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E2db Server


  Publisher: Interkonect Services UK Ltd.
Support Email: e2db@interkonect.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 255
File Size(KB): 2530
Version: 2.0
Last Update: January 01 04
Rating: 4 stars rating
Screenshot: Preview
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Publisher's Description
E2db Server is a web form generated email to database software solution.

E2db server periodically collects emails containing information entered by your website users/customers.

E2db processes those emails and posts the information submitted by those users to any database, such as Microsoft Access or SQL Server, on your computer or network.

That information is then ready for immediate use. For example by other software applications, or by you for mail merge.

E2db server includes a SPAM filter to prevent emails not originating from your website being processed.

After a record has been posted to your database e2db server can trigger an action such as running another application or playing a sound.

E2db server runs silently in the background so you can use your computer as normal.

E2db server has full progress and error logging so you always know what is going on and information is never lost.

E2db Server allows you to collect data from your website visitors/customers without expensive server side scripting or databases.

Allows instant, up to date access to your information.

Reduces human error.

Saves staff time and resources.

It is compatible with any form2mail script and web server.

E2db uses very little system resources and can run on any PC with Windows 95 or better.

The documentation provides quick start guide, and detailed example setups.

We are so confident that e2db server is a quality, solid product that we are allowing you one month to try before you buy.


Visit E2db Server Home Page


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