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Real-time Foreign Exchanger


  Publisher: Hunter Soft
Support Email: kangfu2000@etang.com
License: Shareware
Price($): 25
File Size(KB): 599
Version: 2.11
Last Update: August 16 02
Rating: 4 stars rating
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Publisher's Description
The software is a break-through in the field of Foreign Exchange Rate software. Unlike those, users are obliged to download the everyday exchange rate to his or her computer, the software does not download anything, instead, presents the real-time Foreign Exchange Rate of the time users clicked the Query button. All data are updated according to the Market.

Users may choose any two currencies from the 151 kinds of different International Currency, or input the Currency Code directly. For example, USD stands for U.S. Dollar and EUR stands for Euro. Major currencies are arranged at the top and the currency pair that you are interested is recorded automatically.

A real-time Foreign Exchange Calculator is embedded. Users may employ it to convert any amount of money from one currency to another. When shopping online, the software may minimized to Systray at users' own wish.


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