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STRACfast Maintenance


  Publisher: Innovative Maintenance Systems
Support Email: support@mtcpro.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 195.00
File Size(KB): 8803
Version: 2.0
Last Update: May 15 00
Rating: 5 stars rating
Screenshot: Preview
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Publisher's Description
This universal mtc package will track and organize mtc for any type of object such as vehicles, equipment, copy machines, motors,...etc. STRACfast automatically calculates maintenance due for an object and issues reports, detailing the required maintenance due. Track maintenance for an unlimited number of objects. Departments can also be defined to categorize objects. Assign an unlimited number of user-definable maintenance items for each object. These items can be tracked by month, mileage, km, hours, years, weeks, or days intervals. You can even define your own tracking units (ie: Copies). Calculating when maintenance is due is referred to as performing a maintenance check. A maintenance check can be performed on the entire group of objects, selected objects, or by department. When maintenance is performed, it is easily recorded into the software. Parts, labor, service provider, comment data, and costs can be tracked for each maintenance entry. A maintenance history log will be automatically generated for all preventive maintenance, repairs, inspections, and costs. An extensive parts and vendor database is also available with inventory support. Up to 25 custom fields can be defined and tracked for each object. If needed, many types of warranty and insurance data may be tracked for each object as well. If applicable, closely monitor fuel consumption using the fuel tracking utility. A wide range of reports are included, along with the ability to customize. All reports have the ability to be exported to external files, databases, or spreadsheets for further analysis. Although STRACfast is very flexible, it is also very easy to use. A self-running tutorial provides and easy way to get started. Both online and phone support is provided.


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