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AccessForms2Web (PHP MySQL Editon)
TOAD for Oracle Freeware
MaxDB Maestro
Oracle Data Wizard
Oracle Maestro
MaxDB Data Wizard
Grant Manager 3 for Interbase
Quick Query
Mysql Data Manager
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ASPRunner creates set of ASP pages to access and modify any database.
# 1 PostgreSQL Manager, PostgreSQL Client - Navica01/06/2006Shareware
Navicat (PostgreSQL Client - a GUI Tool for PostgreSQL admin and Access to Post
Exports database to clipboard or file
Multi-DB Querier01/15/2006Shareware
Allows running the same SQL queries on multiple databases
Web+ Developers Edition for Unix/Linux06/22/2001Commercial
Web+ is a powerful comprehensive development language web application server
Generate ER Diagrams and Oracle Schemas
Powerful tracer of DLLs and RDBMS SQL-statements
Regular Expressions for MS SQL server12/19/2003Shareware
Extremely powerful tool to search, replace, format and extract text data.
DBF Viewer 200002/06/2006Shareware
Powerful viewer and editor for DBF files (Clipper, dBase, Foxpro, VFP, DB2K...)
EMS MySQL Manager03/28/2006Shareware
State-of-the-art GUI tool for MySQL Server administration and development.
Compare and synchronize SQL DBMS data visually using ODBC drivers
AlligatorSQL the debugging IDE for Oracle/MSSQL/MySql/Interbase/Birdstep/Postgr
Advanced search/replace in databases with patterns, fuzzy and sounds-like match
DB SynchroComp03/27/2006Shareware
Analyze, compare, and synchronize SQL Server 7 - 2005 structures
DBF Database Manager for managing DBF files such as Fox,Clipper and Hiper-Six
Grant Manager 3 for Interbase03/07/2002Shareware
Users grant manager for Interbase
Smart INSERT scripts for moving data between tables in different databases!
Mysql Data Manager09/21/2003Commercial
Multiplatform generic Mysql client
AdeptSQL Workshop02/18/2002Commercial
The complete IDE for creating and managing database schema from SQL scripts.
UpdateGenie (for FileMaker) Mac12/13/2003Commercial
Create update packages for FileMaker solutions
UpdateGenie (for FileMaker) Win12/13/2003Commercial
Create update packages for FileMaker solutions
Visual SQL-Designer03/19/2006Shareware
Visual SQL-Designer - for construct sql query on more differ DBMS
AdeptSQL Diff01/29/2003Commercial
Database schema difference viewer and synchronization tool for MS SQL Server
Contains Microsoft(c) SQL Server extended stored procedure - xp_sndmail
EasyStruct 4.0 Enterprise04/09/2002Shareware
Document database structure and migrate structure between supported databases
Freeware!, Generate ER Diagrams and MySQL Schemas
myLittleAdmin is a web-based MS SQL and MSDE database administration tool.
Ultimate IDE that enables developers to maintain and manage MS SQL databases.
MS SQL Sync Toolkit Lite07/30/2004Shareware
Tool to compare and sync MS SQL databases.
create, manage and run sql from inside Excel. results saved to spreadsheet
IBAdmin - Complete Interbase SQL Tool
EMS DBISAM Manager03/31/2004Shareware
Simple and powerful GUI tool for DBISAM adminitration and management.
EasyStruct 4.0 Standard for Microsoft Access04/09/2002Shareware
Document database structure and generate report as XML or HTML
AppGini Free Trial Version01/14/2004Shareware
AppGini generates PHP database applications for MySQL with advanced features.
EasyStruct 4.0 Professional for MS Access SQLSer04/09/2002Shareware
Document database structure and migrate structure between supported databases
pcpmSqlGen generates SQL INSERTS from a SQL SELECT
Devrace FIBPlus for InterBase, Firebird and Yaffil03/11/2003Commercial
Native Delphi/BCB direct access components to InterBase, Firebird
DBReader is a hierarchical database browser with editing capabilities.
Produce cross referenced and hyperlinked documentation of SQL databases.
DBDesigner 412/12/2003Freeware
The DBDesigner 4 lets you handle your databases the most efficient way.
Revolutional .NET persistence framework with built-in access control system.
Meaningful database filler
EMS IB Manager04/12/2006Shareware
Powerful tool for InterBase and Firebird administration and development.
ClearSQL is a powerful tool for quick syntax checking and formatting PL/SQL code
OraLobEditor is a Oracle LOB(CLOB,BLOB) field edit tool.
