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  Publisher: Intellect Systems
Support Email: frankhu@compuserve.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 40
File Size(KB): 431
Version: 5.0
Last Update: May 13 03
Rating: 4 stars rating
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Publisher's Description
WinProof is a major advance over other grammar checkers. It goes beyond simple grammar checking and it can actually proofread like a person and catch non-English constructions created by careless typing errors like typing 'it' when you meant 'is'. WinProof uses a revolutionary language processing system which knows what words can be combined and flags an error when it sees an illegal combination. It also checks for spelling. The program works by proofreading text that you have copied to the clipboard. These are examples of errors caught by WinProof:

This section will vary based on _the_ what is required to communicate the design.

Leave the approval date blank to see _if_ get message.

The user can choose to uninstall it and the previously mentioned tools will be _function_ again.

Drop _you_ device in the cradle now in order to import data to the server.

If you need an automated proofreading assistant, WinProof can help catch some of these embarrassing mistakes.


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