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  Publisher: Peter Turcan - TEKL Studio
Support Email: peter.turcan@tekl.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 650
OS: 2000,WINXP,2003
File Size(KB): 1756
Version: 2.0.898
Last Update: March 01 06
Rating: 5 stars rating
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Publisher's Description
CutLog is intended to help sawyers obtain the optimum sawing solution as rapidly and easily as possible. This program allows to control various aspects of optimization process, including specifying the thickness of both center cants and side lumber. The optimum results can be printed. The printed solution includes all relevant data including lumber sizes and piece count, log size and yield.

In adition to optimum yield, CutLog can also determine optimum value using a price modeling module. This option allows the user to evaluate the affect of changing value of side boards and value of center cants or lumber.

It has the fastest optimization algorithm (based on Feldman-Sapiro theory). It is able to count over 20.000 full optimizations per second on Pentium4 2,8MHz processor (depends on complexity of scheme).

It takes in account all important factors related to optimization process:

1. Kind of wood species - shrinking allowance

2. Normalization - any number of standards base of wich will be size of timber determined

3. taper - natural profile of log

4. thickness of saw blade

5. central timber size - entered by user (sawyer)

6. side timbers - entered by user

Results of optimization process are:

1. list of timber

2. list of side boards

3. quantitative yield (cummulative, side/center boards)

4. saw blades positions for first and second pass through frame-saw

5. size of requested log for cutting process

6. price evaluation of center/side timber

7. volume of timber

8. color pattern of sheme

In program can be defined:

* unlimited number of wood species

* unlimited number of shrinking allowance data (program will aproximate them if necessary)

* unlimited number of normalizations (which define size of timber)

* price of material, profit, burden rate, labour costs for price calculations

* saw blade width


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