ASP MDB/DBF database converter01/01/2001Shareware
Converts any data source to DBF/MDB file format with one row of code.
EasyStruct 4.0 Professional for Oracle IBM DB204/09/2002Shareware
Document database structure and migrate structure between supported databases
Feature packed SQL code editor for SQL Server speeds writing stored procedures
Print SQL Server 2000 Schema and export output to RTF, PDF HTML
Database Tour03/04/2006Shareware
Universal database tool
ADO Explorer03/15/2003Demo
ADO based powerful database tool, scripter for MSSQL,ORACLE,INFORMIX.
DB query01/12/2003Shareware
Distributed client/server application for database querying and browsing
Acc Compact11/20/2002Demo
Utility for Microsoft Access database developers and administrators.
web based msde dba tool - Shusheng SQL Tool03/01/2003Freeware
web-based MS SQL Server (MSDE) 2000 client tool, query analyzer and dba utility
VizSync Address Book02/06/2003Demo
Conduit for synchronizing your Palm's Address Book with FileMaker Pro databases
Visual Query Tool05/21/2003Commercial
End-user friendly tool for database querying, processing and maintenance
VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase (Windows versio05/23/2003Shareware
dbExpress Driver for Sybase is a lightweight database driver for Sybase
VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase (Linux version)05/23/2003Shareware
dbExpress Driver for Sybase (Linux version) is a database driver for Sybase
OmniAudit allows you to track changes to data in any table for MSSQL 7/2000.
The Snippet Bank06/04/2003Freeware
A Code Snippet Database with search, query and unlimited categories
Open QueryBuilder10/15/2003Freeware
First free visual query builder for BDE, ADO, IBO, IBX, DBX, FIBPlus.
Stored Procedure Wizard03/11/2003Commercial
Stored Procedure Wizard for Microsoft SQL Server
StelsCSV JDBC Driver05/03/2005Shareware
JDBC driver for text files (CSV, DSV, tab-separated, fixed-length, etc)
SQLTools is a light weighted and robust tool for Oracle database development.
SQLMerger enables you to compare and merge data from two databases visually
Produce reference documentation for SQL stored procedures
SQLBoss Developer (Mac OS X)07/06/2002Shareware
SQL Database Content Management Tool - supports mySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC
SQLBoss Developer (Mac OS Classic)07/06/2002Shareware
SQL Database Content Management Tool - supports mySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC
SQL Source Control01/01/2003Demo
Source control and documentation versioning for SQL Server 2000 with Source Safe
Delphi component for calculating expressions, entered in Run-Time
Auto-Audit is a Audit Trail generation and reporting tool for MS SQL Server
Tool for Oracle Application Developers
Database Web Explorer02/10/2005Shareware
Web-based database-management tool that lets you Web-enable any database
ApexSQL Code05/12/2003Shareware
ApexSQL Code is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) Code Generation tool
Database Genius04/01/2003Shareware
Database Genius is a database tool used to create reports and execute SQL
Access Developer Application Architect02/04/2004Shareware
Access Alternative for MS Switchboard, table driven with full source code.
Database Assistant10/01/2003Shareware
Manipulate data from a variety of databases including Oracle, SQL Server, et al
pgAdmin III for PostgreSQL01/27/2004Freeware
Administration Centre for the PostgreSQL database, freeware
DbVisualizer is a cross-platform database tool for relational databases.
ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET and SQL Code Generator
TOAD for SQL Server07/06/2005Freeware
TOAD® for SQL Server empowers database developers and administrators (DBAs)
Tool designed to add and maintain extended properties for all objects in SQL2000
Surfinity Search12/19/2003Shareware
Surfinity Search - high performance, feature rich search engine at a low price.
A fully integrated development environment for Microsoft SQL Server, using VSS.
Trouble Checker for MS SQL10/20/2000Shareware
Find undetectable (by MSSQL Server) errors in T-SQL procedures and triggers
Xceed Chart for .NET05/11/2004Commercial
The common-sense .NET chart component for creating spectacular 2D/3D charts
Accuracer Database System08/05/2005Shareware
Compact single-file multi-user client/server BDE replacement with SQL support
BDE alternative single-file database. SQL, data compression, strong encryption
AidAim SQLMemTable - FREE!03/31/2004Freeware
SQLMemTable is a fast and easy-to-use in-memory table and query components
Matrix Reports05/23/2004Shareware
Matrix Reports is a powerful tool for designing complicated statistical reports.
Generate CFM templates from database in seconds.
