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  Publisher: Higgins Associates, Inc.
Support Email: support@haiservices.com
License: Shareware
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Version: 1.0
Last Update: April 21 04
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Publisher's Description
Gas properties calculator from Higgins Associates for high pressure pipeline gases based on BWRS-Starling EOS as given in his classic book: 'Fluid Thermodynamic Properties of Light Petroleum Systems'. Properties include density, enthalpy, compressibility, viscosity, specific heat and polytropic n. Mixing rules are applied to constituents. Comparitive solutions are provided from applying the Redlich Kwong Soave and Peng Robinson equations of state. Equations for each EOS, and for the mixing coefficients, are documented in the on-line help which also includes a description of the methods used to calculate each gas property. A report documents solution results. Numerical methods employed include: False Position, Johnson-Culver and Newton. Iterations to converge to the vapor root are displayed, as are the computed Starling equation coefficients for mixtures. Method used for viscosity is from the GPSA Engineering Databook.

Beta version is free to qualified users.


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