based resizer. Individually adjust size and position of each control
PSS System Tray Icon Control03/17/2003Commercial
A simple way for you to make your application appear in the system tray
NetConnect OCX09/02/2002Shareware
The NetConnect OCX gives your application internet access.
The Day View OCX is a list of items or appointments for a day.
Timers OCX08/27/2002Shareware
A set of timers that expand on the VB timer control supplied.
Standard .ini files ActiveX Control
Laptop and Notebook Battery ActiveX Control.
RSP Checksum OCX12/15/2003Shareware
ActiveX to compute Adler32 , CRC32 , MD5 , SHA-1 and SHA-256
This OCX allows you to create a Chiseled Line on your form.
RSP Zip Compressor OCX02/09/2004Shareware
ActiveX OCX to compress , uncompress , delete , test and list zip files
RSP MP3 Player OCX02/04/2004Shareware
ActiveX OCX to play or decode MP3, MP2, MP1, MPEG-2.0 and MPEG-2.5 media files
RSP MP3 OGG Vorbis Encode OCX03/11/2004Shareware
ActiveX OCX to convert wav to MP3 and OGG Vorbis format
RSP Bzip2 Compression OCX02/01/2004Shareware
ActiveX OCX to compress files in the Bzip2 format
Windows Registry ActiveX Control
Sketch screen mockups and organize them in scenarios for rapid GUI prototyping.
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