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EngCalc (Palm) - Engineering Calculator


  Publisher: 3GR Technologies
Support Email: support@3grtech.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 49.99
File Size(KB): 1159
Version: 1.2
Last Update: December 25 03
Rating: 4 stars rating
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Publisher's Description
<p>340+ formulae catering to Mechanical Eng., Hydraulic Eng., Structural Eng., Machine Design, Electrical Eng., Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics, Pulp and Paper, HVAC, Heat Exchanger Pipe Flow.</p><br>

<b>Features:- </b>

<ol><li><font color=red>NEW</font> - Property Tables.</li><li>

<font color=red>NEW</font> - Constant Values.</li><li>

<font color=red>NEW</font> - New look Sceintifc Evaluator.</li><li>

<font color=red>NEW</font> - Material properties. Mechanical, Physical and Thermal.</li><li>

<font color=red>NEW</font> - Periodic chart of Elements.</li><li>

<font color=red>NEW</font> - Inplace unit conversion to switch between SI and US units.</li></ol> <p> <font color=red><b>FREE !! </font> MxCalc </b>(worth $14.99, embedded in the program) <br> <br><Li> Unit Coverter - The most comprehensive unit converter utility tool. Comes with over 1000+ Units and 10000+ conversions. Can add more to it. Award winning tool.</P>

<p> <Li>Scientific Evaluator - Superlative collection of Operators and instant reference to recent calculations. Memory funtions etc.</P>

<font color=red><b>FREE !! </font> Property Tables </b> (worth $2.99)<br>


AC Motors Properties<br>

Air Properties<br>

Aluminum Shapes<br>

IEC Frame Dimensions - AC Motors Properties<br>

Motor Ampere Rating Tables<br>

Nema Starter Sizes for AC Motors<br>

Saturation Porperties<br>

Solar Radiation<br>

Steel Shapes<br>

Wire Tables<br>

and more ....<br><br>

<b>Ohms Law Calculator </b> <br>


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