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SQL Toast01/01/2003Trialware
Sybase ASE Query / Devlopment tool
Get your club organized! Members, Dues, Labels/Reports, To-Do Lists and more.
Brilliant Database Classic05/01/2003Shareware
Easy to use database creation software that can work with all types of data...
Brilliant Database Professional03/15/2004Shareware
Database creation software, allows you to design all aspects of your database..
Built for Employees06/07/2002Shareware
Designed to assist managers in daily employee activities and performance.
Built for Purchasing07/23/2002Shareware
Designed as a management tool for your daily purchasing operations.
Built for Sales06/02/2002Shareware
Designed to help you manage your daily sales and customer activities.
CDBF - DBF Viewer and Editor02/07/2004Shareware
Easy to use very fast and small DBF viewer and editor.
Crystal Reports Distributor05/18/2004Shareware
Schedule and email,print,ftp,fax or output single or batches of Crystal Reports
dB Organizer Deluxe12/03/2002Shareware
Organize and manage virtually any data.
DBF Editor02/05/2004Shareware
Powerful database viewer and editor for Windows.
Argentum Coolbase08/05/2003Shareware
Information organizer with many applications in one body
Instant Quote Professional03/28/2003Shareware
Instant Quote Professional. Produce Quotes and Invoices in seconds.
Built for Service07/23/2002Shareware
Designed to help you manage your daily service and quotation activities.
MemberTies Professional02/10/2004Shareware
Get your club organized! Members, Dues, Labels/Reports, Activities and more.
PC Reseller System05/13/2002Shareware
Quoting/Invoicing software for computer resellers and OEM's.
Retailers can automatically track customers and orders from Windows
Report Maker04/03/2004Shareware
Browse databases, run SQL queries, or build reports, Convert databases to Excel
Logins? Ids? Passwords? Account numbers? Forget about 'em with SmartFormFiller!
Database Workshop02/17/2004Shareware
Database Workshop 5 is the program for professional working with databases.
GDS 2000 PRO03/22/2002Shareware
Service calls / help desk management software.
Powerful database program to catalog and manage your book collection
DBF Viewer02/05/2004Shareware
Powerful database viewer and editor for Windows.
Horse Data Base03/20/2003Shareware
Horse Data Base is a pedigree database for horse owners.
Visual Importer Professional01/27/2004Shareware
Imports data into Oracle,SQL Server,ODBC, from flat files, cross tables or ODBC.
Pest Control Database05/20/2004Shareware
Pest Control Database is a database program for the extermination industry
Controlling Your Business09/17/2003Shareware
Easily Track Customers, Products, Invoicing, Inventory, Expenses, Things-To-Do.
Import and update of ASCII, dBase, Access files into paradox-files
DBPut data transfer05/14/2004Shareware
Support data converted freely as you need between different databases
Go-Go Database02/24/2004Shareware
Fully functional database that you can rapidly and easily customise.
MySQL query utility04/21/2004Shareware
MySQL query utility,Supported MySQL 4.1, and earlier
Knowledge Base03/26/2004Shareware
Knowledge Base is easy to use and is designed with networks in mind.
Helpdesk Inventory Mgmt. Access database. Tracks repairs, users, leases, etc.
Database with clipboard monitor, drag and drop
Cornolius Database Application04/25/2004Shareware
A secure multiuser database creator and manager program
Universal Table Browser04/23/2004Shareware
UTB is a fully functioning graphical Query Tool giving access to any database
AccessAble Help Desk Suite03/19/2001Shareware
Affordable help desk program, includes HTTP server for Browser Based Updating
Access2MySQL Pro02/19/2004Shareware
Bi-directional effective conversion tool for MS Access and MySQL databases
Access2MySQL Sync02/07/2004Shareware
Bi-directional convertion and synchronization of MS Access and MySQL databases
Access Autopilot12/28/2003Shareware
Schedule Automatic Backup, Compact and Archive of Access Databases
CDBFinfo Shell extension allows you to view brief information about a DBF files.
Crystal Delivery05/21/2004Freeware
Crystal Delivery is an automatic exporter for Crystal Reports
CDBF Shell01/24/2004Freeware
CDBF Shell extension allows you to view content or structure of DBF files.
InfoCompanies Romania02/01/2004Freeware
The Romanian Yellow Pages-companie's contact details and business opportunities.
Pabx Billing System and Hotel Management06/01/2004Freeware
Compatible with any PABX, 42 bills for Pabx Billing feature, 12 bills for Hotel.
Notesbrowser Freeware02/22/2004Freeware
Notesbrowser is a helpful, fast-access tool for making and storing quick notes.
The Query Tool12/04/2003Freeware
The Query Tool is a powerful data mining application.
SyncDB is an easy solution to synchronize schema of mySQL databases.
Ezy Data 200004/15/2004Demo
A Stand-Alone Database Application
Pricelist Analyser06/30/2003Demo
Revolutionary tool to automatic import your pricelists.
Ministry Assistant12/12/2003Demo
Church management software for churches with small groups
Easy Invoicing UK for MS Access - Demo02/24/2003Demo
Easy to use Invoice, Database Application ideal for Home or Small Business
Product Organizer01/15/2004Demo
You can make a your catalog with Product Organizer and Frame Maker.
Suffering from information overload? Don't worry, askSam can help!
Database migration software for DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and MySQL
Oracle-to-MySQL is a program to move Oracle databases to MySQL server.
NS Reports Manager for Crystal Reports 909/01/2003Commercial
An ultimate report manager, organiser, viewer and distributorfor Crystal Reports
MySQL-to-MSSQL is a program to convert MySQL databases into MS SQL format.
Access-to-MySQL is a program to move MS Access databases to MySQL server.
MSSQL-to-MySQL is a program to move MS SQL databases to MySQL server.
MySQL Migration Toolkit10/06/2003Commercial
software pack to convert any data source to convert any data source
MySQL-to-Access is a program to convert MySQL databases into MS Access format.

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