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Antechinus PHP Editor


  Publisher: C Point
Support Email: support@c-point.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 35.00
File Size(KB): 5551
Version: 2.0
Last Update: February 03 04
Rating: 5 stars rating
Screenshot: Preview
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Publisher's Description
Antechinus PHP Editor allows you create, edit and run PHP scripts from the integrated environment. It will change your life, turning your PHP coding into pure pleasure. In short, this is what PHP Editor has to offer: * Context-sensitive help: just hit F1 to receive help on the function, method, or property under the cursor * Help as you type: Intellisense/Auto-complete eliminates the need to memorize standard functions and parameter lists * Check PHP syntax with one click * Find classes and functions in your documents easily - they are automatically listed in the Functions tab * Navigate to errors in your code automatically: just press F4 * Complete PHP reference * Unified color-coded syntax - both for PHP and Html * Ability to experiment - Undo and Redo are only one click away * Bookmarking for easy navigation * The brace matching - see the scope of the function or expression immediately * Ability to automate code insertion and repetitive tasks, and provide macro-like capabilities via industry-standard Visual Basic for Applications (VBScript) * Single-click navigation between documents using document tabs * Create startup files using predefined templates, or create your own templates * Fast code completion: just press Ctrl+Space, and * Organize your reusable code, images and other resources using the Solutions pane.


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