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Office-Scheduler (network agenda)
OrgScheduler 1+1
Schedule 25 Limited Availability People
Calendar 50 People to Tasks With Excel
Let Excel Calendar 50 People to 6 Shifts
Let Excel Calendar 50 People to 3 Shifts
Automatic Doctors Calls with Excel
Easy Hour Assignments with Excel
Easy Task Schedules with Excel
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Staff rostering, scheduling and booking with pictorial and spreadsheet views.
A3D Scheduler System05/19/2003Demo
A3D Scheduler System can help you to create optimal schedule and delivery routes
CyberMatrix In Out Scheduler05/10/2005Commercial
Multi-user employee attendance tracking software.
CyberMatrix Meeting Manager02/01/2006Commercial
Easy to use multi-user application for scheduling meeting room resources.
Able Staff Scheduler03/01/2006Shareware
Easy to learn, quick to teach staff scheduling software.
Universal Resource Scheduler10/05/2004Shareware
Add and Change reservations by pointing and dragging the mouse.
Fully automated scheduling for churches, volunteer groups, or small businesses.
Scheduling Employees 200003/27/2006Shareware
To schedule mostly part-time employees and print out weekly schedules.
Employee Scheduling Assistant 200009/05/2004Shareware
To schedule mostly full-time employees, print out weekly and monthly schedules.
CyberMatrix Meeting Manager Web05/04/2005Commercial
Easy to use web browser-based application for scheduling meetings.
CyberMatrix Meeting Manager CS02/01/2006Commercial
Easy to use multi-user client/server application for scheduling meetings.
ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator04/27/2004Shareware
This program is a fast and easy to use employee scheduling software.
CyberMatrix Pro Sched10/10/2003Demo
Pro Sched is a single or multi-user application for scheduling appointments.
A3D JMapping01/01/2004Free
A3D JMapping is Java based GIS routing tool that is available for free!
Assign Daily Calls to Doctors for One Year with Ex08/01/2005Shareware
Excel spreadsheet for assigning up to 5 daily calls to 30 doctors for one year.
Schedule It03/22/2004Shareware
Scheduling projects, resource planning
Time Tracker Employee Scheduling06/01/2003Shareware
Asgard Systems staff and employee scheduling software manages shift schedules
Cl1ckClock is the most usable sleep timer ?you need only 1 click to start it!
Easy Shift Scheduler for Excel10/15/2005Shareware
Schedule 25 people to daily shifts the easy way with Excel drop-down menus.
Easy Hour Assignments with Excel10/15/2005Shareware
Schedule 25 people to daily hours the easy way with Excel.
Easy Task Schedules with Excel10/15/2005Shareware
Schedule 25 people to daily tasks the easy way with Excel drop-down menus.
Let Excel Calendar 50 People to 3 Shifts01/17/2006Shareware
Dispatch 50 employees to shifts and locations on an Excel calendar scheduler
Let Excel Calendar 50 People to 6 Shifts01/17/2006Shareware
Dispatch 50 employees to 6 shifts and locations on an Excel calendar scheduler
Calendar 50 People to Tasks With Excel01/17/2006Shareware
Assign 50 employees to groups and tasks with an Excel calendar scheduler.
Schedule 25 Limited Availability People03/15/2006Shareware
Use Excel to create detailed schedules for 25 people with limited availability
Automatic Doctors Calls with Excel02/07/2006Shareware
Automatically schedule up to 25 doctors to 5 daily for a year with Excel.
Office-Scheduler (network agenda)08/27/2006Trialware
Office Scheduler For Networks : agenda software calendar for appointments
OrgScheduler 1+111/14/2006Shareware
Your Network Users Schedule is Always at Hand.
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