HXTT Paradox03/22/2006Shareware
Pure Java type 4 Paradox JDBC (1.2, 2.0, 3.0) Drivers for Corel Paradox
HXTT Text JDBC and CSV JDBC Drivers03/22/2006Shareware
Pure Java Type 4 Text JDBC Drivers and CSV JDBC Drivers for text and CSV file
HXTT Access03/22/2006Shareware
Pure Java Type 4 MS Access JDBC (1.2, 2.0, 3.0) Drivers for MS Access
TAS Professional 6 Powered by CAS05/01/2003Demo
TAS Professional is an easy to use Programming IDE/Compiler
ApexSQL Diff01/23/2004Shareware
ApexSQL Diff is a server based, high speed database comparison tool
ZIP Code Distance Wizard07/01/2005Shareware
Locates ZIP Codes that are within close proximity of a specified ZIP Code.
EMS PostgreSQL Manager04/03/2006Shareware
Powerful graphical tool for PostgreSQL DB Server administration and development.
Access Forms and Reports Assistant12/10/2005Shareware
Batch updates one or more properties and fonts on Access forms and reports
Find undetectable (by MSSQL Server) errors in T-SQL procedures and triggers
ApexSQL Audit01/23/2004Shareware
ApexSQL Audit is a Audit Trail generation and reporting tool for MS SQL Server
SQLBoss Developer (Windows)11/12/2002Shareware
SQL Database Content Management Tool - supports mySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC
ADDA (Advanced Data Dictionary Architect)01/05/2004Commercial
Multipurpose toolkit for designing and maintaining the database layer
ApexSQL Script01/23/2004Shareware
ApexSQL Script© creates insert scripts from any MS®SQLServer© 7 or 2000 datab
ApexSQL Log01/21/2004Shareware
ApexSQL Log is a powerful SQL database auditing tool
Web database browsing tool running on application servers
DBMS ConteXt10/10/2004Demo
ConteXt is an interactive DBMS of a new generation.
ApexSQL Clean01/23/2004Shareware
ApexSQL Clean looks for and deletes unreferenced and unused Database objects.
Exportizer Pro02/20/2006Shareware
Exports database to clipboard or file
HXTT Excel08/15/2006Shareware
Pure Java Type 4 MS Excel JDBC (1.2, 2.0, 3.0) Drivers for MS Excel
Oracle Data Wizard11/06/2006Shareware
A Windows GUI utility for Oracle data management and PHP programming.
Database reporting tool
Database Tour Pro03/04/2006Shareware
Universal database tool with integrated report builder
MaxDB Maestro10/28/2006Shareware
A Windows GUI tool for MaxDB administration and database development.
Provectus Data Editor02/19/2006Shareware
Provectus Data Editor is a tool for editing data in multible different formats
HXTT DBF03/22/2006Shareware
Pure Java Type 4 DBF JDBC (1.2, 2.0, 3.0) Drivers for Xbase database
TOAD for Oracle Freeware06/21/2005Freeware
Tool for Oracle Application Developers
Oracle Maestro11/06/2006Shareware
A Windows GUI tool for Oracle administration and database development.
TOAD for DB2 UDB10/25/2005Freeware
TOAD® for DB2 UDB is a database development solution.
AccessForms2Web (PHP MySQL Editon)02/10/2006Shareware
AccessForms2Web allows you to convert Microsoft Access forms to your WEB-page.
MaxDB Data Wizard10/28/2006Shareware
A Windows GUI utility for MaxDB data management and PHP programming.
Quick Query08/16/2006Shareware
MS Access Plug in. A context sensitive, simple way to perform SQL based queries.
DreamCoder for Oracle Enterprise Edition09/14/2006Shareware
Powerful tool for Oracle PL/SQL development.
Microsoft Reporting Services PDF07/14/2006Shareware
Export to pdf in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2005
SQL Assistant for Oracle09/17/2006Shareware
GUI-based utility for Oracle management. Java FREE, fast and efficient!
DreamCoder for Oracle DBA09/14/2006Shareware
Powerful tool for Oracle PL/SQL development and administration.
Toad for MySQL09/08/2006Freeware
Toad for MySQL provides a development environment that improves productivity
DreamCoder for PostgreSQL Professional09/14/2006Shareware
Powerful tool for PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL development.
UnityJDBC allows querying multiple databases in a single JDBC SQL query.
MySQL Turbo Manager Enterprise09/14/2006Shareware
MySQL Turbo Manager is tool for MySQL Database administration and development
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