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Accounts and Budget
Currency Converter
Report Guru Credit Repair Kit
EzyTrans 2003
Personal Finances
PiggyBob Premium
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Stock charting and technical analysis trading system with Internet connectivity
Check2Check Budget04/21/2003Shareware
Checking, budgeting, credit card tracking let's you take control your finances.
Budget Advisor10/05/2005Shareware
Take control of your monthly budget and keep track of your money.
AceMoney Lite12/14/2005Freeware
Simple and flexible Personal Accounting Software
SetupABudget Debt Elimination Software04/05/2005Demo
Learn how to eliminate your debt and save thousands of dollars in interest.
Manage your personal financial affairs with over 33 types of reports or charts.
Mortgage Advisor05/24/2005Shareware
Calculate, analyze and optimize your mortgage and learn how to pay it off sooner
Loan Spread Calculator Pro07/13/2006Shareware
Compare 135 loans at once with Loan Spread Calculator Pro
Personal Finance and Office / Home accounting software.
EzyTrans 200301/30/2004Shareware
Teach your bank statements to reconcile themselves!
APSW Budget Planner03/27/2006Shareware
Home budget software for personal debt reduction.
Amateur Invest04/04/2006Shareware
Money, Stock Portfolio Management. Easy to use. FREE price / quote updates.
Simple and flexible Personal Accounting Software
Report Guru Credit Repair Kit09/09/2006Shareware
Stop Debt Collectors with Report Guru !
Loan Advisor04/08/2005Shareware
Calculate, analyze and optimize your loan and learn how to pay it off sooner
Investment Tracking System - Enterprise Edition09/29/2003Demo
Multi Portfolio Financial management system
BreakTru StockWatch01/01/2004Freeware
Create a portfolio with this spreadsheet for Excel 97
Biweekly Amortization +05/05/2001Shareware
demonstrates the effect of reducing the term and interest amount of a loan.
Balloon Amortization +05/05/2001Shareware
demonstrates the effect of reducing initial payments
Auto loan calculators +05/05/2001Shareware
includes most of the current types of financing available for automobile loans.
15 vs 30 Year Mortgage +05/20/2001Shareware
If you invest properly, a 30 year mortgage may be adviseable and more economical
Zilch Standard - Debt Reduction12/15/2002Shareware
Rapid debt reduction software. Very powerful. Saves you thousands of dollars.
Home bookkeeping Lite10/01/2002Freeware
Program which is to keep Your personal money
Real Estate Calculator Suite05/16/2006Shareware
Suite of 16 real estate calculators make real estate math easy!
Credit Card Math 10th Anniversary Edition03/12/2005Freeware
A free program chock full of advice. Learn how to avoid credit card debt.
IngenMoney Pro06/01/2003Freeware
Drive your home budget with IngenMoney and gain 100% control. It works!
Stop the guessing game and start using this award winning Stock Analyzer.
Refinance It?05/05/2001Shareware
This program is a version of a mortgage refinancing evaluation.
Loan Checker03/22/2002Shareware
Distributed by mortgage brokers to check loan interest payments and balances.
Manage your bills using the envelope method
Fund Manager - Professional02/11/2006Shareware
Portfolio Management for Professional Traders
Fund Manager - Advisor02/11/2006Shareware
Portfolio Management for Investment Advisors
Phonotics Deal Watcher06/01/2004Freeware
Money-saver software that notifies you about the best bargains, deals, and coupo
Cash Flow Planner02/15/2005Shareware
Manage bills and deposits, visualize cash flow, identify savings opportunities
Traders Log Lite05/12/2004Freeware
Tracks trades in the stock market and will produce statistics on your trading
Silicon Reports05/03/2004Freeware
Technical Analysis tool to determine if you should be trading long or short.
Home Credit Card Manager06/14/2005Freeware
Use your credit card statements to find out where your money is being spent.
Investment Tracking System - Deluxe Version07/15/2003Demo
Financial management system for investments and banking
Real-Time Currency Convertor09/14/2003Shareware
Its a financial utility to get latest exchange rates for 150+ currencies
PiggyBob Premium11/07/2006Shareware
PiggyBob may sound funny but it will save you lots of money and time.
Currency Converter09/12/2006Freeware
Convert an amount from a currency to any other currency
Personal Finances07/27/2006Shareware
Your personal financial secretary and advisor
AlauxSoft Accounts and Budget Free05/10/2006Freeware
All necessary tools to manage your expenses and your budget.
Accounts and Budget04/24/2006Shareware
All necessary tools to manage your budget and your bank accounts.
Mrtgcalc - Mortgage, Lease and Loan Calculators02/02/2006Shareware
Loan calculator allowing users to manage and analyse all types of loans.
Merops is an advanced tool for the management of your French portfolios
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