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Cash Flow Planner


  Publisher: Riyad Mammadov
Support Email: rmamedov@cox.net
License: Shareware
Price($): 6.99
File Size(KB): 988
Version: 2.0
Last Update: February 15 05
Rating: 4 stars rating
Screenshot: Preview
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Publisher's Description
Simple, focused and flexible, this Microsof Excel application has two main purposes. Firstly, you can use it for transaction management: keep track of bills, deposits and transfers, reconcile your bank accounts. The system helps to quickly pick up overdue bills, mark transactions as 'reconciled', etc.

Secondly, it is a powerful analysis tool, which allows you to generate cash flow plans for multiple years in advance, visualize these plans, identify trends, savings opportunities. Cash Flow Planner acts as a true decision support system, providing bottom line information in 'what-if' scenarios.

Your data is stored in an Excel spreadsheet which is a format supported by numerous software vendors and online services (such as banks, credit card companies, etc.).


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