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  Publisher: MH Software
Support Email: support@mhsoftware.co.uk
License: Freeware
Price($): 19
File Size(KB): 2238
Version: 1.51
Last Update: April 05 03
Rating: 5 stars rating
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Publisher's Description
InfoStore makes it easy to store and retrieve all of your personal and business information. From a simple repository of notes, to a collection of custom databases, InfoStore lets you store information so you'll find it again when you need it.

Using a familiar Explorer-like tree structure, InfoStore lets you create notes and lists. Notes are free form documents that can contain passwords, serial numbers, recipes, warranty information, or any data that you want to store and retrieve easily. InfoStore lets you create an unlimited number of notes, and the ability to do keyword searches throughout all of the notes ensures that data will never be lost. You can print a note with a single click, or import and export notes in the

universal RTF file format.

InfoStores lists are structured groups of information, and can be used

to create an inventory of your valuables for insurance purposes,

organize CDs, postage stamps, and all of your collectibles, keep track

of financial paperwork, ensure that you always remember birthdays and

anniversaries, and organize all sorts of information in all sorts of

custom formats.

It takes only a minute or two to create a new list of business lunch

expenses for tax purposes, or a music CD catalog. Information is stored

in fields, which are displayed as columns in a spreadsheet. To make data

entry, storage, sorting, and retrieval quick and easy, InfoStore

supports text fields as well as date, currency, numeric, and yes/no

fields. Once you create a format that you find useful, you can save the

template and reuse it when creating new lists in the future. InfoStore

lets you place a list icon on its Shortcut Bar so you can open

often-used lists with a single click.

Whether you need to organize a drawer full of documents and

sticky-notes, or save time managing an office or business, InfoStore

makes data storage and retrieval a breeze.


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